Get There!!!!

Welcome to all you who are here for our regular Weight Loss Wednesday little cyber group. If you’ve wandered by for any other reason, we’re still glad you’re here and today’s post certaily appplies to more than weight loss. By the way, if you’d like to join us on Wednesdays or catch up on the  what we are doing, click here to sample past posts and get started. We’d love to have you!

Last night I sat at my youngest son’s ball game. My mind was on the game. They were playing a team they needed to beat at least one of the two times we face them this week for the league championship. (We lost. One more chance on Thursday!) But my mind also went elsewhere as I hollered at one after another of our players after they hit the ball and began their jaunt to first base. It seems each time I shout the same phrase.

Our oldest, Mitch, running the bases in Rockford.

“Get there….get there…..GET THERE!!!!!!”

Now, that is not the only thing I yell during ballgames when either of my boys or their teammates are playing. I also holler when they are up to the plate. Things like “Give it a ride Parker!”, “Pick one and drive it, Blake!”, or “Base hit now J.D….Come on!”. Or when they are in the field or on pitchers mound you may hear me shout, “Come on Jackson! Fire it in there!” or “Stick with it Alex…you’ve got it…you’ve got it”

Yes… kids have often told me that when I am on the sidelines at their games, I suddenly transform into the mom from The Blind Side, hooting and a hollerin’.

I don’t know about that. However, one thing I do know, I made a decision 12 years ago when our oldest child played her very first sport, that I was never going to holler anything other than encouragement to her, her brothers or any of their teammates.



Perhaps it had something to do with seeing so many kids’ spirits deflated when their parents belittled them on the field or court after a bad play.

“Come on! What were ya thinking? Use your brain!”, “No! Get your head in the game! You know better than that!”.

Or worse. Much, much worse.

It damages parent’s relationships with their kids and make this mama so stinkin’ angry.

But that’s another post for another day.

Well, last night I thought about the self-talk we mumble and shout in this journey of losing weight. I know for me many times I beat myself up emotionally and utter all sorts of deflating phrases to my brain.

My heart.

My soul.

“Oh come on!!! What am I doing? I can’t even lose 2 pounds in a week. What a failure.”

“I just have no self-control. None!”

“I am never gonna get this extra weight off. Why keep trying? It is a hopless cause.”

Ever been there?

Are you there now?

Well, let’s take a cue from my “encouragement only, shoutin’ self”

Stop with the negative already and shout only the positive. Tell yourself you can do it.

With God’s help. Then…….

“Get there…..get there….GET THERE!!!!”

Don’t look back. Look forward. Keep running, even if you stumble. Very seldom does a player crack one over the fence and then just sail around the bases to home plate. No. They sometimes only make it to first and then have to wait to go to second. Sometimes they are then thrown out at second and have to wait for their next at-bat to try again.

Mitch crossing the plate at home.

But eventually, with perseverance and determination, they get there and cross home plate.

Is it not that way with losing weight? We start off out of the chutes thinking we’ll make it all the way to our goal without a mis-step.

Ladies, that RARELY ever happens. And even when it does, so often once the goal is reached, some weight is put back on. (Ahem….why else am I hosting our little group here? I did just that!)

So let’s pinky promise that no matter the week we’ve had; whether the scales went down, stayed the same or spiked up….a lot. We will tell ourselves…

“GET THERE!” and keep running.


Now, hop on and let us know how your week went. Also, do you struggle with this issue? What negative self-talk do you utter under your breath? We’re in this together, remember!

Getting-There Blessings,


  1. I am heavier than I have ever been. A friend and I just recently cancelled a “Made to Crave” women’s bible study, due to lack of interest and inability to meet at the scheduled time. I am just having trouble finding my “want to” and am constantly mumbling to myself…”tomorrow, I’ll start tomorrow…what’s the use anyway…there is no way I can loose all this weight” and the list goes on & on! I know from past experiences that when I loose weight, eat right, and execise that I feel so much better…I just can’t seem to get there lately!

  2. I have restarted my weight loss attempt when I realized that I just spiked to 200 lbs., again. I feel like crud. I feel fat, depressed, ugly, and uncomfortable. I hate myself right now. Which is a big problem for me. I have been trying to find a job in Florida so that I can live closer to my ex-husband. Our children have to fly back and forth and I hate missing so much of their lives. My daughter is a senior this year and is living with her dad because he lives near the beach. She is the me I used to be, thin bikini body, all the boys going gaga over her. I get self concious about how I feel and I get depressed. I feel like I am never going to get there. I am having a very bad week obviously. Thank you for your support.

  3. Karen,
    Sorry you are not feeling well. Just wanted to tell you that I am chief at the negative self talk. Your devotional was a real encouragement to me. I have been working on bringing all my thoughts under captivity and changing them to positive thoughts. I so realize that my body is the temple of God and I need to keep going until I get there and stay there. I have a Long ways to go.Thanks so much for giving us so much encouragement.

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