Weight Loss Wednesday with Lysa TerKeurst

Welcome Weight Loss Wednesday gals. Today, you are in for a treat! My friend and our president at Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa TerKeurst is joining us with a video blog post. The topic is one I have found to be totally true: You crave what you eat.

While it may be hard at first to stop eating the junk our bodies have been craving, the more we make healthy choices, the more we want to make healthy choices.  Click below to view Lysa’s encouraging words and then join me below for the rest of this post. Here’s Lysa: :-)

So what unhealthy cravings do you desire to give up? Anything you have been eating that is permissible, but not beneficial?

I know for me, even though for our last three months together I have eliminated many unhealthy foods from my diet, I still have a few items I have been feeling God tell me to give up. In fact, my best friend from college just asked me last week if I’d like to join her for a short “cleanse”. For those of you unfamiliar with that term, it is a way of eating that eliminates all foods from your diet except lean meats, non-starchy veggies, nuts and berries.

Yep, no dairy, no wheat, and NO DARK CHOCOLATE!

Now, I have been (and still am) a believer in building treats into your eating as a reward and to keep you on the straight and narrow. (It is permissible.) And I have enjoyed a little dark chocolate each day for our three month journey and have lost over 30 pounds in the process.

However, now I  feel God nudging me to give up the dark chocolate for a while.

From now until Valentine’s Day to be exact.


The reason? I need to obey in my eating because it pleases God, not just so I can reward myself with chocolate.

Anyone else in? Is there something you need to give up for a while, maybe just until Valentine’s Day? Perhaps the craving will subside just as Lysa said.

Please leave a comment with your thoughts on this topic. Or, just let us know how your week went. I love being able to pray for you!

Cravings-Busting Blessings,


  1. Thanks to all who responded to my ranting this morning and thanks for letting me rant. I do think I gained some insight all the way from genetics to enjoying eating to laziness on my part (ouch).

  2. Thanks for the video, Karen. I watched it with my daughters, and it was a good talking point about eating healthy.

    Woo hoo for all the people who have lost weight! I was down another pound today, so I’m glad to be steadily going down – little by little.

    Jessica B., praying for you in your restart. I hope you are encouraged by those ladies you exercise with.

    Debbie, I was gaining weight for no good reason this last year and recently was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Now I’m not losing as fast as I could be because I got lazy. I gave up. I was gaining weight while being quite healthy. Why not make the process of gaining more enjoyable? If you don’t know why you are gaining weight. If you are disciplined in your eating and exercise and are still gaining or not losing, make sure that your body is working properly. A doctor can help you there.

  3. Karen thanks for showing us this video. I am going to try and eat more fruits and vegetables and I am going to give up the flavored coffees I have started to enjoy too much.

    I gained a pound this week but I also got my period. It still was kind of discouraging since I have been exercising a lot more.

    Debbie, I think I am overweight because I love food and also I love to do nothing but read or be on the computer. All of that inactivity does not help a weight problem. I have had to really work at being active at night after a long day at work.

    Have a great week everyone.

  4. Hi everyone,

    My week was better as far as journaling and exercise but I am up .5 due to too many cookies and chips over the weekend. Anyway, chocolate is probably the thing that gets me off track the most. Even drinking hot chocolate instead of tea increases my calories a ton so hopefully eliminating all chocolate until Valentines day will help! I’m finding that if I miss a workout a don’t feel as good so I’m glad that is becoming part of my regular routine! Have a Happy Healthy Choices week everyone!

    As far as weight gain, I didn’t lose much after my first pregnancy and then each time we moved, I turned to food since I had left my friends. As Karen has said in her Hearts workshop, I was idle about my idol. I didn’t really realize that food was an idol until recently so just admitting that is a huge step toward a healthier me!

  5. Kimberlee – congratulations on the pregnancy – that is new info for me, so my apologies if you already announced and I missed it. I am on OB nurse, so my advice to you is to keep exercising, but at lower intensity. Anything that can raise your core body temperature is not healthy for the baby. Talk to your doc for more information. And avoid positions that put you flat on your back once you are in the second trimester or beyond. The weight of the pregnant uterus pushes down on the blood supply back to your heart and lungs – so not healthy for you or baby. Hugs to you!

