Sanitizing Self-Talk & Our Girlfriends’ Conference Call!!!

GIVEAWAY NOTE: Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow. I’ll have an Encouragement for Today devotion running  at Proverbs 31 and on on the topic of  marriage and male/female differences. For fun, (and to kick-off an entire week of Valentines Day giveaways—including lots of books), I’ll offer a couples marriage giveaway centered on friends’ Bill and Pam Farrel’s book Men are Like Waffles;Women are Like Spaghetti. Plan to hop on and leave a comment!

Another Wednesday with our Weight Loss Wednesday gals! (If you haven’t joined our little cyber group of girlfriends, don’t fret! Newcomers are always welcome. You can get caught up by clicking on Weight Loss Wednesdays in the side bar.)

Well— It is all set! We will be holding our WLW girlfriends conference call next Tuesday, February 9th, from 9:00-9:55 pm EST. If you’ve never been part of a call like this, you are in for a treat! (calorie-free, of course!) I hope you’ll want to participate. (and remember, you can be a part of the call and just listen, that is fine too!) And the call will be recorded so if you miss it, you can go on-line and listen to it the week or two following as well.

I need to have you email me at [email protected] BEFORE 9:00 pm Monday EST. I will email you back with the call-in instructions. There is no cost for this girlfreinds’ get-together other than the phone call (and many of you have free nights and weekends on your cell phone, so have that all charged up and ready to go!) PLEASE put WLW Phone Call in the subject line or I might miss you due to the volume of emails I get. Oh, I can’t wait to chat with you all!

Speaking of chatting, ever talk to yourself? No, I don’t mean audibly, mumbling so others can hear you and wonder if you are actually speaking to them.

I mean in your head.

In your heart.

Whispering to your very soul.

I do this all the time about many topics. When I mess up with my kids, I say to myself, “You are a terrible parent.”

When I let loose my frustration with my oh-so-different-from me husband, letting loathsome words spew out, I say to myself, “What a great marriage role model you are!”

When my home office desk starts to sport a few piles of “attention needed asap” piles of papers, I say to myself, “And you speak and write on how to get organized! Ya’ big fake.”

When for the umpteenth time in my post-baby adult life I am trying to drop pounds and lose inches and get back to a healthy weight, I scream to myself, “Idiot! Can’t keep from shoveling the stupid food in your mouth. You failure! You’ll NEVER be thin. You are destined to be fat. Just give up and eat some cookies—lots of cookies–then polish off the last half of the bag of ranch Doritos followed by a little–no a lot— of Moosetracks ice cream. Why keep trying? You ALWAYS fail!”

Ever been there?

Last week, I challenged you to memorize 1 Corinthians 10:13. Did you? Did you at least read it?

We must start swapping out these episodes of destructive self-talk, exchanging them for sanitizing words instead; words that are true and chock-full of scripture.

So when you begin to mumble or whisper something damaging to your heart about how you NEVER can resist temptation. Stop. Quote the above verse to yourself. (or others you find. is a great place to search for scripture verses on specific topics)

And it doesn’t always have to be scripture that stops our injurious words pointed straight at our soul. Memorize a few phrases to help you sanitize your mental slate, wiping it clean. Here are a few I am using:

  • Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels.
  • Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t….you are right.
  • Satan wants me to focus on food; God wants me to focus on Him.
  • This  junk food is NOT my friend. It is the enemy wrapped in a tasty package. WALK AWAY!!!!

How about you? Any other ones you can come up with?

Or, if you memorized 1 Corinthians 10:13, type it out in the comment box below (no cheating and don’t worry if it isn’t totally word perfect!) I’ll give a fun, funky, and colorful set of recipe cards, along with matching measuring cups and spoons, to one gal who does.

Or, just check in and let us know how your week went. Mine was much better. Really watched those BLT’s (bites, licks and tastes) and kicked it up a bit on the exercise. I’m down 2.4 this week.

How about you? Please comment and don’t forget to email me with WLW phone call in the subject line so we can chat it up next Tuesday night. I can’t wait!!!!


Congrats to the winner of yesterday’s book giveaway with Mary Demuth. Please email me your home address at [email protected] so I can give it to Mary.

