What Would You Do?…..(and a chance to win a She Speaks Scholarship!)

Welcome Weight Loss Wednesday gals. Please leave a comment today, even if you are new, letting us know how your week went. I love to see your progress and watch how you encourage each other.

And I love to see you chime in on the topic at hand. Today’s one is near and dear to my heart and goes right along with a giveaway you have a chance to win.

I know many of you get geeked when I give away a $5 Starbucks card. (I love me a skinny latte as much as the next gal) However, this prize is worth over $500!!! (Hang with me….details below.)

But first, our topic…..

What would you have the confidence to do if you weren’t ashamed of your weight?

If you weren’t embarrassed by your “muffin top” (the fluff that spills out over the top of your jeans)? Or if you weren’t so self-conscious about the way you looked in clothes or guilt-ridden about vowing for years to lose weight and then actually gaining instead?

What would you do?

Would you wear jeans with a belt and with your shirt tucked in? Volunteer at your child’s school? Play tennis with your teen? Take a ballroom dancing class with your hubby? Sing in church? Jog down the street like you used to when you were younger?

What would you do?

Nearly 5 years ago when I weighed over 250 pounds, I had a dream. It was something I had wanted to do for a few years, but lacked the confidence to actually follow through on.

I’d been speaking and writing for years, but had never had any formal training, nor been to a writers or speakers conference. I’d written several articles for the Proverbs 31 magazine and was aware that they had a national speaking team.

Several women had expressed to me what a perfect fit that team would be for me since I so believed in P31 and its mission.

However, there was one slight little problem. To be a part of the team, I had to attend the P31 She Speaks Conference in Charlotte, NC. And, as part of the conference, I had to be critiqued on my speaking. By a peer group.

Oh yeah…and since I’d already been speaking for over a decade by then and would fall into the ‘professional’ speaker category, my group leader, who would also evaluate me, was none other than P31’s president and speaker extraordinaire Lysa TerKeurst.


Couple those requirements with the fact that I felt like a failure with my weight, well…..it just sent me to the nearest grocery store to buy and down an entire bag of Coconut Chips Ahoy cookies and chase it down with a pint of some fattening gourmet full-fat ice cream.

I felt fat.

And stuck.

For a few years I stayed fat.

And stuck.

However, once I obeyed God in my eating and made some progress in my weight loss, my confidence level rose.

The next time the conference came around, I signed up. I had no idea how I was going to pay for it, but I signed up anyway.

God saw fit that my flight was covered. I received a voucher for a free airline ticket when I was bumped on a return flight from a speaking engagement. Then, 75% of my conference fee was covered in an unexpected way. It was clear that it was my year to go.

And actually, turns out it was surprisingly relaxed and fun and not threatening at all. My fears had been unfounded!

The rest has been nothing but a huge blessing. P31 is a perfect fit for me and I thank God every day for my connection with my sisters in ministry.

Now—-I ask you again….What would you have the confidence to do if you weren’t ashamed of your weight?

Please tell us (and let us know how your week went)….


Note: The She Speaks conference is not just for current and want-to-be writers and speakers, but also for any woman in ministry. If you would like a chance to win a scholarship to attend the She Speaks conference……read the short post below.


  1. weight loss thursday? forgot to log on and leave my info yesterday because I wanted to take the time t read the posts. I had a good week lost 3 pounds and am back at pre pregnancy weight!! I just got the new Beth Moore book about insecurity and cant wait to get reading. If my weight wasnt an issue I would… water ski..try to anyway..play volleyball on the beach…feel comfortable in social settings (which I think isnt so much my weight but my own insecurities… let me go read that Beth Moore book!) I will pray for you ladies and really get strength from reading your posts.
    Maybe Karen can do a face book group for WLW stuff, you can make it private so that someone would have to ask you to join. But if we called it Weight Loss Wednesday I may be to insecure to join!! hee hee let me go do dishes. take care

  2. A very close friend first introduced me to Proverbs 31 Ministry. I was going through a vital trial in my life. She read one of the daily devotionals and emailed it to me. She felt that I needed the encouragement that day. It was encouraging. Soon after that, I received another emailed devotional from my friend. Again, she felt I needed encouragement and again, I was. I decided to sign up for the daily devotionals and get them emailed directly to me. I am so glad I did. On many occasions I have been inspired, motivated, encouraged, and equipped with God’s Word. It has been refreshing to read about real life stories from other Christian women.

