The Mailbox Giveaway with Marybeth Whalen

Summertime is the perfect time to curl up at the beach or on a back porch and read in the afternoon. If that sounds like a grand way to pass the time, then I’ll tell you a grand book to read this summer: The Mailbox by my friend and fellow Proverbs 31 speaker Marybeth Whalen.

One of you who leaves a comment on this post will be winning a signed copy of this fabulous book!

Centered on a real landmark on the coast of North Carolina, The Mailbox blends intriguing folklore and true faith with raw contemporary issues that affect every woman.

Returning to Sunset for her first vacation since her husband left her, Lindsey struggles to put her sorrow into words. Memories surface of her first love, Campbell — and the rejection that followed. When Campbell reappears in her life, Lindsey must decide whether to trust in love again or guard herself from greater pain.

The Mailbox is a rich novel about loss, hope, and the beauty of second chances.

I first learned about the real mailbox when my kids and I stayed with Marybeth at her uncle’s beach house in 2008. It has been fun to see an idea she had then blossom into a full-blown fiction book release!

I’ve asked Marybeth to share a little behind-the-scenes with us about The Mailbox. Here is what she had to say:

When did you first decide to try your hand at writing fiction?

In August of 08, through the urgings of my best friend, I decided to finally take the plunge and try my hand at my dream of penning a novel. Before that I had been too afraid to try. I didn’t want to face rejection over something so important to me. I didn’t want to know if I couldn’t cut it as a novelist. Ignorance, I felt, was bliss.

How did the idea for The Mailbox come about?

I have been visiting the real mailbox on Sunset Beach for years. I love going there and feel it is a very cool place. One day I had the idea for what a great love story it would make– two people linked by this mailbox and how special it was to them both.

Are any of the characters based on real-life people?

No. There’s a bit of me in Lindsey, the main character. But then there’s also a bit of me in Nikki, Campbell, Minerva, and LaRae (the other characters) too!

How was writing fiction different from your other works?

I love writing fiction because I can take a nugget of truth and turn it into whatever works for me. With nonfiction you have to be so careful to present the truth exactly. I love not being inhibited and free to embellish and extrapolate.

What do you hope your readers gain by journeying with Lindsey through the pages of this book?

A sense of God’s pursuit of them– how much He loves them and cherishes them.

Okay– now leave a comment today on anything (we’ll make this easy!) and you’ll be entered into the random drawing for a copy of The Mailbox. If you can’t think of anything to say, simply say, “I’m in”!

Summer-time blessings,


  1. I can’t wait to read this book! If I win it will it come with sunshine and a beach? I have the beach chair! (:

  2. I look forward to reading the daily Proverbs 31 Ministries devotionals each day. Mary Beth’s devotional on forgiveness struck a cord as did Karen’s comment about reading “fiction” – it made me smile to hear of someone else’s feelings on ‘taking the time’ to read fiction….I have always felt that if I take the time to read it should be for learning and something worthwhile (smile). The Mail Box has crossed my path many times this past while. Win or not, this is a book I want to read. Expect my order shortly (if I am the lucky winner, I will be passing this on as I can think of several who would like it, too). Ever so thankful for your ministry.

  3. I receive an e-copy of Proverbs 31 every day and today Mary Beth wrote about forgiveness, and The Mailbox was mentioned. I am a volunteer and lead a book club at a renewal center for homeless women with children dealing with primarily drug addiction. Many of our women LOVE to read. I would love to win this book and bring it to the group for the second portion of our summer time reading.

  4. I read your post on the She Reads blog. I can relate to your feelings on reading fiction. I can’t wait to read this book and hope to win!

  5. I always was not up to reading fiction much. Especially in Christian books, but I would love to read this one if I win!

  6. I always was not up to reading fiction much. Especially in Christian books, but I would love to red this one if I win!

  7. Nothing beats procrastinating with a good book! This one sounds like a winner!……Stick a frozen pizza in the oven, kids. Mom can’t seem to put her book down again!

  8. thanks for this great giveaway. I love hearing you at the Hearts-at-Home Conf. in Normal. Just found your blog and will plan to check it more often!

  9. I am enjoying summer, and am reading through books like wildfire. I would LOVE a copy of The Mailbox to add to my summer reading!! Many blessings!

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