Interview and Giveaway with Arlene Pellicane

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Hi Wednesday Weight Loss gals! Please check in as usual today, We love hearing how you are doing and knowing how to pray for you too. And please enjoy this guest interview with my friend Arlene Pellicane from She and I met at a Hearts at Home event in California a few years back. She has an awesome ministry that encourages new moms in specific, but is also chock-full of info all women trying to lose weight can relate to. Enjoy! (And check out today’s giveaway!)

An energetic speaker and writer, Arlene Pellicane has been featured on The Hour of Power, The 700 Club, and Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah.  She created a website to encourage moms with podcasts, videos, articles, eBooks, and the audiobook, Losing Weight After Baby: 31 Days to a New You.

Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, Arlene worked as the Associate Producer for Turning Point Television with Dr. David Jeremiah.  She has also been an on-air features producer for The 700 Club.  Arlene earned her BA in Intercultural Studies and Communication from Biola University and her Masters in Journalism from Regent University.  She loves speaking to women at moms groups, seminars, and retreats.  Arlene lives in San Diego with her husband James and three children, Ethan, Noelle, and Lucy.

You have a ministry designed for women who need to lose weight after giving birth, tell us how you got started in it?

I found myself in my mid-thirties, pregnant 5 times in a span of 6 years, so I had a lot of firsthand experience with gaining and losing baby pounds!  Two of my pregnancies ended in miscarriage but they still involved gaining and losing weight.  I noticed so many moms around me were discouraged and hopeless about ever shedding those last 10 (or so…) pounds.  I wanted to develop something to help them recapture that hope and make healthy choices for themselves and ultimately for their children.

Why is losing weight after a baby so hard for many moms?

First, you feel entitled to eat.  You’ve been caring for one or more kids all day, so it’s easy to turn to food for comfort and a pick-me-up.  Next, you are pressed for time so you don’t plan your meals or exercise.  That’s why so many moms end up in the drive thru which is a killer for losing weight.  Then you look around and see that most of the moms you know haven’t lost their weight either.  It’s easier to go with the flow then put out the effort it takes to lose the weight.

Arlene's newest-sweet Lucy at 3 months

Being a mom is a huge job in and of itself. How can women carve time out to take care of themselves when they are so focused on taking care of their child or children?

That’s a great question because many moms get stuck here.  We are “mom martyrs,” doing everything for everyone else and thinking that is so noble.  Being worn out as a mom doesn’t serve anyone.  When you take time for yourself to exercise, you will be a better mom for your kids.  You can exercise out of your home.  For instance, I bought a used spin bike on Craigslist.  I pump up the music and ride while my 5 & 3 year old run around the house and go crazy.  They call it “exercise time!” and they love it.  Learn to incorporate exercise into your family’s schedule and/or have times when the kids are watched and you work out maybe 1 or 2 times a week.  In terms of food, when you make wise choices for yourself (an apple instead of a bag of chips), your kids will follow suit and that’s good for them.

What are some important facts for moms to remind themselves of in their quest to drop post-baby weight?

Nine months on, nine months off.  Don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t all just fall off with nursing.  Keep eating healthy and exercising until you reach your goal.  Set small doable goals (lose 3 pounds this month) and long term goals (back to pre-pregnancy weight in 9 months).  Losing weight is simple – mathematical really – to lose one pound a week, you’ve got to cut 3500 calories out.  That’s 500 calories a day that you have to exercise away or skip eating.  So losing weight is simple; but it’s not easy.  It takes a lot of diligence and perseverance.  Which is actually a selling point, because as you’re working on your waistline, you’re also working on self-control which is essential to mature as a Christian.

Any words of advice or encouragement for all women out there trying to reach or maintain a healthy weight?

Take small incremental steps and then celebrate your victories.  If you love soda, try to skip 1 soda a week.  And then the next week, skip 2 and so on.  Make small incremental changes that you can live with.  Meditate on meaningful Scriptures about dedicating your body to the Lord like Romans 12:1-2.  Rehearse positive affirmations in your mind like “I am a healthy person and my best days are ahead of me.”  Make losing weight as fun as possible by exercising with friends, having a biggest loser contest, and rewarding yourself for pounds lost (my rewards are massages from my husband).  You can do it mom!

Now for the giveaway!

