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Sorry this is just being posted at noontime. The Midwestern storms knocked out our power and Internet access all morning!

Hi all–

I had a wonderful 24th anniversary with my hubby yesterday that consisted of cruising around in a borrowed Jeep convertible, (I wondered what he was up to when he told me to “dress pretty and wear a ball cap and jacket”….), having brunch in a quaint park and perusing boutiques and shoppes and other non-kid or sporting goods stores.

It was a fun and relaxing morning.

Then, the clock struck noon.

Back to reality.

We then took off for an end-of-the year party for Mitch’s Varsity baseball team.

Now, I am spending today working on preparations for our Proverbs 31 She Speaks conference before heading to the ball fields tonight.

I’ll be back Wednesday with our regular Weight Loss Wednesday feature.

Then, you won’t want to miss Thursday! In honor of the kick-off of summer this week (the same day as our anniversary:-) I am giving away a boatload of summer items–to read, to use, to eat, to enjoy!

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In the mean time, I thought I’d try my hand at one of those “Simple Daybook” features I see on so many of my friends’ blogs. Here we go….

Outside my window….is my front porch with cascading, hanging baskets in shades of pink, purple, orange and white; two comfy chairs with a tea table between them, sporting a blue glass bee catcher, and some burgundy day lilies just about to bloom.

I am thinking…about all I have to do in my home office today before heading to Spencer’s ball game tonight!

I am thankful for…a patient, forgiving, so-opposite-of-me husband who keeps me grounded when I want to fly away.

I am praying for… my dad, who just found out he has skin cancer and for a major decision Todd and I are facing this summer.

I am wearing…black exercise capris and a “mom-to-the-third-power” t-shirt I got at Hearts at Home (I swapped a book for it with a vendor who had a table across from mine.)

I am creating….a syllabus for the Speech/Creative Writing class I am teaching to junior/senior highers at CHESS next year.

I am going…to try to get groceries tonight after the game.

I am reading…just my Bible this summer (along with my Beth Moore “Esther” study) and a few manuscripts for people who want me to endorse their books.

I am hoping…I lost weight this week,

I am hearing…the sound of my keyboard and clinking dishes from Spencer who is trying to scrounge up some leftovers lunch while I work.

I am remembering…how five years ago I said I’d never have a website. Thanks to my friend Marybeth who talked me into it (she is the one I stole this daybook idea from!)

From the learning rooms…finishing up some math for the year with the boys two days a week. YUCK! And Todd is doing a one-on-one study with each boy on the life of Joseph.

From the kitchen…making peanut butter banana bread this afternoon and trying not to eat it.

Around the house…there is a lot of dust!

On my mind…my daughter in Charlotte. I miss her and having her gang hang around in the summer having bonfires and making s’mores.

Noticing that…this is taking longer than I thought it would!!!!!

One of my favorite things…the sound of a batting cracking a baseball on a line drive.

Here is a picture I am sharing…of just that! Mitch at his tourney last weekend:

See you later this week everyone. Go enjoy YOUR favorite things!


  1. Congrats Karen on your 24th anniversary. I just had my 42nd anniversary. Enjoyed your daybook. I’m off to walk then back for Weight loss Weds!!!!

  2. Hi Karen,
    Just had to say a quick CONGRATS on 24 years! My hubby and I celebrated our 24 years yesterday too! I am praying for you as you prepare for the She Speaks Conference. I am so excited and very blessed for the opportunity to attend this year.
    Blessings and Congrats!

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