Weekend Easter Giveaway

Hi friends!

We are just heading out the door to take Mitch to his first high school baseball tournament in Indiana so this will be short and sweet. (And we are leaving Spence home with his Aunt Thais. They are two peas in a pod of fun and frolic. I hope the house is still standing when we return!)

Anyhow…..Giveaway time!

Here is a fun kitchen giveaway I’ll be shipping out Monday to one of you who leaves a comment any time this weekend. It includes:

  • A set of colorful Easter cookie cutters
  • Two springy kitchen towels
  • A Paula Dean Mango Chutney candle

(Sorry. No picture. Camera is already packed and we are running late.)

Ok. This is simple.

Leave a comment about your favorite aspect of Easter.

That’s it!

Winner will be announced Monday. Be sure to tune back in then. I’ll have a devotion running at Proverbs 31 and on Crosswalk.com and will be offering and even bigger giveaway you won’t want to miss.

Happy weekend!


  1. I love the good old Easter hymns: “Christ the Lord is Risen Today,” “He Lives,” “Up From the Grave He Arose,” as well as some of the more contemporary Easter songs like “He’s Alive” and “The Easter Song.”

  2. The fact that Good Friday is NOT a sad day. If it wasn’t for Friday, there could be no Sunday!

  3. My favorite part of Easter is tied…Good Friday and Easter Sunday. To know all God sacrificed to save me is so humbling. When I hear classic hymns, I’m brought to tears of sadness, b/c no matter what I try to do, I cannot repay him for my salvation. Easter Sunday is such a wonderful day. I love the sunrise service-no longer do I attend since my curtain climbers are 4 year old twins and a 2 year old-to watch the bright sun shine through the stained windows at church is so pleasantly uplifting. I cry tears of joy knowing that I will be reunited with my mom and grandparents in heaven someday.

  4. The music and the services and really being able to see what God sacrificed for us! The difference between Maundy Thursday service and the three that we attended on Easter Sunday was incredible, and a pastor when I was in middle school really drove the point home by giving sermons as if she were different people of the times – Mary, a centurion, etc.

  5. My church holds communion around Easter every year. It is such a special time of fellowship for our church family. I love it because it brings our focus back to Christ and draws us closer to each other.

  6. I love getting together with my family. Well, that and the fact that my 25, 23 and 14 still insist that we HAVE to color eggs…..and yes hide them.

  7. There are so many things about Easter that I love. It starts with coloring eggs with my kids, Good Friday Service, Easter Service, and then Easter dinner with our family. A very emotional weekend for me as we relive Christ’s crucifiction during Good Friday and then the awesome reminder of eternal life on Easter morning.

  8. Besides what it means, my favorite part of Easter is the triumphant songs we sing at church Easter morning. I love the special food afterwards and hiding eggs too!

  9. I should say the music, or the services at church, but in truth, my memories of the Easter baskets that I received when I was young. Why? I love black licorice and the only time I received my own bag was in the Easter basket.

  10. I love Easter because it celebrates that Christ is no longer on the cross and that he has risen. I also love Easter because for my is feels like the start of Spring, warmer weather and a sense of new beginnings.

  11. I love the excitement of thinking of the resurrection and that death no longer holds our Lord. It’s exciting to know that we can live with Him forever! I love the Easter dramas that tell this story also.

  12. I love the long weekend/Easter break that my daughters have off from school. I love our family and friends get-together at our house of coloring eggs, making Easter cookies, our very own egg hunt and fun! I love getting up early Saturday morning and going to our chosen “public” Easter egg hunt and taking lots of pictures! I love getting together with our families on Sunday at church and for family meals (two of them!). Most of all I love that Easter is a celebration of Christ rising from the dead after suffering for my sins!

  13. My favorite part of Easter is the sunrise service at our church. The sun has not quite broke the horizon. There are flowers everywhere. The best part is that I know my savior Jesus died for my sins and rose from the dead and I am saved.

  14. I love Easter because there is so much family time. We celebrate the Easter bunny and baskets on Saturday, and it is so fun to see the kids so excited to get their eggs. I love Easter Sunday. Everyone looking their absolute best, the songs of Christ, the stories of Christ, it is so spiritual and uplifting!

  15. I just love the celebration at Easter church services – the fact that Christ rose victoriously from the grave gives us so much joy and hope as Christians! As a child we always attended the community sunrise service and that was always special too!

  16. I have so many favorites!!! I love picking out special treats for the Easter baskets. I love dying and painting eggs. I love hiding the eggs outside while the kids are inside peeking out the window.

  17. Good Friday services are one of my favorite aspects about Easter. It is always amazing to reflect so intently on the pain and suffering our Lord took on our behalf, suffering we could have never born. So then we can rejoice at his resurrection and the eternal hope we have in Him!

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