A Triple-Braided Cord

Many of you have made your way here via the devotion I have running on Proverbs 31 and Crosswalk.com. If you haven’t read it yet, you might be lost so click here to get caught up with the rest of us. :-) Don’t forget to come back!


Have you ever had a sister or two who joined you in the midst of a battle? Or perhaps you have been such a person for one of your dear friends. God’s directions to us are clear; living a life of faith means connecting with others. We weren’t meant to march alone.

If you have been looking for a support network when it comes to dealing with the addictive tendency to over-eat and under-exercise, you are not alone. Here on this blog you will find a group of cyber sisters who too are in the thick of the battle. We’d LOVE to have you join us.

You can click on the Weight Loss Wednesday link in the sidebar and leave a comment on the last post listed there (and read the others if you desire more encouragement and ideas). Or, just simply begin joining us each Wednesday. You don’t need to tell us what you weigh. You can tell us if the scale went up or down or how you are doing emotionally. You can vent, encourage, pray, joke. Just be our friend in our collective journey to health.

And, as a special incentive, today I am offering a “jump-start weight loss giveaway” compliments not only of me, but of my other two strands, Lysa TerKeurst and Shari Braendel. We are banding together to offer the following “basket-in-a-box” to one of you who leaves a comment on this post. It includes:

  • From Lysa for your inner beauty: Lysa’s mission is to lead women in the adventure of faith. So, she is giving away a signed copy of her latest book Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl. Learning to live out your faith in a tangible and real way will assist you in your journey to health. This book will show you how.
  • From me for your kitchen connection: A sunny set of citrus-y recipe cards to record some new healthy kitchen concoctions. Six bags of my favorite herb teas including two each of Passion Fruit, White Tea-Raspberry and Chocolate Hazelnut. And some “one-size-fits-all” Bath and Body Works White Citrus body lotion. One of my favorite scents!
  • From Shari for Your Outer Beauty: Shari is Proverbs 31’s resident fashionista. She is giving an awesome accessory that will flatter anyone trying to lose weight: a beautiful turquoise jewelry piece!

Okay gals….hop on and leave a comment. If you are a regular Weight Loss Wednesday gal, check in as normal letting us know how your week went. If you are new, just tell us what your goal is for weight loss or exercise or health. Or, if time is tight, just say “I’m in!”

And….if you also visit  Lysa or Shari’s blog, your name will be entered each time you comment there. Shari has a related post up about what to wear while you are losing weight that you won’t want to miss!

The winner will be announced Monday.

Glad to have you be a strand in our ever-thickening cord. Leave your comments!

Braided Blessings,


  1. I have many health problems and all would be better controlled if I can loose weight. I will pray for all of you and your situations if you will please add me to your prayer list. Encouragement means a lot.

    Thanks to all

  2. Sweet Ladies it is alway wonderful to find sisters in Christ is have the same struggles has I. I know that our precious Lord will help us through them, but it is better to have sisters along with him. Thank you for all the encouragement.
    Love and Prayers

  3. I am so glad I found this site. The Lord has been convicting me also. After reading Wednesday’s post the Lord prompted me to e-mail 3 good friends to not only pray for me but for me to be accountable to. They all responded with a yes yes yes and I am on the way. I have eaten better the last 2 days and have taken 3 small walks. I weighed in at my Dr today and he checked my blood pressure. I have a lot of health issues and need to do this in obedience to God! I have made all the excuses. They all stink.
    Thanks for the support I have found here and may God richly bless you and your ministry!

  4. Thank you so much for the great devotion. I read it last Wednesday. I wrote down the Eccelesiates bible verse and posted it on my computer at work. I would love to join this support group. God bless.


  5. I’m in. I’m so thankful, that i was able to read your blog about this weight loss issue. It’s been a struggle for me to be consistent on my exercise, that i tend to eat less for so long, that i develop gastritis. this one is what i needed.

    Thank You & God Bless!

  6. I have such a hard time commiting to accountability, but I know it’s the thing to do. After struggling the last few days about whether or not to just read to posts and not commit or commit all the way… I’m in.
    Scared to start this weight loss journey again, but more scares to stay the way I am!
    Blessings to all!

