Dear Victoria and Joe–

Dear Victoria–

Please keeps your “Secrets” to yourself.

I do not like seeing your pretty clothing, meant to be underthings, parading around as outer-things. Oh and with certain parts of a girl’s (or woman’s) anatomy hanging or dangling out.

Thank you very much.

And Dear Joe—Yes, you Mr. Boxer,

That goes for you too.

How fun to live in a day and age where your manly underpants come in so many colorful styles and patterns!

I enjoy looking at them when shopping for my boys’ clothing needs.

I do not enjoy looking at them when I am standing behind you in line at Target…..with Granny, whose hearing may be going but whose eyesight is just fine. (Good thing we have her heart pills with us)

So…..both of you……could you cover up please? It would make this mama very happy.

Why you’d even be my heroes. Yep, “Joe and Vicky for prom king and queen”, I’d say.

Right now I say ” Quit showin’ your skivvies already!”

The End.

Granny-panty Blessings,


  1. On July 20th, 2006, the Lord led me into a wilderness of brokenness I’ve never known before. Everything I held dear, He gently and very quickly stripped away-my calling, my home, my church, my friends, my comfort zone. God brought me to a new arena that was very frightening to me. Being the ultimate Girl Scout, I always prided myself in knowing what was going to happen next. I was serving the Lord but with a prideful resistance. I could have never foretold the pain I learned in this desert wilderness. I was so completely broken and stripped bare of any resemblance of self.
    As God ordained each aspect of how the brokenness came forth, I heard His gentle voice speak, “I am going to use your mouth to encourage women. I am going to publish things through you. Where you are is not where you are going and I am getting ready to accelerate things”. I sure wish I could say I believed Him. In the pain and the countless tears of grieving over the life I thought was mine, I was very angry with the Lord and verged on much disrespect toward our Heavenly Father. I tried to bargain with Him that I would do anything, absolutely anything if he would just give me my old life back. I yearned for the familiar for what I thought I needed and even though my calling was crystal clear, I seemed to be paralyzed by fear. Many questions stirred in my mind…How Lord? How are you going to accomplish this calling?
    Being completely and utterly honest, at that time, I didn’t even like women. In my past, I have been on the receiving end of spitefulness which included haughtiness, jealously, and fakeness to say the least. Why would you call me away from my love of being a Children’sMinister to encourage women? But Praise God, His ways are always higher than my ways.
    These last four years since my calling was revealed, I have experienced God in the most phenomenal ways. I have been an eyewitness to his grace as He is opening door after door to speak, to encourage, and to minister to all women who steal my heart. He alone, spoke Isaiah 61, “you are a planting of the Lord to display my splendor”. And from this verse, my speaking ministry, Unveiling His Splendor, has been launched as I am daily watching God open doors that no man could open. God has supernaturally used many people to bring me to a platform where I can boldly proclaim His truth, His love, and His grace. I no longer expect an ounce of self to bring forth the perfect will of the Lord.
    I eagerly await each new door that presents itself and consider it a privilege and an honor to stand on this platform hand in hand with every woman I encounter. With each new speaking event, He is daily teaching me to lean more on the Holy Spirit and less on myself. In the movie Spiderman, Peter Parker’s uncle states “with great power comes great responsibility.” I feel that way about my speaking ministry. I received power when the Holy Spirit came upon me and God has handpicked me for some unknown reason with this precious calling to love on women.
    I would consider it a special honor, another open door, if the Lord allowed me to attend this years’ conference. Being a military wife to a husband who deploys six months out of every year, I have learned to not only rely on God’s solid word, but to also trust in His timing. I have dreamed of coming to the conference for three years now but to no avail. I know and trust He will perfect those things which concern me and He will keep me in perfect peace as long as I am focused on Him.
    I would humbly accept the scholarship and would be thrilled to attend. I know I would glean much information as I come under the authority of the P31 Ministry Team and as a result, would enhance my skills and strengthen my serve :) Pun intended! May God bless you richly as we serve hand in hand with teaching and equipping all women to walk in love, to stand on His powerful truths, and to fulfill our specific purpose. Much love and many hugs ?

    Unveiling His Splendor,
    Ashley Cloninger
    [email protected]
    (H) 843-871-9765
    (C) 704-408-7340

  2. Again….AMEN…and what about the pj’s and slippers in public??

    Disgraceful….and make those WHITE COTTON granny panties please!

  3. Amen!
    ? Nancy M. (aka Granny to a 6 & 2 y/o)

    ps, can you write a letter to the check-out magazines, too?

  4. Amen! Amen! Amen! I don’t know how many times my husband and I are out and about and I see young men with their pants around their knees. I REALLY don’t need to know what color their undies are. I’m usually aggravated enough to say something, before my hubby drags me away so I don’t get shot for my opinion :)

  5. Karen, loved how your worded this post. I agree with you 100%. There are so many tempations out there facing our children that they don’t need to see what it not meant to be seen…and don’t get me started on billboards at the local mall!


  7. Why, just a few minutes ago I was standing in line at the bank and unable to escape the view directly in front of me. A young man with his jeans halfway down his backside and his underwear (bright blue plaid) bunched up over top of his belt and practically shouting out, “see me, see me!” I could hear echoes of my mother as I shook my head in dismay, “if only he knew how ridiculous he looks.”

  8. Amen! Let’s hear it for some modesty in our clothing choices! I agree with the comment about commercials – so sad that we have to channel surf during commercials due to their “mature content”. Have noticed this especially during sporting events!

  9. ha ha this was so cute! And right on! I agree with you whole heartedly. My kids are 21, 17 and 16 and we go over this often being that you can see peoples “unmentionables” everywhere you look! Thanks Karen for keeping it real!

  10. Love it! As a mom of a 13-year-old daughter who is TRYING to teach her some godly values, I find Joe and Victoria parading all over the place make it a real challenge.

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