    Debbie – Why do I struggle with my weight? In a nutshell, I think I just really like to eat. I like good food. My mom was not a very good cook, so I thought the food at college was phenomenal. Prior to leaving home, I was probably more underweight. But once I discovered yummy stuff to taste, that was it. And honestly, I know a few really thin people who say they eat to live and that one thing is as good as another….Puhleeeeze. Give me a break. I broke up with a guy I dated who said that, too. I could not be tied forever to someone who didn’t ENJOY eating. I realize, though, that I indulged far too often in things that were high calorie, high fat, high sugar. I eat more than a fair portion size. As for my history, well, my mom’s philosophy was to always have a little “fluff” b/c you never knew when hard times would come around – she was a young adult during the depression, and the lack of food really affected her. Or, illness could strike and one would need the extra body fat to get through. And if I’m not mistaken, I think some research has borne out that it’s better to be a little bit heavier than too thin in the event of severe illness. But a few pounds, not a whole lot. I haven’t checked these stats recently, though. My father’s side of the family is all classified as morbidly obese – a technical health term, not my choice of words. I doubt if there was one person in that side of the family who did not struggle with weight issues. And the resulting health problems of diabetes, which led to vision problems, poor wound healing, amputations, and kidney failure. Some cancers, too. So excess weight killed them. There are only a couple left, seriously. I just had to make a decision that I was not going to continue this curse. That’s it – it ends now.

  6. Thank you, Karen and Lysa! I am on Day three of the Daniel Fast. Both the video and blog post blessed me beyond measure … Thanks again, for shining the LIGHT!!! :)

  7. Well, my cravings are pretty much anything sweet. However, over the holiday season I seemed to consume an awful lot of coffee drinks. So, for me, I am going to drop those out of my food vocabulary for the next 30 days. When the 30 days are up I will move on to something even more addicting. (whatever that may be at that time) I love Lysa’s idea of the strawberries and bananas.

  8. Since January 1, I’ve been following Fit for My King, a devo by Sheri Rose Shepherd. You have to give up everything! And I do mean everything. Can’t even have tap water… cleanser is how all this works. It was really hard the first few days. I had a headache as soon as I woke up and still had one when I went to bed. Nothing helped. And I wasn’t even big into anything with caffeine. I gave up soda a year ago, so it had me baffled, but then I figured it might be artifical sweetner because of a fruity-drink I’d began to love.

    I drink a ton of water a day and give myself a cup of tea with Truvia in it. Wheat, anything. And lots of chicken. I thought I ate alot of chicken before… not so!!

    I’m trying to work out 4-5 days a week, and so far, it’s working PTL!! I’m down almost 3lbs this week.

  9. I gained 100g at my Saturday weigh-in. I was sooooo disappointed cos I had been so good. It has taken me until today to feel ok about it.
    Have started exercising again this week so hopefully that will help on Saturady.
    I have been thinking about giving up lollies and chips as they are just empty calories. (I can justify chocolate at the moment due to anti-oxidants!!)
    I think eventually I will need to give up coffee too and have been trying to cut down by making less each time I have some.
    Debbie, I don’t know if I can answer your question with a specific reason, maybe a combination of reasons… Habits learned in childhood, love of food and I think some is just genetic. I have two kids, both with completely different attitudes to food. I don’t know how much is nature/nurture or personality. It makes me wonder too.
    Have a great week and will be praying for victory in our areas of weakness. I have to believe this is possible though I am struggling with it in my own life. All the best.

  10. Debbie, I know why I am overweight…a few reasons.
    1. I am lazy. I’d rather do what I feel like all day long, and that could be sit on my bum in front of the computer ALL DAY! :( But that has changed. I am aware of that problem and made changes in my routine.
    2. I don’t see my body as God’s holy temple, but the Scripture tells us it is! It’s even hard for me to say that, I feel as if I am making some ludicrous statement, but Scripture says so, so it’s got to be true! Now to just think about and view my body the way He does to keep from mistreating it.
    3. I gained a new love in my first pregnancy: food. And I still love it. I have baked like crazy, that’s what I’m known for in my circle. I gained so much weight in both pregnancies, but not just because of love, but also because of trying to keep nausea at bay, and I didn’t make good choices.
    The Biggest Loser is really amazing to watch how the trainers break down the contestants emotionally so that they are left with nothing but to rebuild themselves to become who they want to be, who they were meant to be.

  11. Thanks Karen for showing Lysa’s video – it was very encouraging! Cream is my thing. I love it in my tea and coffee. I’ve tried milk, but it’s just not the same. I guess I need to move away from black teas to green and herbals as I don’t use cream is them. I’ve not lost any weight in several weeks and know it’s from my lack of discipline and from not exercising.

    I’ll start afresh.