  7. I’m in. I need this so much. I am 22 and 270 lbs post pregnancy. This is truly what I needed. Thank you!!!!

  8. I am so thankful that I came over and read your blog. I am overweight and the Lord has been dealing with me over the past couple of weeks. It seems that the events of the past several months have come together for one answer from the Lord, It is time. My health is still good but I feel that if I don’t get a grip something bad could happen. I have commited to changing my lifestyle. I can only do this with the Lord. I pray continually for His guidance.
    You have been such an inspiration. I have seen other ladies that have lost weight but it seems as if something in them really changes. You truly seem to have done it for all the right reasons. Not to change who you are but to change how you feel, live & serve. Thank you so much!

  9. Thank you for your devotional on struggling with weightloss. I am the biggest I have ever been, and am constantly reminded of my weight gain with every tug of my tight shirt or stretch of my pants. I am a newly wed, and I feel guilty for gaining over 20 lbs since our wedding last April. Food is my comfort and my pick-me-up. I love our Lord, but have been unsuccessful in allowing Him to lead me in a proper diet & exercise lifestyle. I finally began exercising this past fall and have even worked-out 73 miles this year! Alas, no weight loss. Not even a looser-feeling outfit!

    I know our God is awesome – I wish I could feel his hand in helping me become healthy again.

    Eternally Hopeful – V

  10. Just catching up and I loved this devotional Karen – really hit home with me. I have been trying to do this alone and you have challenged me to find some prayer warrior sisters to provide spiritual strength. I love how you have taught me that this battle with food is a battle with the enemy and I am working to put food in its proper place – which is not an idol to run to when I’m feeling happy, sad, bored or any other emotion. Thank you for your continued encouragement!

  11. I’m in! Losing weight is a huge priority for me for a few reasons – the top two being my health (cholesterol is a serious issue) and my husband (he highly values physical activity, and i want to be able to enjoy those activities with him). Weight loss has always been difficult for me, and food has always been my favorite comforter. I’m working on learning more about nutrition and the truth about food, and turning to my True Comforter when I’m feeling down. Weight Loss Wednesdays are a fantastic idea – I love it! Thanks for the encouragement. :)

  12. I could echo so many of the comments already posted. This has been a life long battle for me that has only gotten worse as I’ve gotten older and had kids. Sometimes the self loathing and negative thoughts in my head overwhelm me. I do not suffer from a lack of knowledge in the area of weight loss and fitness. I’ve worked out w/trainers, nutritionist, been on most of the diet plans and diet pills. Then, I have periods of time where I am so motivated and disciplined. I’ll lose some weight and then I seem to get to a place that I can’t mentally break through. Lately I’ve realized so much is mental, but I believe it’s spiritual too. As I type this I’m reminded of Heb. 12:11 which says:
    “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.” I look forward to the harvest and am thankful to have stumbled upon this tonight.

  13. This sounds awesome! I lost twenty pounds last year and it is starting to come back bc I am not motivated anymore..I am ready to get back in the saddle!

  14. I have struggled with my weight most of my life. When I was younger I could lose it fairly quickly, but struggled to keep it off. Now I struggle to even lose it! I really want to lose weight and keep it off. I need to lose about 40-50 lbs just to be at the top of my “healthy weight range.” I know what I should and should not eat. I know about exercise. Really, I know how to be healthy. I just can’t seem to do it! I just really need help getting motivated & getting in the right state of mind.

  15. My weight has always been a struggle for me. I have lost and gained weight so many times that my body does not know what to do anymore. I have always dieted but I always go back to my old eating habits. This time I need to be disciplined because I want to motivate and be a positive example to my ten year old daughter who is also overweight. It is difficult to help someone when you are also struggling with the same problem.

  16. I did not read the devotional until today.
    Food is a great struggle for me, or maybe not a struggle, depending on how you look at it.
    I KNOW what I am supposed to do. Eat less, exercise more. Sometimes it just seems so hard.
    I was already preparing to “start again”. Looking to God first. Then, I read the devotional. I realized this was a place to start.

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