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Welcome to all you who are here for our regular Weight Loss Wednesday little cyber group. If you’ve wandered by for any other reason, we’re still glad you’re here and today’s post certaily appplies to more than weight loss. By the way, if you’d like to join us on Wednesdays or catch up on the  what we are doing, click here to sample past posts and get started. We’d love to have you!

Last night I sat at my youngest son’s ball game. My mind was on the game. They were playing a team they needed to beat at least one of the two times we face them this week for the league championship. (We lost. One more chance on Thursday!) But my mind also went elsewhere as I hollered at one after another of our players after they hit the ball and began their jaunt to first base. It seems each time I shout the same phrase.

Our oldest, Mitch, running the bases in Rockford.

“Get there….get there…..GET THERE!!!!!!”

Now, that is not the only thing I yell during ballgames when either of my boys or their teammates are playing. I also holler when they are up to the plate. Things like “Give it a ride Parker!”, “Pick one and drive it, Blake!”, or “Base hit now J.D….Come on!”. Or when they are in the field or on pitchers mound you may hear me shout, “Come on Jackson! Fire it in there!” or “Stick with it Alex…you’ve got it…you’ve got it”

Yes… kids have often told me that when I am on the sidelines at their games, I suddenly transform into the mom from The Blind Side, hooting and a hollerin’.

I don’t know about that. However, one thing I do know, I made a decision 12 years ago when our oldest child played her very first sport, that I was never going to holler anything other than encouragement to her, her brothers or any of their teammates.



Perhaps it had something to do with seeing so many kids’ spirits deflated when their parents belittled them on the field or court after a bad play.

“Come on! What were ya thinking? Use your brain!”, “No! Get your head in the game! You know better than that!”.

Or worse. Much, much worse.

It damages parent’s relationships with their kids and make this mama so stinkin’ angry.

But that’s another post for another day.

Well, last night I thought about the self-talk we mumble and shout in this journey of losing weight. I know for me many times I beat myself up emotionally and utter all sorts of deflating phrases to my brain.

My heart.

My soul.

“Oh come on!!! What am I doing? I can’t even lose 2 pounds in a week. What a failure.”

“I just have no self-control. None!”

“I am never gonna get this extra weight off. Why keep trying? It is a hopless cause.”

Ever been there?

Are you there now?

Well, let’s take a cue from my “encouragement only, shoutin’ self”

Stop with the negative already and shout only the positive. Tell yourself you can do it.

With God’s help. Then…….

“Get there…..get there….GET THERE!!!!”

Don’t look back. Look forward. Keep running, even if you stumble. Very seldom does a player crack one over the fence and then just sail around the bases to home plate. No. They sometimes only make it to first and then have to wait to go to second. Sometimes they are then thrown out at second and have to wait for their next at-bat to try again.

Mitch crossing the plate at home.

But eventually, with perseverance and determination, they get there and cross home plate.

Is it not that way with losing weight? We start off out of the chutes thinking we’ll make it all the way to our goal without a mis-step.

Ladies, that RARELY ever happens. And even when it does, so often once the goal is reached, some weight is put back on. (Ahem….why else am I hosting our little group here? I did just that!)

So let’s pinky promise that no matter the week we’ve had; whether the scales went down, stayed the same or spiked up….a lot. We will tell ourselves…

“GET THERE!” and keep running.


Now, hop on and let us know how your week went. Also, do you struggle with this issue? What negative self-talk do you utter under your breath? We’re in this together, remember!

Getting-There Blessings,


  1. I just found your website through Facebook and I love all the inspiration and information that you are offering. I really need to lose a lot of weight, so I am going to get there….starting today. I usually refuse diets because everyone I know who goes on a diet seems to gain it all back in the long run. I think I understand the calorie formula that you used and it makes sense because it’s a formula for life. This has probably crossed my path sometime in the last 43 years and I forgot about it because at that time I didn’t need it! Now, well, I desperately need some sensible advice and inspiration. I love reading all the comments from everybody and it helps so much. Today I have already had pancakes, but oh well, I’ll adjust for the rest of the day and start fresh tomorrow.

  2. It’s been months since I’ve checked in. Miss you ladies! I checked in last week & remembered Crystal & Vicki. :)
    I just found out I failed my gestational glucose test, so I’ll be taking the 3 hour test, oh joy. It has been so hard to get the energy to exercise & when I nap, there goes 2 hours!
    We’re still waiting for a miracle for baby boo. At her 20 week u/s we saw her brain was completely gone. But the Jesus that gave the lepers back their missing fingers & other parts is still alive today! We will see His glory.
    Please pray for a miracle for baby boo, that I do not have gestational diabetes & that I get back to exercising regularly!
    Thx! xoxo

  3. I really needed this encouragement today…I’ve been talking bad about myself a lot lately. It’s not good for me or my kids to hear. Thanks! And it’s good to know that I am not alone.

