I have a love/hate relationship with boxes.

Just ask my husband. He knows all too well of it.

I love boxes; the sturdy, cardboard kind. The “boys’-baseball-cleats-came-in-this-but-it-would-make-a-great-care-package-mailer” type of boxes.

I save them. I hoard them. Our storage room sports many of them. And I regularly use them.

However, I also hate boxes; different kinds of boxes.

The kind of boxes we put people in.

So many strict, confining boxes. They hem. They confine. And we use them to judge other people without even giving them a chance.

I have been pondering just such a box lately; a box that others have tried to put both me and many of my close friends in.

However, I do not fit neatly in the box.

In fact, I loathe the very thought of being cooped up inside its pressing four walls. When others have attempted to make me fit in that confining container, I have kicked the lid clear off.

This very box has been in the news lately and it has brought me to both anger and tears.

Tomorrow, I’ll explain.

But for now, I have to hunt down some of those boxes I love.

The sturdy, strong and solid cardboard kind.

I have lots of blog giveaway winners who are waiting for their prizes. :-)

I’ll be back tomorrow…..

Boxing Blessings,


  1. Got your package Saturday. It was in the perfect “box”! I’ve enjoyed it so much already! I can’t wait to read more of the book. Thanks so much:)

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