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Self-Talking Blessings,


  1. No temptation has overtaken you except such is as common to man, but God is faithful who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with temptation will make the way of escape, that you will be able to bear it.
    1 Corinthians 10:13
    For a few days I have been feeling a bit discouraged because I haven’t been motivated to exercise for a few weeks and I feel like I eat too much. I stay so hungry at night and just keep eating. Like food is going out of style. I’ve been craving chocolate! I got on the scale this afternoon and it said 129.8 lbs. Around three weeks ago it said 133.6 lbs so I guess that’s something. I still don’t see fat loss in my hips and thighs like I want.
    I hav a few Scriptures for dealing with temptation.
    Romans 8:37; Romans 13:14; 1 Corinthians 9:27; Hebrews 2:18; James 4:7

  2. Kimberlee – you feel like you are running on empty because of this phase of your pregnancy – that very tired first trimester. Yes, listen to your body. God made it to know how to grow that little life. The fact that you are doing something is wonderful. I was a complete couch potato during my pregnancies. :)

    Hmmm…batteries. Wonder what changing them out will do. I just might get around to trying that.

  3. It’s good to hear from all of you! I forgot to post too, it has been crazy at my house. Do you relate? Well, Praise God, I am at the maintenance phase. I actually lost another #l.4 anyway and that is fine, but I was wondering if anyone out there has some good tips for success in maintaining. So far I haven’t differed much in my eating as when I was wanting to lose. I know that it really doesn’t take many calories between loss and staying the same. I’m keeping up with the exercising as well, and have really seen the benefits!

  4. Whoops-forgot to post yesterday. Stayed the same this week but I’m dealing with some totally frustrating ‘female issues’ that are simply not helping the cause… I didn’t memorize that particular verse but I do have a few others that I keep in my head….

  5. Hi all
    I am up 500grams this week. I was so discouraged. It has been that time of the month but its usually a down week! I don’t know what has gone wrong. My self talk has been screwing with me lately and I can’t seem to see God for all the other stuff thats in my head. The last few days have been an improvement though. I really want to get under 70 kilos but have been yoyoing up and down for two months!! Now, to make things worse, I hurt my back when I took up running and can’t run and don’t want to risk going to the gym til I have seen the doc tomorrow, so its just walking at the moment and not particularly fast too.
    I believe that this is what God wants me to be doing and that he has plans for me once I get to my goal weight but this last 11kilos is going to be harder than the last 37, I think.
    Have a great week.

  6. Hi Karen,
    “No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. God is faithful, he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted he will provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.”

    I did not have a very good week this week and have been discouraged but I have decided to start over and rededicate myself to getting healthy and losing weight.

    Congratulations to all of you who had a great week. Your words are very encouraging to me. I hope everyone has a good week.

  7. I’m up 1/2 pound this week. It’s been a tough week emotionally and I am trying really hard to stay away from food as my comfort.
    I am really proud of one particular victory. I was buying Valentine cards for my kids and the nearby displays of chocolates called my name. I was looking for a particular combination of dark chocolate and almonds. Since I found no such candy in the entire section (and believe me, I left no bag unturned), I walked away. My kids were speechless for a moment. They know of my chocoholic tendencies and were shocked when I even walked away from M&M’s. Thanks be to God for guarding my thoughts and directing my choices!

  8. No temptation has seized you, except which is commen to man. But, God is faithful! He will not test you beyond what you can stand, and with your temptation will provide a way of escape…

    That is according to the DKJ standard version. Hee! DKJ is me!

    I lost the two I was up last week, and lost two more.

  9. Hi everyone,

    Vicki, weekends are tough for me too. For me I think it’s because I am home more and cooking more. And since I haven’t been eating chocolate, I have made some other treat instead the last two weekends. Not such a great idea! Anyway, this weekend my kiddos and I are supposed to go to a family Birthday party out of town. The good thing is I won’t have time to make a new treat for the week and sometimes I do better with my eating when I am away. This week I
    am down only .5. I didn’t memorize the verse yet but have read it a few times. I know I need to replace some negative self talk so the verse and other sayings are a must for me!

  10. No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, he will not temp you beyond your abilities, but with temptation will also provide a way of excape, that you will be able to endure.

    I stayed the same this week. I’m happy about that because I had a complete meltdown over the weekend. Weekends are killing me. I can show great dedication and self-control during the week and then it seems with the weekends I just let go. Lose 2 lbs during the week, gain them over the weekend. So, I’m already starting to prepare for the weekend. Encouraging myself and making plans. I’m not a good self-encourager. Matter of fact, I think I’m REAL good at cutting myself down. I’ve had to be careful because it really upsets my kids, well, my adult kids…one is 19 and the other nearly 22. But even if I don’t say the things out loud, I’m still saying them in my head. I’ve really tried to go with the old saying, if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. I haven’t really been able to cross over to being good at encouragement, but have gotten better at not tearing myself down as much. I just don’t say anything at all.

    I’m so disappointed!! I was really excited about the conference call, but just can’t do Tuesday’s! I have a standing date with a group of girlfriends. I probably won’t be able to participate, but will do my best.