  4. Karen, I really enjoyed this week’s post. I didn’t weigh this week, just got busy and forgot. I haven’t done that great. I’ve had a lot on my mind and it’s caused my focus to waiver. I had been doing so good. But each day I try to jump right back in there. I’m a champion at nasty self-talk and have been working for a while now to change that. It’s not easy. Funny I would NEVER say these things to someone else! sigh. Some really good comments and reminders this week. Keep it up ladies and we will “get there”. Blessings.

  5. Well this has not been a good week, not just with weight loss, but with my job as well. I came home yesterday from work and all I wanted to do is eat. When I have bad days that is what I usually want to do. Then I feel bad after I have done that. I have been walking regularly except for today. I did not feel good when I got up this morning so I chose to sleep alittle longer. I do try to walk everyday, Sundays too before church.
    I dont berate myself for what I do. I just get down about not losing or walking when I should. Same thing? Thanks for the devotion. Denise

  6. Thanks, Karen, for the encouragement! Ladies, sending prayers up for all of us! I pray that we would be encouraged to keep our focus upward instead of inward. That we would not be discouraged by numbers and negative thinking, but instead that we would be encouraged by seeking to glorify God in our bodies — to love God with all of our strength! I am encouraged to say that I am down one pound this week! Lord willing, I’ll just keep heading down this walk even if it’s slowly.

  7. I think I lost a pound this past week. Funny how easy it is to recognize something like negative talk when someone else does it, or when someone is doing it to our kids – but we don’t recognize it when we do it to ourselves. But we are in reality putting down God’s daughter. Working a lot this week and short on time. As a result, trying harder to control the stress eating. Help me, Jesus!

  8. Thanks Karen for the words of encouragement. I have been really struggling with the whole weight loss thing for the last 6 months. While I have been loosing and gaining and this week my jeans are tighter than they have been in a long while, I have been struggling with the enthusiasm to ‘get there’ and then what will happen after that. My self-talk and the whispers of the enemy have left me wondering if it is all worth it and if I can’t keep it off once I get to my goal, then why carry on. Your post in a great reminder that I can. I will endeavour to whisper words of encouragement to my brain as I continue in my journey to ‘get there’. Thanks. Have a great week!!

  9. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement Karen. This week was peaceful and I accomplished a lot in my home. There was laughter again. My daughter had her dance recital this weekend and there was a group of little girls dancing to Snow White’s “Whistle While You Work”! And it just stuck with me. I have been moving so much cleaning my house and singing!:) Thank you for reminding me to speak good words of encouragement to myself, too.

  10. I went and read the past blogs. This is great! I only have 12 pounds to lose and once there to keep them off! I really don’t care about the scales as much as fitting into my clothes comfortably. Also, I truly believe I am God’s Temple and I have no right to treat it badly. After last week of “eating like there is no tomorrow” which I blamed it on “funerals”, I decided to stop this! There is really NO EXCUSE to “eat like that”. This week after a “cleansing 2 day fast”, I am back on track and feeling 100% better. I related to so many of the comments, it is nice to know we are all in this together. Thank you!

  11. Gained .2 lbs this week but got to keep looking forward because I was “good” last week so I know it will eventually come off.
    I have lost 19.8 lbs. so far & my hubby 30 lbs. and we are in our 17th week.
    Just got to keep taking it one hour at a time and focus on moving forward …

  12. For several weeks there was no change on the scale despite my continued healthy eating and no cheating. That is when the negative thoughts start creeping in. This week the scale showed a two pound drop so I feel encouraged. I HATE the fact that it is so easy for me to become discouraged. Thanks Jessica B. for your reminder that God gives us what we need, a little here, a little there, until we get to the place we need to be. This blog is so good for me because I realize I am not alone. And a little note on the positive side: as the weight comes off and my clothes are fitting better, my self image is improving.

  13. Thanks Karen for reminding of the good old days of cheering on my son and his baseball teammates! I also kept all comments positive and know that my son still remembers and appreciates that.

    My scale has also been on a yo-yo process in the past few weeks, yet I’m happy to say that this week I lost 1.5 lbs.

    I used to beat myself up about my weight loss progress, mistakes in life, etc. I did a Bible study with my friend using Jennifer Rothschild’s book, “Me Myself & Lies…a thought-closet makeover.” And although I’m still a work in progress, I do catch myself more quickly when I start to go down that negative-thought road.

    I did have to give my family a “heads-up” because when I first started walking on my treadmill, I’d give myself a shout-out (because I really used to hate the tready) saying, “God loves me! Jesus loves me!” and I didn’t want to have my family think I was insane! lol

    Good luck to everyone this week. I’ll be cheering you on!

