Breaking for Spring Break

April Fools day this year was no joke at our house.

It was a down-right blast!!!!

Our daughter Mackenzie flew in that day (unbeknownst to her dad and brothers) from Charlotte, NC where she is living with my Proverbs 31 sister Melanie and going to cosmetology school. She got to surprise many dear friends (and her baby brother) that night at a rehearsal for the Homeschool Performing Arts presentation of Seussical this week where he is portraying a Who. (This is the same troupe where she played Maria in the Sound of Music last year.)

She also got to spend Easter at home, see her cousins and grandparents and worship at her home church on Ressurection Sunday. Also,  she will spend many hours this week doing hair and make-up for the show. Not an easy task. Have you ever seen Who hair? Especially the female kind? Brightly colored and coiled as high as a mountain.

Oh, and it must stay in said mountain-top up-do while the Whos dance all across the stage for a few hours.

Oh my.

In addition, this week Mitch has two double-headers and my husband begins a short lay-off from work (a mixed blessing–he is home to run kids which is the bright side of it).

Our kiddos on Easter afternoon.

So,  as a result, I am planning a special guest blogger for tomorrow you won’t want to miss and on Wednesday I have a devotion running at Proverbs 31 and on Although it pertains to our regular Weight Loss Wednesday, it covers a topic that well all can relate to. Then, the rest of the week check back in for a simple spring giveaway.

I guess what I am trying to say is if you are looking for some profound posts this week….uh….you won’t find them here from me! (Although, as I said, you’ll want to catch my guest blogger Tuesday!)

Since all my babies are home for over a week, I am zeroing in on them and enjoying the crazy-busy event that is ‘show week’.  (For those of you in the Mid-Michigan area, there are still tickets left for this awesome performance of Seussical the Musical. Click here for more info.)

What is going on in your crazy week?

Spring-has-Sprung Blessings,


  1. For us, spring break is officially over. I took a couple of days off last week, and as a result, ended up having to work like crazy Friday through Sunday to complete assignments. Middle child is in a play in two weeks, and today begins daily rehearsals of a lengthy nature until the show. I think I should change my middle name to “busy.”

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