    Over the past few years, probably close to about eight or nine years now, I have been slowly pursuing what I believe God is calling me to do for Him: write and speak. I want to encourage others (especially women) to trust Jesus, live for Him, and believe in the power of Him. No matter what, He is good.

    It has been a journey I have needed encouragement and focus to succeed. God has provided this every step of the way. I completed my bachelor’s degree in communication studies in 2009 and just got accepted into a graduate school program for a master’s of art in communication. I know this traditional educational is a necessary part of my journey.

    When I saw last week the “She Speaks” conference information, I was again encouraged. This is so awesome that this type of conference is being put together. In the years I have known about Proverbs 31 Ministry, I never seen this before. It just lifted my spirit to know there are people out there helping train others to pursue and live out their dreams, their calling of writing and speaking. I am one of those.

    I have never attended a “She Speaks” conference, but it would be amazing to be trained and mentored by others who have been traveling this path already. As I entered the writing contest, I knew it was a long shot, but I also knew it was time to take that risk and put my writing out there for others to read besides professors. I did not win, but I am so thankful I submitted my article. I will continue to work on that article. It is worth the effort. It is worth telling others about.

    Now, I have another opportunity to win a chance of attending the “She Speaks” conference. This is very exciting. No matter whether I get to the conference this year or not, I will continue to pray for the Proverbs 31 Ministry team, the training, and the conference so that God’s will be done for whoever does attend. Plus, I will keep writing and pursuing His calling on my life.

    Thank you for putting in all the time and effort to help others become what God has called them to do for Him.

    In Christ’s love,
    Michelle Barringer
    [email protected]

  3. Thank you so much for this additional giveaway!

    I have felt so strongly that I need to be at She Speaks this year – the only reason I haven’t registered yet is money!

    I am passionate both about speaking and writing – I’ve been teaching Bible studies in my local church for several years now, creating them from my Bible training at Cedarville University and from my own study of the Scriptures. It has been EXCITING to see how God has been transforming lives through women getting into the Word on a deeper level!

    After teaching for a while, God opened opportunities for me to speak at several womens’ retreats through our church. About the same time, I began blogging and have been stunned to see how God has grown and used this little “ministry” from my living room.

    At this point in my life, God is opening doors for me to continue teaching, writing, and speaking – and I would love to glean from the wisdom and training at the Proverbs 31 conference!

    Thank you again for the opportunity!

  4. I’m just a small town Pastor’s wife who loves to share with humor and transparency things learned through life in the trenches, the fish bowl, and the home…oh wait, a pastor’s home is the trenches and the fish bowl. My bad. : ) I sing, I write, I speak…all on a small scale thus far but I am eager to leap out of the nest and fly. A chance to attend a conference of the awesome caliber of She Speaks would bless me beyond my imagination…and I have a pretty big imagination.

  5. Lost 1 lbs. this week, YEAH!!!!
    sorry I didn’t check in yesterday, got swamped with work and an email migration this week.
    I am trying to eat better and smaller portions. The candy dish on the front desk at work sometimes calls my name and most of the time I can ignore it. I am walking some. In the past, I did this all or nothing thing. Talk about setting yourself up for failure, that will do it.
    I am not sure what I would do. Being able to bend over and tie my shoes without feeling like I am going to black out would be nice. I would like to have that feeling for the rest of my days.
    I agree with Kylie, thank you Karen for giving this opportunity to share. Bless you everyone!

  6. When I accidentally ran across your blog, I just couldn’t believe my luck. Then I realized that it wasn’t an accident or luck at all. It was the will of a loving Father that caused me to find just what I needed,just when I needed it the most.
    My goal is to lose 2 pounds per week until I’ve reach a healthy, fit weight(I am asking God’s guidance on that right number).
    To answer the question of what would I do if weight wasn’t an issue: I would wear more stylish clothing, do more activities with my family, and allow my picture to be taken.

  7. I can’t say that my weight has kept me from doing things, but as I get older, my weight is creeping up and it is harder to get the extra pounds off than it used to be. Thanks for the opportunity to share with you and the others. I did have a good week and lost 2 pounds. I exercised more and have been trying some new recipes out. I just need to remember it’s about the long haul. Having a healthier life style that will lead to a healthier life as I continue to age. Thanks for everyone’s support!

