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I got a note in the mail today.

A sweet note.

On one of those cute, clever, handmade cards that just scream “a crafty and creative person made this”.

I love those kind of cards. They make me wish I fell in the ‘crafty and creative’ category too. But alas, I’ll stick to purchasing my homemade note cards at craft show….. from someone else who home-makes them.

However, the reason that this particular note so touched my day really had nothing to do with its cuteness. It had everything to do with the handwritten words of encouragement that danced across its petite page.

It was from a blog giveaway winner who wanted to thank me for the what she had won. And she wanted to tell me how much our Weight Loss Wednesdays group had touched her life.

And, in a “go-the-extra-mile” way, she tucked in a few yummy looking handwritten recipes and a bookmark; homemade of course.

I propped that darling card up on my home office desk. It makes me smile each time I see it.

Ours is a day and age of electronic encouragement; of social Internet sites, Facebooking and Twittering. These tools are all fine and good and definitely play a wonderful role in keeping women connected to God and each other. There is something special, however, about a handwritten note.

It takes time; it requires effort; and a stamp; and a trip to a mailbox.

Who might be tremendously touched by a handwritten sentiment from you today?

A struggling friend? A lonely neighbor? A long-lost acquaintance that has been on your mind recently? Your parent faraway or husband nearby? Or the woman at the grocery store check-out or corner coffee shop who serves you cheerfully and faithfully?

Can I gently nudge you to carve out time today to resurrect the old-fashioned art of letter writing.

I’m sure someone will prop it up on their desktop or kitchen counter, bringing them warm feelings and sincere smiles for days to come.

Pens ready?

Write on.


NOTE: Cyber sisters, If you live within driving distance of Greensboro, NC, you will want to check out my godly and prayerful Proverbs 31 sister Luann Prater’s Encouragement Extreme event coming up January 29 – 30th. Here is just a taste of what this wonderful weekend will include:
Luann Prater, Encouragement Cafe radio show host and Proverbs 31 speaker
Carol Davis, of Billy Graham Radio Ministry
Ramona Davis, Encouragement Cafe radio show co-host
Pam Allen, Worship Leader and Musical Guest

LuannPraterFriday Night Extra: After the general session, stick around, kick back, and relax during “Coffee House” time; and enjoy great live music, too!
Saturday Afternoon Extra: The conference will wrap up as you all become “Co-Hosts” for a live broadcast of the Encouragement Cafe radio show!

For full info and to register for this very affordable conference, click here. Luann would love to have you join her for a time connecting with God and some way godly girlfriends!

I sure wish I had some frequent flier miles built up. I’d be on a plane headed south in a heartbeat!

Encouraging Blessings,

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