Back to School is For Grown Ups Too! (& A Giveaway!)

NOTE: This post will remain up until Monday morning when the winner will be announced. And stay tuned for two more giveaways next week. One will be an interview with a P31 sister and her FABULOUS new book release and one will be in conjunction with an Encouragement for Today devotion I will have running. Oh, and it involves dark chocolate, coffee and gift cards!!!


Welcome to all you who’ve joined us via the guest post I have running over at LeAnn Rice’s She Cooks. There is a fun kitchen giveaway over there. And right here you have a chance for a back-to-school organizational giveaway for grown ups!

Double the fun!

Double the chances!

I don’t want to take time here to chat since I really hope you’ll visit She Cooks and see what’s cookin’ over there :-) So, I’ll just tell you about the giveaway and give you chance to win!

Since all the kiddos are buying pencils and pens; notebooks and notions, I thought we’d give away some organizational “officey” stuff for big girls! This giveaway includes:

~ Some funky push pins

~ Some matching funky big paper clips

~ A set of push pins with clips for items like coupons, reminder notes, lunch money, etc..

~ An equally funky desk pad that lists the days of the week. You can use this to display your to do list, your menu plan, your prayer list. Anything goes! It is undated so you can begin using it any time of the year.

~And a signed and personalized copy of my book The Complete Guide to Getting and Staying Organized. It tackles how to take care of the ‘have tos’ of life (cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry, errands, dealing with paper piles, etc) in an efficient manner so you can get around to the ‘want tos’ of life (spending time with God, your family, or friends or pursuing a hobby or interest)

So, simply leave a comment telling us the one project you’ve had on the back burner for waaaaay too long that you wish you could tackle this weekend.

I’ll go first.

I wish the world would stop so I could take about three hours to steal away at a coffee shoppe (with some friends along for company of course–working on their chosen projects) to sip lattes and transfer all of my sticky notes, scribbled napkins, pieces of scrap paper and corners of Christmas card envelopes with all the latest addresses I need to update into a nice, new address book.

I’m talkin’ about 5 years worth of addresses, people! Currently, they are all shoved into my old, falling-apart, excuse-of an-address-book. Positively pitiful!

Now, how about you?


  1. Just found your blog from Encouragement For Today, and love it!! As far as pending projects, the one that I keep putting off is condensing/organizing my older childrens’ outgrown clothing in preparation for the younger ones. I have random bins of clothing in various parts of the house, and no system… I dread the task, but it must be done!

  2. I have a spare bedroom that I have been trying to declutter for a while. I am trying to take it “one bite at a time.”

  3. Organize my office…..along with my file cabinets. This is something I DREAD, yet it’s something that must get done! I seem to get side-tracked so easily… going on the computer to try to win a contest! :)

  4. Organize my closet and my sewing room and my kitchen cabinets and . . . the list goes on. Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. So happy to find your blog ( I came over from She Cooks! :-) )! And I have so many pictures and scrap-booking things that I would love to get organized and put into books. I promised myself I would have this done before I had my son and he’s now 14 months old and life is busier than ever :-) So my new goal is to have it finished before we have another little one running around. Thanks again for sharing and blessings to you!

  6. I need to stuff bags and backpacks with the 10 assorted pages of school supplies,for 4 children. I have been buying “STUFF” for over a month now, and no one can explain why my son in 3rd grade needs six dozen pencils, he doesn’t eat them so why 6 dozen?!!! My non-bedroom in the basemnt looks like a bomb went off and because i really think our school is a bit demanding and over the top with what they require us to buy going in there just sends me into a bit of a “tude time” Oh, i just need to do it and i am running out of excuses!!!!!
    Blessings, full speed ahead

  7. The third bedroom AKA storage room! I have this great idea for the room i want to do, but have not taken on the project yet.

  8. I need to stop procrastinating and finish up on lessons plans for our homeschool, A’Mayes’ing Grace Academy. Once I get started I’m good to go but it’s the getting started I struggle with. I think to get started I need to be organized but the biggest job is the organizing so it’s just an endless cycle for me. Maybe some cool tools would help me. I enjoy your blog. Thank you very much for sharing yourself with me.

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