  8. Lysa your testimony and books has been such a blessing and an inspiration in my life and spiritual walk. I was seriously contemplating a divorce and I received an email from a friend and the topic you were speaking on happened to be on marriage, GOD was truly speaking to me. Since that day which was less than a month ago I purchased What Happens When Women say Yes to GOD, read it and it truly ministered to my soul, Next I purchased Being more than a good bible study girl–Truly Awesome!! My husband bought me What Happens When Women Walk in Faith on yesterday, I am loving it already. I am called to ministry and I know this conference is for me. My grandmother always tell me that I should have been a counselor she also prophesied to me saying GOD was going to use me for his Glory and to minister to other young woman. I know that GOD has a calling on my life and I just want to do his will only. I came into contact with Proverbs 31 ministry by divine order and I know that through your ministry GOD is going to help me to help others. Be Blessed!! Love Ya!! Oh I also purchased a NIV study BIBLe I have a Bible but this one teaches the word more understandable.

  9. As some of you have mentioned, I too, am a WW. I started when my daughter (now 7) was 8-weeks old. I am currently in good standing as a Lifetime member, and vow to remain! I lost 2.2 lbs this week and know that it is all about journaling and exercising for me. Making healthy choices, asking for God’s help, and trying to remind myself that my body is God’s temple . . . Even though I am at the WW weight goal, I’m not where I would like to be, so am still trying for those last 5 lbs. I would love to feel more confident in a bathing suit, and not to be tugging on the bottoms all the time . . . Who knows, maybe this 46-year-old will get confident enough in her body to show my stomach again!!! :) Good luck this week, everybody!

  10. in the beginning of this year i took a resolution that i would cut off sugar and any deep fried food from my diet. i said that each time i would indulge in it i would be OFFENDING God and i did not want to do it… this has really helped me immensely…. i do not go on the scales as my own policy but i know i have lost in inches.. i have people who have stopped me and asked what i have been doing so it is becoming visible… i have fallen off the bandwagon a few times only when i have been with freinds / strangers and i do not want to make a big show of my resolution that i eat it…but i jump right back to my promise… this has completely become a obedience to god exercise for me now….

  11. Lost 3 pounds this week regularly exercising and doing okay on the eating front. I’m sure if I did better with my food journal and keeping track of calories, I’d be more consistent. If I lost the weight, I’d love to go to the pool more often -with family and friends. I love swimming and would love to not be self conscious in a bathing suit. Aaahh how freeing that would be.

  12. I would love to wear swimming togs and singlet tops. I don’t know what else, maybe get my drivers licence which I have failed twice and not had the confidence to do again. But then not driving means I have to walk everywhere and that is the much needed exercise!
    I had a bad week this week and gained 1.2kgs. It was hubby’s birthday and I had lots of eating related things and no resistence to temptation! I have been doing WW for nearly 2 years and am feeling over thinking points and tracking etc. It has been great though as it has helped me loose so much weight but 2 years feels like such a long time (I’m not really a big picture person! :-) ) I have asked my WW leader for some extra accountability this week so she will be checking my food diary next weigh in. A bit scary but hopefully the boost that I need.
    Thanks Karen for this opportunity to share our journey. God bless, have a great week.

  13. I am amazed at the common ground between us. My heart is so full as I read all of your posts.

    I prayed that God would bless you all and that you will see HIS perfect plan in all of your circumstances.

    I know my weight gain started from depression and disobedience. I first felt powerless to stop it and then choose to hide behind it. I would LOVE to wear cute clothes and a new bathing suit as so many of you mentioned. Mostly, I would like to be intimate with my husband again. Although I only need to loose 20-30 pounds, it seems to be a huge barrier between us.

    Kim – I LOVE your “excersize devotion” class idea. Please let me know if you have specific guidelines or if you ever get to try to do it.
    Kimberly – I too am an emotional eater….I am trying this week to substitute with non-alcoholic, low calorie drink “treats” – special coffee, iced tea….
    Becky – There are so many great testimonies of people getting back their good health – keep going – even a little will make such a difference…

    Thank – ps – I would not be able to go to the conference so please do not consider this post for the drawing…:)

  14. I am very excited to see another opportunity has been presented to give one blessed lady the chance to attend She Speaks. I was a little let down when I realized I missed the last opportunity to participate for a chance to win a scholarship to the conference. I am grateful for this opportunity.