  14. Thanks Karen for such a great message. I am really good at saying negative things to myself. I am going to try and be positive this week and see how that works.
    I had a pretty good week this week. I started over last week and when I stepped on the scale I was down two pounds.
    I hope everyone has a good week.

  15. Okay Ladies….I’m joining the group. I’ve been reading the Weight Loss Wednesday blog for about a month. The “Get There” Lesson really “hit home” today. I need to lose about 25 lbs. but I keep dragging along. Lose a pound, gain a pound and a half, lose two pounds (the whole yo-yo process). I’m getting my notebook together and I’m going to start recording my calories today. I NEED to just GET THERE and put forth the effort to do it. Thanks Karen for sharing what God showed you through a baseball game.

  16. What a great analogy!!! I did finally step on the scale this morning and it wasn’t the number I hoped but I am not putting myself down today. I have been reading the Chronological Bible along with Wendy Pope. The past few days have left me with nuggets that I have been repeating like a mantra. In Isaiah, the Lord says that He will give a little here and little there…step by step until we are at the place we need to be. I think of the woman that Elijah met at the well and the Lord gave her just enough to get by day by day.
    So today, I am saying “a little here and a little there”, small steps in the right direction and praying for God to give me just enough for today.
    Jessica B.

  17. Morning Wednesday Ladies. Danette, I know just how you feel! But you will be able to have “before” and “after” photos, so please don’t cry! Also, use the “turtle” neck trick, helps take at least 10 lbs off in photo’s. Move your face but not your body forward – it helps slim that neck/chin area. Trust me. I have done this!
    I am feeling “sick” but losing weight on the diabetes meds. It literally makes me nauseous for most of the day but I have lost 6 lbs this week, and it is from not eating snacks after dinner and getting exercise! YAY!! I also found a ZUMBA Dance lesson to take on Monday nights, only 3.00 per class. I am excited to start that next monday. After all my whining I have to say I have been SO BLESSED this past few days. Thank you Jesus and Thank you for this great way to get together!! Everyone please say nice things to yourself this week! You are all winners, you are all beautiful, you are all priceless and Princess daughters of the Most High King Jesus!

  18. This week I have felt like the biggest loser – and not in a good way. I am a professional in the negative self talk unfortunately. I try to stop it before it really gets going, but this week has been particularly hard. My parent’s 50th wedding anniversary is in 10 days and my mom wants a family photo. I would rather have my head shaved. Anyway, I’m about to cry so I’m going to stop right here. Sorry to be such a party pooper today.

  19. Yes! I totally do this. I just need to utter encouragement rather than negativity. I started a journey last week…and found you this week. Technically, I really needed this message. I Gained two pounds since last week. I am feeling stronger and my pants are a little bigger. Who knows, but I’m going to keep trying. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Thanks for encouragement Karen, I just plodding on , knowing with Gods help I will get there , just have to keep trusting.

  21. I was that person who git the home run when it came to losing weight… it took me 8 months to lose 99 pounds. However, I set myself for failure because the plan I followed was not one I could maintain for life. I gained 60 pounds back. So I’m up to bat again and this time I’ve found that I need to stick to habits that I can continue for life, not just during the season of weight loss. Taking it one base at a time… learning valuable lessons along the way.

    I have no idea if I’ve lost or gained or stayed the same this week… I’ve been told to stay off the scale for a while because I get so obsessed over the numbers. I’m really good at being hard on myself and talking that negative self-talk. But even though I don’t know what my results are this week, I feel good… I feel good because I’ve gotten my exercise and I’ve eaten within the guidelines I set for myself, so I’ve succeeded this week no matter what the scale might say.

  22. Didn’t lose this week. Not a good week but I’m not getting down; I’m going to get there. Thanks for the post this week!!

  23. I lost 2# this week. When I remove another 2#, I will be at my original 25# loss that started last August. A year to remove 25# isn’t record setting by any stretch of the imagination. I lost all motivation during the holidays and gained those 25# back. As I’ve stated earlier, my daughters, mom and I have a trip planned in December to see Beth Moore. I will have to get on a plane and I do not want to ask for a seat belt extension. I plan to remove 50# by December and I fully intend to “get there.”

  24. This sounds exactly like me. I am a perfectionist and put a lot of pressure on myself to do things right the first time. When I don’t succeed, I tend to give up or really give myself a hard way to. I am currently doing weight watchers and our leader said (last night) that no one is perfect [with weight loss] or we would not be there. He said sometimes succeeding is maintaining rather than losing. I have been bouncing around on the scales since May. For whatever reason, I can’t seem to get myself motivated again. But, I had a 2.8 loss this week and I’m so thrilled. Hopefully, I won’t gain it back next week. Thanks for the encouragement and words of wisdom because I need all I can get!!!! Good luck and may God bless you!

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