No Discipline

Okay….a few housekeeping items before our regular Weight Loss Wednesday post.

First, congrats to the winner of the girlfriends giveaway from my Other Mothers devotion that ran Monday. She is:

Katie: Timestamp: May 3, 2010 at 4:13 pm

Congrats! Send me your home address at: [email protected] So I can mail you your prize.

Next, I heard yesterday from her sweet husband Steve that Lisa Whelchel is going to be on NBC’s Today show tomorrow (Thursday). If you don’t recognize the name, Lisa is the friend I interviewed last December who was writing a book on friendships for grown-ups and what she missed and learned along the way.

If that still doesn’t ring a bell, I’ll bet you’d remember her from her role as Blair on the hit 1980’s sitcom The Facts of Life.

Lisa asked us to give our best ideas for going deeper in friendships as she was just finishing the manuscript when she was last with us. Well, the book is done and it is wonderful! I am nearly done reading it and Lisa has already agreed to come back and visit us on the topic of friendship as soon as she and I can connect for an interview. In the mean time, tune in and watch her talk on the subject tomorrow on Today. :-)


Now…..for our “weigh-in”. (Not necessarily on the scale, but on how your week went.)

Did you eat well?

Carve out any time for exercise?

Resist any goodies?

Make a good choice when everything within you longed to make the bad one?

Fall of the bandwagon and have a rotten week full of bad choices?

Need to hit the restart button?

We want to know, so leave a comment and tell us!

I have been thinking a lot about the word discipline this week. When you hear it, what do you think of?

A child getting in trouble by his parents?

A dog learning to mind at obedience school?

An athlete working long hours to train for the Olympics?

A twelve-year-old getting a talking to at school and having an infraction sent home for breaking the dress code by wearing an Underarmor sports sweatshirt instead of the official homeschool academy one that is required? (Not that our family has any experience with that this week ;-) Ahem….)

Last fall we as a group of cyber sisters were challenged to memorize a verse on temptation. This week, let’s tackle one on discipline. Here it is:

No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. Hebrews 12:11

Yep…that about sums it up! Discipline isn’t pleasant. Its painful!

My legs knew that this past week after just one day of trying Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred dvd that I bought at our neighbor’s garage sale.

My taste-buds knew that when I passed up the invitation to load a whole mess of food on my plate at my speaking engagement last Friday and opted for sensible portions of the healthy offerings instead and only a taste of the more calorie-laden (and oh-so-delicious!) ones.

My tired brain knew that when I rolled over and hit my alarm and every fiber in my being said “Sleep….don’t study the Bible!” But I knew I needed to get my perspective right before I began my busy day. Otherwise, I’d be an easy target for Satan and his traps. (mostly in the form of food!)

Yep…NO disicpline is pleasant.

However the results are worth it.



Being trained by it, meaning by the disicipline (rather than trained by our tastebuds).

Yep. Sweet indeed! (and no sugar added!)

So this week, will you memorize this verse with us? Then next week, we’ll pinky swear we aren’t cheating and then type the verse into the comment bar from memory. One gal will be chosen to win a cool prize for doing so!

Okay….now, tell me how your week went!

Sweet Blessings,


  1. Im the one that has been excersising for a whole year and should be at my goal weight, but instead I reward myself with food because I think I did so good because I worked out! My disciple is awful. I been on every diet I know of and I do great at first and then if I ever eat one of those foods I’m not suppose to have, I go right back to my bad habits and can’t stop. I’m now out of control! Dicspline is what I need but it scares me to death! Need lots of prayer! I’ve let God down more times than I can count! Help!
    Sincerely kim

  2. Dear Karen, please pray for me and my sister: we are trying to live a healthy lifestyle.. but these days: i am just eating the wrong food.. Thanks a lot!

  3. Good morning everyone! Thank you for the reminder and amazing promise that we have in Jesus Christ! I’ll definitely use it for encouragement this week to be able to withstand the temptations that come.
    When you said “No discipline is pleasant but the results are worth it.” It hit home with me. What I long for is peace and to know that I have relied on the Lords willpower when I didn’t have it myself.