One of you will win her audiobook, Losing Weight After Baby: 31 Days to a New You. For 31 days, you will receive a 5 minute audio message from Arlene in your email box to encourage you for the day.  Daily action steps will give you direction and Arlene’s friendly style will keep you motivated and upbeat.  All you have to do is listen for 5 minutes at your convenience on your computer, iPod or MP3 player!

More details about this wonderful feature can be found here:

Okay gals, leave a comment checking in for the week or on a topic Arlene touched on above. You’ll be entered in the random drawing.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. No need to enter me into the give-away as I do not have any children. Arelene’s baby is the cutest!
    Just popping in to say that I have lost 1 pound this week, which surprised me because of the holiday. I did have a few treats, but balanced it out with fewer carbs. Need to get back to walking, it’s been so hot that I haven’t gotten out during my lunch hour. I am in a smaller size of jeans than I have been in for 15 years or so. Still not where I want to be, but small steps are better than sitting around!
    God bless,
    Jennifer D

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. Dropping 500 calories daily does sound so simple, yet so difficult. i’m hitting restart again today!!

  3. It really resonated with me when Arlene said that, sometimes, moms feel entitled to eat. I know it’s not right, but there are times I do feel like I deserve treats that aren’t the best thing for my body. Actually, my husband does too: if he knows it’s been a tough day, he often sneaks off to get me some sort of surprise dessert after the girls are in bed…it’s sweet, but not friendly to my waistline! Lately I’ve been trying harder to fill myself with the Lord, and to bring my stresses and sorrows to him, and this post really encouraged me!

  4. I stumbled upon your site and am so glad I did!! I am trying to lose the last 30 pounds after having 2 boys (now ages 3 and 5). I could so use this book!

  5. Needed to hear this! I had baby #4 3 months ago, and I still have quite a gut on me. It is particularly frustrating for me because the weight just MELTED off after Baby #1, fell off fairly smoothly after Baby #2, and went away eventually after Baby #3. I should have noticed that it is getting harder each time, but I still do not have good self-control. On a positive note, I have made the decision to drink nothing but water for the entire month of June! (Skim milk is allowed in my cereal each day.) Diet Coke is my weakness and I have been TRYING to cut down on it, but I’ve found that it is too readily available, and the free refills when I’m out are KILLING me! And since I’m a nursing mom, I know I can do better for my daughter too. So, since I was not doing well with “moderation” I decided I needed to go BIG! Praying that this works wonders for me in many ways this month!

  6. Having had baby boy number two seven weeks ago, I definitely have baby weight to lose. The two things that stood out to me that I need to work on are not rewarding myself for taking care of my family with food and making wise choices about what I eat because my six year old is watching. Thank you for posting this interview.

  7. Thanks for the encouragement Arlene and Karen :-) I’ve been checking in every week but have just been lurking so I thought I would post :-)

    I enjoyed what Arlene said about doing things in small steps or increments. I have such a hard time with that because I want instant results. I’ve had a lot of success with the weight loss plan I’m on. I’ve been able to lose 23 lbs in 6 weeks! This amazing to me as I’ve never had this success before. I’m am so Thankful for God’s strength in this.

    God is still reminding me though that even though I’m having success fairly quickly I need to be very sober minded in establishing healthy habits.

    For me the baby steps Arlene talked about revolve around my own self talk. I can just about justify every bite that comes into my mouth! lol

    My baby step right now is just to be honest about my eating and not justify myself when I over eat. Here’s an example:

    Just last night I was at a homeschool mom’s night out meeting. In the kitchen were tons of desserts which I have not eaten for the last 6 weeks. I’ve been having a discouraging week as I had not lost anything since last Thursday’s weigh in. (that time of the month)

    My mind was saying “well, you’re not going to have a good weigh in this week so you might as well indulge!”

    I was able to say to myself “Well you may not lose anything this week but this is not a good reason to totally blow it…I can still make good choices even on a bad week!” I was able to talk myself right out of that kitchen and have a fun night with my friends.

    Justifying my eating I think will always be a battle for me but I think taking small steps like this will help me along the way. I still have 40 or so lbs to go to reach my goal and am very grateful for each day where I can be more diligent about being healthy.

    I’m praying everyone has a great week!

