Sum…Sum…Summertime Giveaway :-)

Hi all!

Let’s have ourselves an ol’-fashioned, watermelon seed-spittin’, swinging from a tire swing down at the swimming hole party.

Time for a cool summer giveaway.

Simply leave a comment today and you’ll be in the pool (pun intended) for the drawing for this basket-in-a-box summer giveaway. It includes:

*A copy of a fantabulous summer beach read,  The Mailbox by Marybeth Whalen. (Click here to read about it)

*A cute, summery, flip-flop kitchen towel

*Some Jelly Belly tropical jelly beans

*A watermelon sticky note pad with matching pen

*A box of TAZO tea for brewing some of the season’s famous beverage

* A Colonial at Home jar candle in Sea Glass (just smells like the fresh air at the beach!)

*And a box of Fralingers salt water taffy, “with sea air and sunshine sealed in every box!”

Okay gals… is the dealio. I am needed greatly the next few days by both my family and my ministry, so y’all will have to party without me. I’ll be back on Tuesday to announce the winner. In the mean time, here’s what I want you to do:

Leave a comment here on your favorite summertime memory.

Then, hop on often between now and Monday at midnight Pacific time. Check out the other comments. See if anyone else’s comment makes you think of another memory or provokes another comment from you. Each time you comment, your name will be entered into the drawing. No limit. (But don’t go getting too crazy and leaving like 100 or anything!)

Have a fun party!

I’ll be splitting my time these next few days between cheering for our boys at the ball fields in two different towns, and at some nearby coffee shoppes (with my laptop in tow) as I prepare my talks for our Proverbs 31 She Speaks Conference next month.

But before I exit, let me leave one of my favorite summertime memories. Going swimming at the Portland Country Club pool as a 10-year-old, buying a mounds bar at the gift shop, slathering my legs with Coppertone cocoa butter (I still love ANYTHING that smells or tastes like coconut) and then after a few hours, heading into the clubhouse to have a sandwich with my dad after he was done playing 18 holes.

Your turn….what memories of summer do you have? You could win big!

Summertime Blessings,


  1. Those of you who spoke of lake trips reminded me of visits to Lake Chelan….Lots of good memories swimming there. We’re in the 90’s here this week so lake time sounds sooooo nice about now! :-)

  2. Another favorite memory of summer that I have are going to my kid’s ball games and cheering them on and then afterward we would go get ice cream and sit outside till the mosquitos chased us in.

  3. Another fun memory is riding my bike all over town with my dad! We would ride our bikes for miles and miles! Our rides usually ended at my grandparents house or Friendly’s where we would get some ice cream! Of course we had to eat it before leaving to go home to “destroy the evidence” haha

  4. When I was little I looked forward to coming home from playing for lunch and watching Bozo circus on tv.

  5. Memories of road trips with the family where we would drive all night eating choc chip cookies to stay awake.

  6. Ah! So many memories. I would get Zagnuts out of the candy machine almost every day at the pool. YUMM-O!

  7. LOVED getting to go to the lake with friends who had boats. We were always really excited to be invited to go play at the lake!

  8. Going to Florida with my family ever year for my mom’s birthday. My grandparents went with us often. We did this every year until we were upper high school age.

  9. Karen, I sure could use a pick me up and would love to win the giveaway. I have a few special memories of summer as a child. When we still lived in England we would venture to a small island in Scotland called Lismore where very few residents even owned cars. It was a week of utter peace with my parents and cherished in my heart to this day. Another fun memory is when we moved to America when I was 9 and we were in Ohio for a few weeks and I saw fire flies for the very first time as they don’t have them in England and I marveled at their beauty and at the age of 40 still do!

    Blessings to you, Caroline

  10. The mention of vacations reminded me of another memory- while we didn’t have a regular vacation spot per se, we were blessed to live near the beach (about 20 minutes away). My grandparents actually lived across the street from the beach and we would go see them at least once a month and spend time at the beach and with them. My grandma used to take me on long walks on the beach, and then we would come back and have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. There was (and still is) something about the beach that made me so hungry! Those memories are priceless to me, especially because my grandmother went to be with Jesus a few months ago.

  11. Oh! I definitely remember homemade ice cream. I used to think it was so amazing to watch my parents make ice cream in the ice cream maker, and that is still the best ice cream I have ever had!

  12. These are so fun to read. Another one of my summer memories is going to church camp for 2 weeks every summer. It was so much fun, learning about God, playing all the different sports, swimming, and meeting up with friends I only saw once a year.

  13. My birthday is in the summer…so, lots of great party memories. I especially loved the swimming parties. We had a pool in the backyard and spent a lot of hot summer days there!

  14. Family vacations when I was a kid….catching a tarantula in Missouri and spotting bear tracks in Canada while bicycling are just a couple highlights we laughed about during our get together over the weekend!

  15. Chasing my son into the waves at the beach. He was only about a year old and could barely walk, but if you held his hand he was fearless and would run right into the waves! His giggling was wonderful to hear.

  16. Another great summer memory is spending the summer with my grandma (Grams). We would spend the day in the kitchen helping my mom cann things from the garden, reading our favorite books, going to church camp (Grams was the camp nurse), or just anything else we could dream up. Usually when I think of summer, I think of days spent at her house…running around the barn, climbing in the hayloft, or basking in the sun. Ahhhh, the days….

  17. Sitting on the beach as the sun goes down (provided the mosquitos are not out!). I love sunshine, but I’m not a hot sun lover. So when most everyone leaves the beach I love to sit and listen to the waves. We live in the Midwest, so it’s not often I hear the ocean waves, but waves, none-the-less. When I was a tween or teenager and would go camping with my family, I would sit on the rocks, listen to the waves and write poetry.

    I no longer write poetry with my busy family. But I love when the beach clears out and I have a good view of my kids, laughing and enjoying each other, being carefree.

    Ah…the warmth in my soul.

    My tween writes poetry…I imagine one day soon I’ll sit on the beach and watch her write something beautiful…

  18. I remember one summer memory at the lake. My brother and I got up early and my mom’s cousin took us fishing, then cooked the catfish for us for breakfast. I never liked fish, but my mouth was watering as that catfish was being fried.

  19. Another fun summer memory is going upstate to our cabin in the Catskill Mountains. There is no TV, no Internet, basically no technology. Just quality time with family friends and lots of fun in the great outdoors!

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