  4. Discipline is what I’ve been lacking. I confess, I’ve been making half-hearted attempts and then telling myself it’s not working.

    A friend of mine has been using an iPhone app called “Lose It” to track her calories and exercises. It can be set up with current weight, goal weight and lists calorie counts of foods consumed. It’s a very organized way to track. I’ve used it for one day and I realized how I lacked discipline and how this will help with my discipline.

    Users can invite friends to see what they’re doing. Friends can only see if the number of calories consumed and if you’re under or over and the exercises logged in. And if the goals are being met or not. Details of what was eaten cannot be seen by friends.

    Karen, Can I invite people from WLW who have an iPhone and want to use this app to be my friend on the Lose It app?

    Having the accountability will help me stay on track. If approved, I’ll share the email addy I use on the Lose It account.

    Thanks and blessings-

  5. Kimberlee – so glad you are feeling better. Continue eating healthy and exercising as you are able and please don’t worry about the numbers. Pregnancy gain is not always linear from doctor visit to doctor visit. Just take care of yourself and that sweet baby!

  6. After being up a pound last week due to vacation and too much “sweet tea” I am down at least a pound this week. Will find out just how much at my weigh in tonite at Weight Watchers. Have commited to drinking more water and have started with Vitamin water that is flavored but with zero calories. Have done well with drinking at least 1 a day. Exercising is not going that great in that I had to miss my Monday morning water aerobics because I was watching my 6 month old granddaughter…oh well she was more fun anyway :-) And then on Tuesday my water aerobics was cancelled due to a thunderstorm so I will only be doing them once this week. Am trying to get “disciplined” to walk for 1/2 hour in the early morning before work but am having a tough time doing it….need prayers on that one. God bless for now and thanks for all the support.

  7. I had a pretty good week. I traveled this weekend and was honestly quite scared. It’s so easy to grab junk out of convenience – especially when traveling with kids! But I did good. Took healthy snacks on the trip, made healthy choices when I did eat out. I did cheat a little because there was a birthday involved, but instead of taking my own piece of cake I ate what was left over from my son’s. And since it was mostly frosting and I don’t really care for frosting, I really didn’t have much. Overall, I only lost 1 pound, but I’m happy that I lost instead of gaining like I usually do when traveling! I’ve been very disciplined about my exercise. I didn’t get to “exercise” while I was away, but I was working on my sister’s floors & definitely got worked out!

  8. Vicki that’s so awesome!! Aren’t you happy you didn’t donate those jeans??
    Crystal, amazing progress! I do not have the courage to commit to anythink with a “K” in it! :P Yes, very good step if you’re hating exercise less. :)
    I have a couple praises!! I’m so excited to share I got back to exercising this week! YAY!! And I feel great doing it. :) 3 days in a row! It’s like the old me (pre-preggo) is coming back. I’m back to keeping track of my food too. Unfortunately I feel hungry all day long, very frustrating!! Today was actually the first day I didn’t feel insatiable. Phew & thank You, God for that relief.
    At my OB appt last week the scale said I gained **gulp** 8#! I started to freak out a little. The nurse had “prophesied” LOL the month before I’d gain about 2#/wk! :( YIKES! But I’m soooo grateful that I’ve only gained a total of 10# by 19 weeks! With the previous pregnancies my weight gain was double. So this is a huge blessing & maybe that was God working through the worse ms I ever had. But apparently I’m making up for it!
    I am determined to not gain so much so quickly in the next few mos. I will not watch the numbers on my scale, but I am limiting my carbs & going for more protein.

  9. I am down 1kg this week. I feel as though God has been carrying and helping me this week and I believe I have you ladies to thank. Thank you!! The prayer support that happens is so valuable.
    I have been thinking this week about disciplinig my mind, which is so hard!! It’s a good thing that it is only God who can read my thoughts and that He is forgiving! I wonder if this is ever something that is likely to happen…
    Thanks again ladies.

  10. Wow, this was a bad week. So far, and it’s only Wednesday, I have nothing redeeming to say about my behavior. Time to hit the RESTART button tomorrow morning.
    Thank you God for being so Generous and so forgiving.

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