  12. Wow–so many people are doing so well! Great job, all!

    I’m staying on track with my healthy eating (I follow a low-carb diet). I’ve been exercising. I think I even see some difference (in my waistline and such). But the scale isn’t moving. :( I’m not overweight, but I used to be about ten pounds lighter (before having three babies) and I’d love to get back to that weight. I’m not sure what to do, but I’ll just keep on keeping-on!

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  13. Embarrassed, ashamed and humiliated to say I gained 4 pounds this week after last week boasting how focused and motivated I was. How do I go from down to up? Why do I go from down to up? I was flipping channels last night and stopped on Biggest Looser. Jillian, the trainer, was asking this woman why she was unhappy. The woman responded “I don’t know.” Jillian just kept after the woman whose answer was always the same. The woman finally walked away but Jillian just ran after her, getting into the woman’s face and yelling “Why are you unhappy? I’m trying to help. Tell me why!” The woman begged Jillian to move out of her way. I don’t know how it ended because I changed the channels. I felt so sorry for that woman. Sometimes it seems everyone is searching for the “why” and “how” to everything. Why did I gain weight? How could I have gained so much weight.” My answer is just like that woman last night “I don’t know.” My childhood was wonderful. If you were to look up “soul mates and true love” you would see a picture of my parents. We were not wealthy but we had everything we needed and much of what we wanted. My husband of 37 years is a wonderful man. Never has said a mean word about my weight. He truly loves me unconditionally. My two daughters never gave us a lick of trouble when they were growing up. They are now college educated professionals (a nurse and special education teacher) with each having two children of their own. In reading that, I had the perfect childhood, have a wonderful marriage, awesome children, and spectacular grandchildren. So, why am I 140 pounds overweight??? The answer: I don’t know. Do any of you know why you are overweight? If you know and don’t mind sharing, I would like to know. Maybe I am overlooking something in my life that triggered my overeating. I know this is a long post and I am very well aware it is off the subject Karen suggested but I am curious if anyone knows the answer to “why” and/or “how” in her own struggle.

    1. Did you figure it out? I have a lot of compassion for you. Just thinking of you. Please write and share where you are today in your health journey.

  14. I absolutely agree with Lysa. The Lord prompted me to go gluten-free in January and February. I expected it to be such a struggle, but it hasn’t been and I no longer crave goodies, but do find myself craving high quality food. I’m not sure if it’s because I know I’m doing exactly what God asked me to do or if it’s eating the right foods that have changed my appetite, probably a combo of both.

    I’ll also give this little testimony. I had gotten to a point where I couldn’t taste food as well as I once did. Hence, I found myself going for the high sugar, high salt, and highly artificially flavored foods just so I could taste it. Within about a week of going gluten-free my normal ability to taste food returned and now I can actually enjoy the flavor of healthy foods.

    Whatever the Lord is asking you to do, whether it makes sense or not, just do it. Now if I could only apply this principle to areas other than food!

  15. I have seen Lysa’s video before and I found it so encouraging…thanks for showing it again…it is so appropriate for today! I so needed to be reminded of that 1Cor. verse.

    Coffee is what I am going to give up. I have stopped drinking caffeine, but still drink decaf coffee every day…but have been unwilling to totally give up coffee. So, I will join you in adding this to the list of things that are NOT beneficial to me.

  16. LOL Crystal and your scale! :P WTG on your weightloss! :)
    My week was…interesting…I was not home at all over the weekend, but I did make sure I portioned out a treat at the opera/movie. And we split a lunch. And then we had Melting Pot fondue for dinner. OMG, I never thought I’d be one of those who believed something was worth the being bad, but it was. And it was a treat, def not something I could even do once a month. I made sure I exercised that morning, good thing!
    My number went down! :) I have not changed much, nor have I felt that I need to get rid of something. I baked twice last week, something I haven’t done in a long time, not even during the holidays. But I have found that I am not eating ALL the cookies. One cookie does it for me. That is a big accomplishment for me.
    I have also been feeling full alot, so I don’t eat as much. I’m sure it’s due to the early pregnancy symptom of feeling bloated and soon enough I won’t be able to eat enough! :( Yesterday I was surprised to see I didn’t even meet my calorie requirement. I will be keeping track of my eating throughout this (Lord-willing) pregnancy and I’m grateful for this WLW bc I don’t want to gain 60# as I have in the past pregnancies.
    I am now getting very hot when I exercise, so I am not doing it as intense as I’d like, but hopefully that too will pass.

