I Got Nuttin’

This morning, my schedule is full, but my brain is blank.

Although I have many topics and ideas waiting in the wings to discuss with our girlfriends group of cyber-sisters, I simply haven’t the time nor energy to tackle them on this Thursday morning. Over and over again God keeps nudging me to practice what I preach and live my priorities; make sure how I spend my time matches up with what I say my priorities are. So….

I have a house that needs cleaning. Dinner to throw in the crock pot for my boys and hubby. Car pools to run for one boy to the homeschool academy and the other to baseball. A bridal shower to put on for a soon-to-be daughter-in-law of a deacades’ long friend.

Oh…and I’m sure Jesus would like if I carved out a little time to connect with Him, since I say He is priority # one.

So blogging will have to wait a day or two.

In the mean time, let me ask YOU to provide some posting ideas here. What would you like to see talked about here on our little ole’ blog in the coming months? Mothering? Marriage? Spring cleaning? Something spiritual? Something practical? Something in between?

Do share…….. but only if you have the time……

I’m off to live my priorities…..


  1. I deleted all my gracefultruth websites entries after printing them off; I had just fought off breast cancer with alternative supplements and prayer and blessings through the laying on of hands. I think you are a beautiful soul Karen and a beautiful daughter of God; I hope you won’t worry about weight anymore. Thank you for your inspirational message I rec’d somehow today through my gmail acct. God Bless you for reaching out to others that you might be a blessing to them. I ended my gracefultruth blog temporarily due to concerns about lack of privacy but may start it up again. You are inspiring me. Your Sister in Christ, Elizabeth

  2. You are so very encouraging. It seems you really understand what it’s like. But then I guess you do, because you have been there. And the answer keeps coming back to make GOD first, family second and everything else just falls into place after that.

    Thank you so very much!

  3. I like the blogs about your life and how it relates to God. Some of us feels like we are the only one and someone who has been in the trenches helps. When I was in my teens and 20’s everything seemed clear cut, but as I age and now deal with teens myself everything seems to be shades of gray and I tend overthink everything. So keep the blogs coming.

  4. I like Faith’s idea–identifying the Spiritual within our marriages while tackling spring cleaning! I always enjoy reading your blog regardless of which topic you choose.

  5. I liked all of the ideas you listed above, that’s what I like about your blog…you cover so many areas of a women’s life so it is always relatable and funny!

  6. Since Debbie has said it so well, I will ditto her as it seems that she and I are in the same stage and area of life. Have to love that! Faith is my pick, with your personal life stories (love them).

  7. Something in-between, or on how the spiritual relates to our practical, everyday lives…. for example, why is it pleasing to God that we do laundry, keep the house clean, cook supper, and all that other “stuff” we do, and where do we draw the line between doing it because it pleases Him, and allowing it to come between us and Him… for example, after the kids go to bed, do I fold towels because we have none in the cabinets, or catch up on the quiet time I missed with the Lord this morning because the kiddos woke up early?

  8. I’m all for mothering but my mothering days are over. I’m all for practical but that’s practical. I’m all for marriage but I’m good in mine. I’m not for spring cleaning. So I go with something spiritual.

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