    (by the way I was a lb lighter this morning! lol)

  8. I am amazed that Arlene’s info exists – well, at least in a way that is Biblical and encouraging. :) I am an OB nurse, and the questions about weight loss are most common! You don’t need to enter me in the drawing, since my baby is five and half tomorrow! But I will say that when I had my first one at the age of 26, the weight came off a LOT easier than that last one at 40! I lost all my pregnancy weight after the first one within six months or so; after the second one (when I was 35) within a year, but after two losses in a row and that third baby at 40, well, let’s just say that I STILL weigh what I did when I was six months pregnant with her. OUCH!
    As for the Mommy Martyr syndrome – yes, I suffer from that, too. But I’ve been working on that, along with my weight, since the end of February when a health crisis forced the issue.
    This past week was not terribly bad, diet-wise, except for the holiday, which we talked about last week. My major indiscretion was the homemade strawberry shortcake. But I only had one piece, whereas I made enough that the rest of the family ate it for three days. Small victories, right? I did not make any potato salad, even though it was requested. Frankly, I ran out of time, and did not want to be the Mommy Martyr. The family seemed to understand. :)
    Rather than focus too heavily on food, I tried to help the family focus on the reason for the holiday – to honor our veterans. I think it was our best ever Memorial Day for that reason. We talked about our dads (the kids’ grandfathers) and the two wars they fought in, shared stories they told us when we were little, (they’re both gone now) and what freedom means, etc.
    I stayed stable in weight this week, and am happy with that because I made decent choices most of the time; and because the stress level is rising as I am doing a temporary job that keeps me away from home 14-15 hours a day for the next two weeks. I am writing out plans for meals and healthy snacks.
    Please pray for me and my family as we get through this stressful time; and for me as I have to make a decision in the near future that I am worried about. Thank you!

  9. I’d have to agree with almost everyone that I can’t use the baby excuse anymore. My youngest will be 5yrs in Aug :-) I was exercising daily but for various reasons I’ve stopped since soccer season came to a hault. So I’ve allowed other excuses to come in & I’ve stopped. I also have trouble with “blowing” my eating habits when it comes to the weekend. Last weekend I did good ’til lunch time on Saturday & then blew it. :-( I was so frustrated with myself that I continued to blow it ’til Monday night. I did weigh myself today and I haven’t gained anything but I haven’t lost either. I know if I would stick to my goals on the weekends that I’d definately see the scale go down. It’s a constant battle but I’m NOT giving up!!! Over the past few weeks the scriptures that Karen quotes I’ve seen them everywhere! At church, friends posting them on FB or the Holy Spirit leading me to them. I know God’s at work and helping me through this I just have to remember to rely on Him and His strength! Thank God, His mercies are new every morning!

    Be Blessed!!!

  10. I was so excited to hear about Arlene’s web site I just had Baby #3 2 weeks ago and I really need to get off to a good start. This is an answer to my prayers.

  11. I liked the exercise tips. I’m trying to get that into our schedule now and I appreciate the advice on how to do that.

  12. So glad you moms have “weighed in” here…seriously, it is great to hear what you are discovering about weight loss, babies (young and old), and God’s role in helping us reach our goals and live more healthy lives. You can do it moms with God’s help. Don’t give up!

  13. Well I didn’t weigh yet, but I was able to wear a shirt to church in Sunday that I haven’t been able to wear in a long time. To me that’s progress :). I appreciate seeing the actual numbers on the calories that are needing to be cut per week to lose. It’s definitely a help to have that number in my head.

  14. Well, I think I’d better not use the baby weight excuse since my “baby’s” are 20 and 22!! ha. I will say though, that I never lost all the weight. I got close a time or 2, but when I started trying to lose weight this time I was about 15 pounds heavier than when I delivered my last child and I gained 50#’s with them both!! Not good!! but with God, Karen and all the WLW gals help and support and I am now down 20 pounds. Would be more, but for the last 3 weeks I’ve gone up a pound each week. Today, however, I really feel like I’m ready to jump back in there. Thanks for the post. Good luck ladies. You are all in my prayers.

  15. I loved what Arlene had to say. My youngest is 8 so she is no baby. But her words still ring true. I loved what she said about 9 months on-9 months off. Well, I would say that I am about 14 years on! It is discouraging for me that the weight is not coming off as fast as I would like. But I know that I have spent some time getting here. I need to learn to be happy with any progress toward my goal.