    Welcome to the new people!! I’m glad to have you. And girls…keep up the great work. I’m praying for you all! :)

  11. I have been out of the loop, but I’m back. I love the verse and I’m putting it to memory immediately. It will help tonight when I go to the restaurant The chocolate factory and the double decker chocolate cheesecake is screaming my name. lol

    I’m exercising but need to jot down my calories again. I took a break during the holidays. big big mistake!!!

  12. Jessica, that’s great!!
    Crystal, I think I have a wonky scale now, too! :( When I stepped on it early this morning it said I dropped 5#! I would have woken up the family laughing if I wasn’t still sleepy! So I stepped back on it and it said “KIDDING!! Got you! Don’t you just love me?! HAHAHAHA” Stupid scale. It showed a different number, much to my dismay, but I really thought the 2nd time I had surpassed my short term goal I should have passed last week. Well, I decided to check in on that number again shortly after, and it said I was the same as last week. I weighed myself 4x in a row, trying to figure out this stupid scale! First time was a few oz more than last week, the next 3x were the exact same # as last week. I really don’t think my scale knows it’s real job. It must be listening to the Enemy, confused on who it is…My Scale that gives an accurate reading! Somewhere along the line it fell for a lie…oh wait, maybe I’m talking about myself…Maybe I should check the batteries, but I’d like to get an oldfashioned scale now! Crystal, want to trade??! LOL
    So the gyst of it, I have a wonky scale, I think I’m the same as last week, and that’s good! I have noticed my calorie intake went up this week, but not over my allotment, last week I couldn’t even reach it. And my intenisity seems to be decreasing each day. :( Yesterday I felt like I was exercising on empty, and could barely finish. I hate having to listen to my body, but know this is a temporary adjustment to grow another life God planned.

  13. I am down three pounds this week!!!! For the first time on here, I can actually type that I have LOST weight. So very thankful for His promises and His love.

  14. Hi ladies! I have been on Weight Watchers for 1 year, and needed to find another (free) means of accountability. Karen’s Wed. group is going to be it! Karen, I met you at She Speaks 2 summers ago…cried and told you how I was so tired of not being able to cross my legs, being embarrassed & being held captive by my weight. I’ve lost 25.5 pounds in the past year and would like to lose 5 pounds in each of the next 4 months to get to my goal. I am hoping this group will make me feel accountable to keep going. I’ve read the posts in weeks past so I already know you all are encouraging! Thanks!
    Kristy Buescher
    [email protected]

  15. Hi Karen. I am quoting I Corinthians 10:13
    No temptation has over taken you except that which is common to man. For God is faithful. He will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will provide the way of escape that you may be able to endure it.

    Pam [email protected]

  16. Karen,
    I just came upon your website late yesterday. I have I Corinthians 10:13 on my list of verses to read today. I obviously have not yet memorized it but have been trying to turn to God’s Word to get my head on…for both weight loss and many other things in my life.

    My goal is to lose 130 pounds…yikes!

    Like you, my Mom is a Weight Watcher girl. She lost 102 pounds about 15 years ago and has kept it off. She even works for them now!

    I have been trying to get my head together to figure out WHY I don’t exercise and lose weight. After reading your blogs, I plan to sit down and write out all the reasons – even though I know them in my head.

    THANK YOU for giving all of us someone to be accountable to.

  17. I had a pretty good week as far as eating goes. I have lost a little weight, only about 1/2 pound (300gram as I am in South Africa)

    I must confess I did not memorize the verse and I should have before my sister in law, that stays with us, walked in hear with a whole lot of caramel cupcakes a little while ago. They are just little mini ones but still, I ate TWO!! So it is not going too well.

    It really is necessary that I schedule more time with God. Getting up in the morning is very difficult for me, but this hasty business is not working.

    For the coming week I think I will try and be more faithful with my appointment with God and keep on trying to exercise portion control before I try to stop eating certain foods. It is a little difficult for me as I do not prepare the food, my sister in law does and as she has cancer it is very erratic. I cannot take it over as she insists on cooking saying it gives her something to do.

    Still, that is not an excuse, I can exercise proper portion control and make the healthiest choices possible.

  18. I think I may have stayed the same this week – which is fine with me because I have not been great with my eating. Or, I lost two pounds – depends on which tile my scale is sitting on when I stand on it! LOL Somehow I doubt I lost two pounds.

