Okay folks.

I’ve about had it.

If you read my last post, you’ll know things have been less than peachy-keen around here lately.

It is only getting worse.

Kenna, our 19 year-old daughter who was in an accident 14 hours away in NC and now is borrowing a car from a friend’s Grandpa (who is a doctor, by the way! ) called last night to say the borrowed car’s warning lights were a blinking and there were fluids and smoke shooting and rising from under the hood and what should she do?

Oh, and she had my friend Lysa’s little girl with her. In an unfamiliar part of town. (And she just called to say Lysa’s other daughter wants to take her cliff jumping today. Hello? With the events of late that have happened to that girl, she should be NO WHERE near a cliff!)

Then, this morning, I decided to hop on here as usual on a Wednesday morning to provide some encouragement to those of us trying to drop some unwanted pounds. I actually was going to post an interview with a friend that you will love! I have it neatly saved in an email file, so all I needed to do this morning was pull it up and post.

However, my delightful email carrier of over ten years (who shall remain nameless but who does NOT get an A from me because I think they are O so frustrating that they make me want to yell, which rhymes with L !!!) anyway, the site will not allow me to access my mailbox. And it has been this way for two hours!!!

So, I am off to pray, to smash something (don’t worry…it will probably just be some frozen blackberries to add to my Greek yogurt) and then to  try again later.

But be warned: Weight Loss Wednesday this week may turn into Tip-The-Scales Thursday instead.

Stay tuned…..


  1. Keep you chin up Karen! I’ll keep you in my prayers! Didn’t weigh today. Family reunion over the weekend and I easily slipped back into old habits….sigh….very disappointing. Now I’m having trouble getting back on track and we leave for vacation on Saturday. Heading from Kansas to Montana. Hopefully cooler weather is in sight!! Trying to pack “good” snacks for the car ride. I should probably be on my knees this week looking to get back the self-control I had earlier this summer. Keep plugging along ladies. You are all in my prayers.

  2. Oh Karen. Don’t you just love growth opportunities? Praying for you my friend. Now smash those blackberries good. You will feel much better.

  3. WLW note – I am holding my own. No gains, no losses. But I have a telling tale (tail?). On the days I’m too busy/hot/tired to pay much attention to my puppy, what do I do? I offer her extra treats to make up for it. Holy cow! Is that not a sign of what I do for myself or what? Emotional eating at its lowest form. Poor baby. She had no idea her person has such issues :-).

  4. No worries – we understand! I won’t go into the details, but know that I am with you, sister, and praying for you and your family.

  5. Karen, It sounds like a day in my home. Thank you for being so honest in sharing your frustrations as it helps each one of us know that we are not alone in the trials of life. BTWY since I have started reading your blog I have put away my scale and have even lost several pounds. I am actually at a healthy weight, I just wanted to focus more on the spiritual aspect of how I got overweight in the first place.

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