It’s What Defines You

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What defines you?

Is it the behavior–good or not so good– of your children?

Is it your relationship with your husband, whether rocky or smooth?

Is it your job performance? Your last annual review?

Perhaps it is what you see in the mirror, pesky chin hairs and all.

For many of us,  it is the number on the bathroom scale.

Those of you who read and rest here regularly know I often link to the Proverbs 31 Encouragement for Today devotions when I have one running. Well, today I don’t have one running. However my P31 sister and close friend Shari Braendel does.

It is on being defined by a different measuring stick and I want so much for you to drink in its’ message. So, I am linking over to her devo today. Read it. Click on her link at the end for more insight into the topic (and a cool giveaway too!)

I’ll see you back here on Friday! We’ve got more to talk about when it comes to managing our time.

Oh, and speaking of time management, the winner of the “To Do” list giveaway from Monday’s post is : Flamingo Mama. Email me your home address at [email protected]. Congrats!!!

Okay, to find out what should define you, click now.

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