Wordless and Wowed

Hello sweet cyber-friends.

I am wowed.

And almost wordless.

The wowed thing happens to me peroidically.

The wordless thing….hardly ever.

When God prompted me and I penned last Wednesday’s Proverbs 31 devotion, I had no idea with how many women that piece would resonate. As the devotion was posted, with a link to this site, the comments here began to pour in.

Each time a comment is posted, I receive an email. Now, usually there are more comments than usual on a “devo running day”. However, when that little “ding” that alerts me to new emails began to sound so often I it sounded like a constantly ringing doorbell, I knew something was up.

By the evening, there were over 500 comments.

This morning when I hopped on, there are nearly 1,000.



And I am still wading through reading all of the comments. I was without Internet access last Wednesday-Saturday due to the play and today and tomorrow I will be mostly off-line due to school and baseball so it may take a while, but I have committed to read all of the comments, though I can’t be sure I can answer the many questions also asked.

Oh sweet ones….you don’t know how much I wish I could! However, first things first. My family needs me a ton this week, so my cyber-family will have to wait a bit :-) I will try to address the most common ones in future WLW posts.

Now, If you were one of the gals interested in the topic (weight loss cyber-support group) Please check back in on Wednesday when our regular Weight Loss Wednesday will continue (only now there will be much more than 80 of us!) I’ll explain further how it works and tackle a topic that pertains to weight loss, exercise and the whole “gettin’ healthy” thing :-)

For now, I am off to the airport to take Kenz so she can fly home to Charlotte, NC. It was great having her home for Easter and Spencer’s Homeschool Performing Arts presentation of Seussical the Musical. Four shows last weekend and the cast, crew and directors did an AWESOME job!!

Now we are diving back into school (only 6 weeks left!) and baseball season is full tilt. So, I shall switch from sitting my fanny in a theatre seat to parking it in the ball park bleachers4-5 nights a week.

And I’m thankful I get to do it. (Okay….well, just on the days when the weather cooperates. Those cold and rainy Michigan days watching a double header kinda stink.)

So off I must fly….but not before I announce two things.

First, my friend and fellow P31 gal Glynnis Whitwer is holding a contest to give away a free scholarship to our She Speaks conference this summer. And to win it, all you have to do is write an article that would be appropriate for publication in the P31 Woman Magazine.  We’ll pick one article as the winner.  In addition to winning the scholarship, we’ll also publish that article in the magazine. Click here for more info.

Finally, I need to announce the winner of last Wednesday’s great Weight Loss Jump Start giveaway. The winner of Lysa TerKeurst’s book Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl, the weight loss jump-start goodies from me and Shari Braendel’s turquoise jewlery piece is:

Shannon McCleney : Timestamp: April 7, 2010 at 12:58 pm

Please email me your home address at : [email protected]   Congrats!!


I’ll be back soon with something to say; But first I must be off on my merry way;

Now I’ve not lost my mind, no I’m no silly goose: I’ve just spent too much time lately listening to Seuss!

Wowed and Wordless Blessings,


  1. I’m once again looking at a tummy that looks bloated and filled up over the weekend with cookies, chips, and junk. Even had a burger and fries. Well, I’m trying this week, but last night after I had a nice protein filled dinner- I headed for cheese-nips, and chocolate. Why? I don’t know- I believe it’s psychological because there is no earthly way I can be hungry after eating dinner. I notice when I’m tired, frustrated, and stressed here come the cookies and junk. My mom is struggling with her health and she is on a feeding tube along with oxygen assistance. That is stressful and I see myself reaching for whatever may fill the hole in my heart. Anyway, thanks for allowing me this blog express my feelings. Take care.

  2. I’m back this week…I have to focus on what I’ve done that is good for me the last week rather than be discouraged by what I failed to do (or ate and shouldn’t have). I haven’t been on the scale yet. I am trying to concentrate on just getting my body active regularly. I managed to jog (awkwardly and slowly) for over 1/2 mile and then biked to finish out a 45 minute workout four days last week. Monday did a bit more running…interval and biked again. This is good for me….this is good for me. People keep telling me I will become addicted to the running thing….I’m waiting for that to kick in…. Thank you Lord, for lungs, heart, legs and sisters.

  3. I completely agree with Cindy’s comment – I think you have a book crying out to be written. This is an area so many of us struggle and you are offering such real and valuable spiritual support for this battle. I am realizing how important it is for me as a mother to get this area of my life under control – and to pass along healthy habits and a proper attitude toward food to my children. God’s blessing continue to be upon you Karen – we love you!

  4. I’ve been reading through the responses from your April 7 post too Karen. Maybe this is a new book assignment for you. Learning God’s love and desires for us during weight loss/food issues. I’d buy a copy!

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