Take the Time

Take the time.

It only takes a few minutes to make a quick call, drop a short note or a send a brief text.

I’m talking about keeping in contact with those relatives with whom you never feel you have time to connect.

Thoughts meander through your brain like “I really should call my cousin” or “I should have the kids phone grandpa before they go to bed and tell them how their ballgames went.” or even “I should send Aunt Patty a Facebook message to tell her I love and miss her.” (Okay, I know not all women in their mid 40’s like me have an aunt nearing 70 who has a Facebook page, but I do.  As my kids say “Our Aunt Patty rocks!”)

Now, you may wonder why the sudden urge to encourage you to make the extra effort to connect. Well, just this past Saturday, two people very close to me lost loved ones and a third had a member of their extended family get a horrible diagnosis of wide-spread cancer poising to kill him very soon.

In two of these cases, it came out of the clear blue. Seemingly healthy individuals who were fine one minute and then either gone or in a hospital dying the next.

We never know when it may happen to someone we love. Someone we’ve been thinking about, but not taking action to contact and voice our love.

So today, take the time.

In fact, stop reading blogs or cruising the Net or going on Facebook or watching TV. Spend that time today instead writing notes, making calls or sending an email or message to your own  ‘rocking relatives’.

It doesn’t have to be long.

After all “I love and miss you” is only 5 words.

Do it now before it is too late.

I know I’m grabbing me some note cards and a pen and heading out to the back deck for a while.

Will you join me?


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Taking-time Blessings,


  1. Take the time….definately! My dad passed away 22 years ago and my mom not quite a year ago. I’ve learned that if you do not take the time now, you may not have it. It’s definately a hard lesson to learn. Take the time to say the things you need to say …….. what a great inspiration this blog is! I would LOVE to have the time to say those things to both of my parents now!

  2. Growing up, our friends teased my siblings and I because our mother said “I love you” after every phone conversation or when she was leaving or we were leaving or just tucking us in at night for bed….Now this still holds true and I am 43, and I do the same to my two boys, as well as my husband, and his family. They were put off by it a bit at first, they are not the huggy lovey type, but we broke them into it. You can never express your love enough to others…..!

  3. I just wanted you to know – I took your advice – and wrote to my friend’s son who is in prison. I truly do write a lot of notes, and I have that special aunt that I dearly love. I am glad you posted this to encourage others to “reach out and touch”.
    Thank you, God Bless! Anita

  4. This is so true! My husbands grandfather was diagnosed with cancer, after suddenly taking an unexpected turn for the worse it was only a matter of a few very short weeks before he passed away. Oh what we would give to be able to give him one last phone call. I am going to get out some note cards as well!

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