    Anyway, I did not memorize the verse :( – I only got as far as writing it down and it is still on my desk. BUT I know the gist of it, and was able to use it with my children this week. When child number two said something was too hard, I told her about the verse and how God does not allow us to come under more than we can bear. :)

    I felt tested this week. I have been working at committing to taking better care of myself and to slow down on the multi-tasking. Last week I began to work on a mission statement for my life, where I decided that my faith and family were the most important things. But, of course, living this life means that I have to work – and I am working three to four part-time jobs at once to make ends meet. Well, my children (all three of them, including the one away at college) really seemed needy this past week. It was very tempting to listen to their problems while doing other things, or to tell them a trite “it’s going to be okay” and go on with my own things. And Monday when my college daughter called and expressed the need to see me for lunch on Tuesday I had to actually THINK about my response. My first inclination was to say I have to work, it’s too much time, it’s too much gas money, etc. But I went for a walk (which helps me to think and I pray when I walk) and I felt the Lord nudging me with the idea that I had committed that my family was most important, and was I going to put that idea into action or was I going to let my behavior exhibit that work and money are more important. And I said, “But God – I need to work and I need the money.” And I felt in my heart that He was telling me He is big enough to provide what we NEED if I am willing to do what He tells me to do. So, I told my daughter I would come and see her. Yes, I gave up 5 hours of my time and nearly 4 gallons of gas, but it was so worth it! It feels good to be mom to my girl and to do what God wants me to do. And my work is a bit behind, but I feel sure that God will help me to be more productive in the time I have left. (Tell me I’m on to something here!)

    A potential opportunity has arisen in the meantime, and I need to decide what I will do with it. I don’t want to share the details yet, but although it will be hard, I’ll do it if God wants me to. Please pray for me to have wisdom as I make this decision (there is a meeting next Wed. morning about it), and for the pieces to fall into place if this is what He wants me to do.

  19. Wow! you are all an inspirtation. gnzmom, love your surrender phrase.

    I am down 1 pound. but have not been successful with anything else. I did atleast get my bible out and look up the verse and thought about it, but I need to be way more dilegent.

    Your words of your lives should help.

    Have a great week.

  20. God is sooo faithful!

    No temptation has seized you, except what is common to man.
    God is faithful, and He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, He will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.

    This is what I have memorized from I Cor. 10:13.

    An hour ago I was so distressed with destructive thoughts about all my failures. The one that hurt the most was not getting up early to meet with God like I committed to do. I was feeling lazy and was rude to my husband this morning. My daughter came into my room crying about a bad dream she had and I told her let’s pray. We went to His throne of grace and mercy with the confidence that is only in Jesus Christ through His blood shed for us. We prayed and thanked Him for Jesus repented and received His forgiveness and peace His grace and rich fresh mercy. We ask for His help and protection. It’s true God is faithful in so many areas of our lives!
    He gave me peace again to keep going. Starting with a new
    page. I thank Him for His Word that says if we confess our sins
    He is faithful to forgive us and cleanse us of all unrighteousness.
    1 John 1:9. “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”

    This week, I learned and reviewed old lessons on temptation and how God is faithful to provide a way out. It’s true, I prayed to recognize the way out in the temptations and there were times I would not take them but the more I remembered the verse 1 cor. 10:13 the more I desired to choose the way out. I saw His way in choosing tea instead of coffee, popcorn instead of another two bread sandwich, get up and go exercise by just washing my face and brushing my hair instead of choosing to stay home, going to my room and cry out to Him instead of eating.

    I lost the three lbs. I had gained!
    Thank God!
    I thank God again for you Karen and all these wonderful ladies.

  21. I have recently been working on surrendering. I need to surrender everything to God in order to gain my life back. So, I have written my own statement of surrender. ” I surrender today. I will not allow my many roles to get in the way of making myself a priority. I will respect my body. Thank you God for allowing me to surrender all to you.” I recite that whenever I’m trying to decide whether or not to eat that little BLT when I’m making the kids’ snacks. Thanks Karen!

  22. Thanks for the message today Karen. I definately am guilty of negative self-talk and appreciate your encouragement to sanitize it. Many years ago (too long) when I was a faithful exerciser, I’d talk myself through running on the treadmill. “Keep going. Only 35 more minutes. What’s 35 minutes in your whole day? Practically nothing.” Etc. Still haven’t been working out regularly, so my old mantra could come in handy this week. LOL!

    I did have a good weight loss week – down 2 pounds for a total of 10 since I started a few weeks ago. I’ve cut WAY back on sugar and that is going well. I’ve lost my taste and desire for it. My son’s birthday was Friday and had a swipe of frosting off his cake and can honestly say it tasted way too sweet.


    P.S. Another phrase I’m repeating often and have posted on my fridge is “Information + Activation + Dedication + Transformation”. It’s helping to have the reminder to be dedicated to my goals.

  23. “No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, He will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.”

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