Weekend Easter Giveaway

Hi friends!

We are just heading out the door to take Mitch to his first high school baseball tournament in Indiana so this will be short and sweet. (And we are leaving Spence home with his Aunt Thais. They are two peas in a pod of fun and frolic. I hope the house is still standing when we return!)

Anyhow…..Giveaway time!

Here is a fun kitchen giveaway I’ll be shipping out Monday to one of you who leaves a comment any time this weekend. It includes:

  • A set of colorful Easter cookie cutters
  • Two springy kitchen towels
  • A Paula Dean Mango Chutney candle

(Sorry. No picture. Camera is already packed and we are running late.)

Ok. This is simple.

Leave a comment about your favorite aspect of Easter.

That’s it!

Winner will be announced Monday. Be sure to tune back in then. I’ll have a devotion running at Proverbs 31 and on Crosswalk.com and will be offering and even bigger giveaway you won’t want to miss.

Happy weekend!


  1. Hello Karen!

    I was asking for God to speak to me today because I am at a cross roads and Iwant more of Jesus in my life than anything else…… AND WHEN I DECIDED TO CLICK ON THIS EMAIL I FOUND SO MUCH I CANNOT EVEN EXPRESS MY GRATITUDE!!
    I, too, have used food and still do to “fill in something” – when things aren’t going well or whatever…… The words you used here really turned on the “light” for me……. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
    I want to belong to this group!!! I will begin praying for everyone I encounter here……
    I am also going to start TODAY using my eliptical and rebounder!!! Wow!! I am so grateful……. I wish I could meet you and give you a huge HUG!!!!
    God did talk to me today!!!!! through YOU!!!! I am here to STAY!!!!
    God’s Love and mine,
    OIlivia Cowan *v*

  2. I want to say that Jesus is the reason we are celebrating Easter. He is the reason we are alive. My two daughters and husband have to go to the Easter service at church

  3. I’m late posting – but wanted to say this anyway. My favorite thing about Easter THIS YEAR is that my 9 and 5 year old daughters requested Daddy to videotape them telling the gospel story. They plan to leave it out for the Easter Bunny to hear. They want him to get saved. :)

  4. The part about Easter that moves me so much, is the fact that love ressurected on that Ressurection morning. It alway’s comes at the time of the year when even the earth and all of nature ressurects from a dead cold winter, and becomes fully alive again, with a freshness and a newness as if to say look we get a fresh new start. To see all the trees spring forward with new buds, and the grass poking it’s head through the ground with a vibrant green color, and flowers budding forth, with a freshness in the air that just invites you to become a part of it and let new life ressurect inside of us.

  5. My favorite aspect is that Jesus didn’t remain lifeless in that tomb. He came back to life to help a fallen mankind and to truly be our best friends. His willingness to accept agony for our sins is absolutely astounding! What tremendous love! Easter also signifies to me a time of re-birth in the appearance of blossoming flowers and trees after a “dead” winter. I feel that there is definitely a joyous analogy between this and Jesus’ resurrection.

  6. Easter hymns!
    Also, our church has been going through a 28 week study preparing us for the Lord’s Supper Easter Sunday night. It has been a great study into what Jesus did for us and how important it is to take communion seriously.

  7. Getting to sing my favorite song ever!! Christ Arose!! I sing it all year long! Also, my community always has an Easter sunrise service @ 6:30am every Easter. All the churches gather, and there is special music from all the churches and of course, a great message. I love the fellowship!

  8. Sunrise services on Easter Sunday Morning

    just seeing the sun rise and sing praises to God
    what a beautiful day, love celebrating with family and friends

  9. My favorite aspect about Easter is the cross. We nail together a simple cross. On Good Friday everyone in our family writes down a sin that we have been struggling with and each person nails their ‘sin’ to the cross. We have a time of prayer and reflection. When the kids wake up on Sunday morning the ‘sins’ are gone and are replaced with a purple piece of cloth drapped around the cross. The visual gives us an opportunity to have such great and important discussions with the kids. And now that I think about it, I’m about 99% sure I got this idea from one of your books – so thank you! The activity allows for all of my children to ‘see’ the forgiveness of our Savior, no matter their age. Thanks so much for the idea – it’s become one of our favorite parts of Easter!

    And good luck Mitch! Hope you have a great season!

  10. Celebrating our Risen Saviour! This post reminder me of my childhood. My mom always made Easter baskets for us, even through our teen years and she always hid them. Then on Easter morning, she would love just sitting there while we searched for them. My mom is with Jesus now and I miss her so much!

  11. My favorite aspect of Easter is the call to new beginnings! I am SO grateful to know my Daddy is a God of Restoration, 2nd Chances, and Seasons! Easter is such a sweet time to study the depth of the Atonement, the fastness of Love, and the joy of beginning anew!!

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