    I know I have been called to be a mouthpiece for the kingdom of God. Speaking before an audience, big or small, is not an easy thing to do for most people. As for me, I belong to that group of “most people” I just mentioned. I truly believe She Speaks will arm me with the skills necessary to perfect my speaking ability so that I may go forth with my calling with confidence.

    I keep telling myself I am going to attend She Speaks, maybe this year it will become a reality for me.

    Thank you.

    Misty A Brown
    [email protected]

  15. lost 2 # this week… not as active as I would like to be… I want to be able to play with my 4 kids and take them swimming and to the amusement park and be thin enough to ride the rides and wear a suit I feel comfortable in… If I were thinner I feel like I would have so much more confidence in myself and I would try things without hesitating… I want to be prould of who God created me to be, I want to be someone my family can be proud of too…

  16. Praise God I lost 5 lbs this week. My first week of trying to eat healthy. For the past two years my daughter and I have participated in the Komen Race for the Cure on Mother’s Day. She runs the 5K and I walk it. This year I had all but given up on keeping up the tradition. I can barely walk around the block without shortness of breath and back pain. But I have committed to it and the goal of walking one mile each day this week, two miles a day next week and 3 miles as many times as possible the week before the event. So far I did the one mile (on my treadmill) Monday and today.
    If I weren’t embarrassed (or limited) by my weight, I would go country line dancing, hiking, or go on another short term missions trip to Africa or where ever God leads me. I would try horseback riding and get back into tennis. I would learn how to sail and go to a waterpark. Maybe even water ski. I might take up tap dancing or ballet, definitely yoga. I pray that God would give me the strength to reach my first goal by Mother’s Day. Then, who knows?? God bless you all.


  18. I want to attend the She Speaks conference so badly. This year I made my decision to listen to God and stop furthering my education to teach nursing so I could further my education by reading God’s Word and teaching it. What a ride it has been! I know He has great things in store for me and I feel that this conference will get me on my way to reach this journey He wants for me. Please consider me for this scholarship. My husband is not getting enough work even to pay the power bill let alone for me to come to the conference. I know God will provide and am praying that you will choose me for this wonderful opportunity. I had not heard of She Speaks conference until this year and when I felt God has called me to teach His Word to women again (which I did not 14 years and then stopped for 5 years)I felt like this was confirmation to get me on my journey that God has called me on with Him. Reading all these comments on all the blogs – wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of us could go and meet each other and with all of us being trained and starting to lead and teach women throughout the United States – there would be GREAT REVIVAL among women!! Wouldn’t that be awesome! I am so excited to be a part of all of this whether I am chosen or not to know that I am part of God’s chosen women is a great honor!

  19. I am feeling the tug of God on my heart to go into a speaking ministry. I am like Moses was when God told him to go speak to the people and Moses didn’t feel he was worthy or able to do so. God is not letting me use that excuse. I feel convicted to do to this.

    I believe my life experiences could reach many hurting women.

  20. This week was okay – with child number two in a musical this past weekend, we ate a lot of fast food between shows. But, I also exercised regularly this past week, and the scale did not move. My husband’s college buddy passed away Friday evening, and tomorrow is the funeral. We are feeling stressed, but also feel like the family is doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances.

  21. I’m with Lori :-) I’m looking forward to wearing dresses and feeling feminine again :-) I’m with a lot of other people too in that I’m looking forward to feeling comfortable getting my picture taken…and not just a face shot! lol

    This has been my first week on a high protein diet (non Atkins) and so far I’ve lost about 5 lbs! I’m excited but realizing what hard work changing your eating habits is…I’m trying to rely on God’s strength and feeling encouraged by his Word:-)

  22. What would I do? Well this really hit home because I realized that there was a whole lot of things that I want to do – hike, camp, take dance lessons. The list goes on and on. And frankly life is too short to worry about what I look like while attempting those things. I pray that I will just have the courage to seize the day and go for it! I would say that I had better days than not this week where the weight and eating are concerned. Lost 1 lb. Rejoined WW and this time I seem to be more committed. I am a lifetime member who has fallen off the wagon, but is desperately trying to get back on.

  23. If I wasn’t worried about my weight and what I looked like I would wear sleeveless shirts. I live in a very a city where the climate is extremely hot and it would be great to wear sleeveless shirts. I just joined weight watchers so I’m excited to see the pounds come off now that I have something to help me with my eating. I now have a 3rd strand to help me on my journey!

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