Those Nasty Numbers

Hey Weight Loss Wednesday gals! I sure hope you had a fantabulous week and, if you didn’t, that you will find encouragement here today!

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My week went pretty well. After staying off of the scale for over a month (while God worked on other issues in my life and started to break me of my need to find my identity from a stupid number on said scale) I hopped back on two weeks ago and began to weigh-in weekly again.

Tracking my progress the last two weeks has proved to again be an emotional roller coaster ride.

Last week, after doing great in my eating and working out 5 times, when I hopped on, I had lost 6 pounds. In a week!


Then, this week, after doing great in my eating and working out 5 times, when I hopped on, I had lost 1 pound.


While I try to keep the chant in my head “I am defined by obedience, not a number on the scale”, still, that stinkin’ scale defines me.

However, if I had just hopped on today, after two good weeks of eating and moving, and saw the display flashing a number that was 7 pounds less than two weeks ago, I would have been thrilled!!! Seven pounds in two weeks (which my brain quickly deduced is a 3.5 pound loss per week rate) would have made me smile.

HELLO!!! It is the same thing!

Why, oh why, do we women get our worth from a number on the scale???????

Instead I should be asking myself, did I eat right?


Did I make carve out time to exercise?

Uh, huh….

Do my clothes fit a bit better and zip up easier?


Okay then….progress. Right?

Can anyone else relate?

While the scale does track our progress and give us an overall, big picture of how we are doing (meaning, my number on the scale is 30 something pounds less than when we began in October and my jeans size is smaller than then), the little week to week progress isn’t always reflected in the scale. We might be retaining water; gaining muscle from weight training, etc…

So don’t let that nasty number trip you up. (I am talkin’ to myself here on this one ladies!)

Don’t give up and reach for a donut (or two or three).

Keep going.

And pray about how often you should be hoppin’ on the scale in the first place.

I’m thinking every two weeks might be better for me. Yes, maybe that is the ticket. Check in weekly with you; every other week with the scale.

Your thoughts? Do you have the same love/hate relationship with your bathroom scale?

I can’t wait to hear how your week went and to pray for you…..

Scaled-back Blessings,


  1. Never ever eat Chinese the day before I weigh in. What was I thinking! Thank you, I need to remember that other things define my success than that number on the scale. Bless you!!

  2. God’s Scale
    Numbers…eek! I’d rather not know them right now, but then how would I be able to celebrate any progress otherwise? I was only average with numbers throughout school, yet I’m always drawn to trying, struggling to figure them out. I am glad there is something to measure progress or the amt of help I need.
    I’m wondering what God’s faith scale would look like if I was trying to measure where I was in my walk with Him. Would I approach it with the same timidity or avoidance? I would I see it as a tool or a way to define myself? Would the results take up more of my thinking than living my life with God in actions and not “stinkin thinkin”? Would it encourage me with the progress and help me celebrate life?
    Then I realized that Jesus on the cross was the scale…He placed me in his arms and found me perfectly balanced through His love for me! God really doesn’t wait to love me more….He already loves me fully every day. So I can count the numbers, but mostly I’ll count on Jesus.

  3. I am so thankful for this blog, I know I am not the only one going through the battle of weight loss. I have not stepped on a scale since I started, (because I dont have one). However I have been walking 1-2 miles each day and I feel so much better about myself. I was experiencing anxiety attacks,
    but since I started to walk I have not had one in 3 weeks YEA
    My eating is not as good as I would like it to be but I am counting calories and exercising. I hope when I do step on the scale it will be down from the time I went to the doctor. I get up every morning and walk, when I roll out of bed I really do not feel like it, but I push myself to do it anyway. Good Luck Weight Loss Gals.

  4. I have exactly the same issue. I weigh daily, though I know I shouldn’t. My prayers will now include the ability to weigh in only once a week!!!

  5. Not a good week up and 2 lbs and feeling discouraged.
    I know I don’t have a lot to lose but the thought of gaining
    my weight back is what scares me. Why is this such a hard area to be discipline in?

  6. It truly is hard for day I’ve lost 4 pounds and then 2 days later I’ve gained them plus 1. Just because I ate 1 to many tortillas At our agape meal at church (mexican! YUM!) Very frustrating.

  7. I really needed to read your post today. I have started a weight loss program and am struggling to lose even one pound and keep it off, yet I have reduced my calories and increaed my exercise. I have not seen results yet but know I will if I can just keep at it.

  8. My weight is not falling off like I would like for it too, but I am feeling so much better, things are fitting better, and I have a walking buddy. I am so excited about that! But my husband is out of town this week with work, so I am the one that runs everyone ( my two kids ) around. We have baseball, and cheer camp, so it will be tricky this week, but we do what we can.
    I do despise the SCALES!!! It is so amazing how quickly disappointing I can get in seconds!! But sadly they are needed when loosing weight. And I love what Susan said about renovating God’s temple. Renovation is a lot of work. But what a what a beautiful temple it is when we take care of it.

    I was the winner of your give away a couple of weeks ago, and I have received a beautiful necklace and some other goodies. I can’t wait to try some chocolate tea!!
    Thank you so much
    Shannon McCleney

  9. I was happy when I weighed and the scale was down 3 lbs, but happier still when some clothes I have had in my closet fit comfortable enough to actually wear them…you all know the clothes I am talking about.. that favorite blue shirt or those pants that you just couldn’t pass up. We are so much more than a number on the scale! I know for myself, I will keep on making better choices and just like someone else stated I am renovating God’s temple to better serve him. Today is a church luncheon, but I will pass because I don’t have a handle on this eating yet and don’t want to sabotage myself. I pray every one of you experience God’s blessings this week and with His help we can be better servants for Him.

  10. My scale stayed the same…which was kind of a relief considering some of the poor food choices I made this week! Not sure what’s been up with me–the healthy stuff is in the house and easy to grab, but I’ve been digging out some less than healthy options. I don’t know if I’m blue because I’m eating badly, or eating badly because I’m blue! However, the cycle has to end somewhere, so I’m commiting to restart today!

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