She Speaks

Often after a speaking event, I am approached by women with a little dream and a few ideas tucked deep into their hearts.

They want to know how I ever got started speaking and writing and if there are any tips I could give them. At times like that, my mind wanders back.

Back to the days when I had a folder of ideas in my desk and a bundle of notions in my brain. I also had a few mentors and friends who guided me and offered tips that lead to my speaking ministry and then, to magazine articles, blogging and four published books.

I have had the pleasure of helping a few local friends in the same way, thereby “paying back” in a sense the kindness that was shown to me. And I often get emails from cyber friends who want to know if I could help them too.

Oh how I wish I had unlimited time to do just that. It really is one of my heart’s desires. However, my clock only gives me 24 hours each day.


And since I must live my prioroties–God, Todd, kiddos and so on. I just don’t have the free time right now to do much one-on-one.

Several of my P31 sisters feel just the same way, especailly our president Lysa. Years ago, she began a weekend away for just such women (and those who are interested in blogging and women’s ministry too) It is called She Speaks.

I attended 5 years ago AFTER I had been speaking for over a decade already.

Man, did I wish I’d gone to that conference years earlier!

This week, Lysa is offering a scholarship contest to help women attend.  I so love and look forward to She Speaks each year and all the connections that are made there for women. For the next few days, I am closing my comments and sending you to Lysa’s site so you can read all about this wonderful opportunity.

Who knows, I might just see you there and we can chat in person!

Have a wonderful week. I’ll be back on Weight Loss Wednesday,

Sweet Blessings,

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  1. I wrote my entry last night to be posted on my blog Wednesday. I’ll link back to Lysa’s blog then. I really, really, really want to win a scholarship because I really, really, really want to attend! The best part is that I will have no travel expenses! I just can’t quite afford the (reasonable) registration fee right now. Hhhmmm, maybe I should just work on my vocabulary for now! lol

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