  16. I have been struggling to get off the baby belly after #3…..he is now 15 months, so now is the time! I would love to fit in my size 10 clothes again! :)

  17. My “baby” will be 5 years old in July. I weigh more now than I did when I gave birth to her. I’m so discouraged and disappointed in myself. It’s so hard to work full-time, take care of 2 daughters and a husband that works full-time and is a full-time college student. Where do I find the time to exercise?! Plus, we are always on the go and like Arlene said, drive-through restaurants are a killer – almost no healthy choices. I’m tired of being so overweight and I just need something to get me motivated and going. Thank you for the article, it has a lot of helpful info.

  18. SO GLAD to see this post today!!! :) I just had my first baby 21 weeks ago, and she is so sweet! ;-) And yes, I do have some stubborn weight not coming off! Arlene has great ideas and suggestions! Thanks for all your kind and encouraging words! :-)

  19. Mommy martyr..that was me when they were little and it is still me now (with homeschooling teens, a middle schooler, and a 5th grader). Only now my body is approaching menopause and all kinds of things are happening. How I wish I addressed this 10 years ago after my fourth was born. Thanks for all the encouragement Arlene and Karen. I love reading this blog. I don’t always comment but I always visit it. Right now I have been off sugar and caffeine for 15 days and cutting back on my carbs. No big weight loss yet but still just trying to eat better. I definitely want to try to exercise more consistently. Thanks again for all the encouragement

  20. God is so good!! I prayed that He would help my body to work with itself instead of against itself in my weight loss goals. I am doing my part by watching what, and more importantly how much, I am eating and going to the pool 5 days a week and God is doing His part by making my body work right. I am down a pound this week and God willing when I weigh in at Weight Watchers tomorrow night, I will have finally hit the 10 lb mark…..Hallalueh, Praise God. I started this journey last July 2009 and it has taken me this long to lose that 10 lbs. It has been a very frustrating and difficult time for me as I have yet another 60 pounds to lose to reach a healthy weight and I was really getting discouraged, but with your prayers and support and my leaning on God I seem to be heading in the right direction. Now I just need to remember to give ALL the glory to God :-)

  21. Thanks for giving us the math behind weight loss… its good for me to hear that I need to burn/cut 3500 calories a week to lose a pound. I gained 2 this week. Im headed on vacation this week and think I will get back on track exercise wise. My goal last week was to document what I ate and I did that about 50%of the time. I will work on it this week again. Praying for you ladies.

  22. Loved Arlene’s info about being a “mommy martyr” – that is definitely me. Hard to remember to take time out for myself, but when I do I know I’m a better Mom (mentally and physically). That thought will stay with me as I try to carve out time to exercise and even try to include my kids to set an example.

    Also had an “ah ha moment” at church this Sunday when our youth pastor gave the message. He talked about how much God trusts us (not just that we need to trust Him). He quoted the scripture from I Corinthians 10:13 which talks about God not giving us any temptation beyond what we can handle. He called this scripture the “temptation compliment” – God believes we can handle temptation – and often more than we ourselves believe we can handle. God is complimenting us and providing the strength we need to survive temptation. Of course my first thought went to food – which is one of my greatest temptations. I am renewing my focus on this scripture and starting over this week.

  23. “Then you look around and see that most of the moms you know haven’t lost their weight either. It’s easier to go with the flow then put out the effort it takes to lose the weight.” ~~Arlene Pellicane

    Thank you for sharing this. My youngest is 12 (soon to turn 13), so after 13 years I dont think i can use the I still have the baby fat excuse. But Karen was right in mentioning Arlene has info that I can relate to.

    The quote I pulled from Arlene’s interview about it’s easier to go with the flow…I’ve been doing that this past week. I hit an emotional week and dived right into the ice cream, cake, and eating until I felt like a stuffed potato.

    Wherever I went in the community, I saw people like me with bellies reaching the intended destination first or everything spreading out when sitting down. I justified that it’s alright to be like this because a lot of people are like this. I started going with the flow.

    Today, I’m starting over (again for the umpteenth time). This week I’ll arm myself with a plan, Scriptures, and positive affirmations.

    Thanks & blessings-

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