  17. I think I may have lost a pound in the last two weeks. Basically, my kooky scale tells me I have lost anywhere from 1/2 pound to 1 1/2 pounds, so I am going to average that to one pound and call it good. I have lost 1/2 inch from my waist, and one inch from my hips since Mid-November when I started watching. Three days ago I went back to measuring and recording my intake. I had stopped over the holidays, and was surprised how my serving size had crept up. Our eyes are very deceiving! The tip from last week to slow down with eating was very helpful. Until I began to consciously think about it, I had not realized how fast I was eating! I am going to give up cookies – I had occasionally treated myself with one or two cookies if I had been “good” all day – but with the current challenge, I will give them up completely. When I feel the urge for a cookie, I will pray for strength to resist that evil sugar craving at its onset. lol

  18. Thanking God for good blood test results and all His help through His Word and encouragement through this blog.
    I agree that everything is permissable but not everything is beneficial. Coffee. I stopped drinking it like I use to but this week I bought some for brewing at home again.
    Coffee gives me cravings for baked goods, too.
    So, I will choose good green & caffeine free teas instead. (And also try the strawberries)
    I’m pushing the restart button.
    This was an extra hard week for me.
    Even though I exercised 4xs
    gained 2 lbs. Because I also ate a lot of foods that were not beneficial.
    So I dust off press on in Jesus’s name.

  19. UMMMMM I am just going to say Restart. I haven’t gained but I haven’t lost either.
    Last night a small group of women from my church met for the first time as our weight loss support group. We are going to meet every other Tuesday night for two hours. During that time, we are going to exercise, pray and have devotion. The exercise last night I thought was going to KILL me–that’s how out of shape I am.
    I have brought out my food journal again today and I am trying. I have SUCH a sweet tooth, especially for chocolate. So instead of a piece of candy I am chewing a piece of sugar free gum. Not the brownie my mouth is watering for but I’m trying to pretend.

  20. Karen, I received my package from you! Yeah! Thank you so much. I have already used my beautiful fresh linen candle, and I’m going to enjoy the hot cocoa on a day OTHER THAN Weight Loss Wednesday. :) The copying of “Getting and Staying” is on my nightstand to start reading. Can’t wait to share it with my readers at Come Have a Peace.

    Thank you for sharing from your own bounty. I appreciate the hospitality you extend through the US mail, in the pages of your books, and over the blogosphere! :)

    Blessings to you,

  21. For the month of Jan., I’m giving up all sugar (sneaky sugar in different forms added to just about everything as well as overt forms). I’m also giving up caffeine, processed foods (all varieties), and foods that contain balsam of Peru (on the recommendation of my dermatologist). Yep, that leaves me with hardly anything!! In case it wasn’t obvious from the dermatologist reference, I have skin issues that she thinks are at least partially diet based. I also have stomach issues that I’m hoping to pinpoint with this elimination diet. So far, it’s been REALLY HARD!! Although, I am finally starting to feel better (I felt really bad the first week). I am also losing weight – about 10 pounds since New Year’s (but some of that was holiday weight). I’ve lost 28 lbs. since Aug. & over 40 lbs. from my all-time high of a few years ago.

  22. Yes, count me in Karen! That is a great idea and since it is a short term goal, it is more realistic for me. I lost 1 pound this week. I am a slow loser, but none the less it was a move in the right direction, especially since that means I only have .4 to go to hit my goal on the scale. A number I haven’t been able to see in years. However, the Lord has been speaking to me about my chocolate craving. I too have had a little each day during my 23 pound weight loss, so I’m in and am going to give it up until Valentine’s Day. Congrats to you Bobbie and Phyllis on those outstanding numbers! Thanks Karen for your leadership and encouaragement!

  23. I started last week by greatly reducing my sugar intake. Keeping sugar down to no more than 15 grams per day and carbs to 6 servings (a serving is 5-20 grams) to be exact. It kind of forces me to eat the healthy carbs, like veggies and whole grains and leave the others alone. I have a strong history of diabetes and obesity in my extended family and have been on the brink myself so this is the way to go for me. I ask God to be with me and remind me often how good I feel when I eat this way and to keep it up.

    So, besides feeling healthier, thinner and having more energy, I’ve lost 7 pounds for the week! Goal for the next week is to work in some exercise.

    Thank you ladies for all the support. What a great forum!

  24. For me, giving up yummy baked goods has been a struggle in the past. Cakes, cookies, brownies, donuts…need I go on? I made a conscious decision to avoid this type of food, at least for the first few months of the year because it has led to my downfall many times. I haven’t learned to eat just one. So, for me, I will continue to avoid these foods until Easter.

    On the weigh-in front, I was thrilled to have lost another 5.8 lbs last week. I know my weight loss won’t continue at that pace, but I plan on learning to run too!

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