Family Giveaway (and grand prize details)

Oh, this is so much fun!

As I said last time, there are a total of four giveaways this week and you can leave a comment on any of the posts until next Monday, the 18th, when all the winners will be announced.

Now, today I’m announcing the second giveaway on Family. But before I do, let me also tell you about the “Grand Prize” of the week.

I will randomly pick one winner from all the comments left this week to win this fun fall giveaway. It includes:

~A spiced pumpkin scented soy jar candle

~Some sweet cinnamon pumpkin body wash from Bath & Body Works

~Matching sweet cinnamon pumpkin body lotion

~ And (not pictured) a $5 Starbucks gift card so you can purchase a pumpkin spice latte! (or drink of your choice)

Remember, the more times you comment on the posts this week, the more times your name will be entered in the giveaway!

To continue the ‘blogwarming’ celebration, today we feature a giveaway based on the second priority: Family.

One lucky commenter will win the following:

~This whimsical metal frame that says “family” to place a snapshot of your loved ones in and keep on your desk, mantle or shelf.

~A $15 Subway gift card for your family to enjoy. Three $5 foot-long subs can stretch a long way!

~A copy of my book Homespun Memories for the Heart, personalized to your family.

To be entered in the family giveaway, simply leave a comment answering this: If you could spend a weekend with your immediate family members, and only spend $100, what would you do? Where would you go? (Of course as in all giveaways, if time is tight, just say “I’m in!”)

Okay…..give us your best family weekend idea!



  1. I would go camping with my family in Pigeon Forge. That would take up around $65. With the leftover $$ we’d go to the Apple Barn and have lunch (and pack up the leftover fritters). We’d buy some apple butter, of course. And then we’d get in a round of minature golf….FUN!

  2. I love it when both kids are home and the four of us are just together. Watching movies, having dinner – just hanging out. Having everyone under one roof brings me joy!

  3. Two ideas for how we’d spend the weekend as a family:

    1) Stay a night at a hotel with an indoor water park – although I’m not sure we could do that for $100. But it is something my kids love to do.

    2) We might also just stay home and relax together playing games. I’d use the money for eating out so I wouldn’t have to spend time in the kitchen away from them. We also love to see great family movies together in the theater – that alone costs a big chunk of change with treats!

    Love the idea of a family weekend together – Might have to try this!

  4. We eat $5 footlongs all the time and 3 feeds my family of six!!!

    I would spend time on our lake, riding our bikes through the wooded neighborhoods and just sitting in the sun enjoying each other. My husband would find something totally amazing to do with that money, I promise. He’s great at that!!

  5. We’d go 4-wheeling in the timber, ride bikes, cook out on the grill and read books out loud at bedtime. Sounds like a great weekend to me!

  6. I love this time of year so much. The chill in the air, the wonderful smells of fall and of course the food. Most important the get togethers with friends and family and activities of the season. God has made such a beautiful world and this season shows that off with all the changing leaves. Thanks so much for the chance. Happy Fall!!

  7. Cooking a great meal together, having a family game of wiffle (or is it whiffle?)ball, telling stories, laughing and being silly. A family game of ping pong or playing the wii are also great times.

  8. Travel the two hours to my grandmother’s camp on the lake. Fishing off the end of the dock, biking with the kids, walking on the dead end road. $100 for gas to get there, food and a special trip to the creemee stand. (creemees are what non Vermonters know as soft serve ice cream, but better :) )

  9. I would gather them all at home, make monkey bread use the money to buy delicious coffee beans and spend the time talking. No TV, video games, no phones.

  10. Chris A. Homespun Memories is still being sold. You can find it at or on as well local bookstores. If it is not in stock, they can order it for you. If you still can’t find it, give me a shout. I can sell you one. Or….maybe you’ll win the giveaway!

  11. A weekend of pizza, movies, and games.
    Or maybe the weekend of camping.
    Or maybe a weekend of mini-golf, ice cream and bike rides.

    WOuld LOVE the book! Been wanting for awhile, but no longer being sold :(

  12. Lots of food, games and usually a season-themed jigsaw puzzle that we work on for days!! Bonfires out back with s’mores and remembering the past…great times!

  13. I would go to a small town in the North Carolina mountains and enjoy the quite and beautiful scenery. A quite time beside one of the streams with my daughter.

  14. Ooh… a dream weekend with my sweet family…
    We would go to the mountains, camp together, hike together, enjoy God’s beautiful creation together. Laugh, talk, take lots of pictures, and all snuggle in together in the tent at night. We’d bring some games to play and make up some games of our own. And some great books to read together and enjoy. Sounds great!

  15. Being single, I don’t have immediate family. But I have pictures of my extended family. And we’ve made lot’s of wonderful memories together. When we have a lunch together of all 25 of us there’s laughter and deep discussions. The one little child is watched over by everyone and the love between all of us is precious.

  16. I would like to just spend some time with my family doing some simple things. Game night, order some pizza, hang out and talk. Something that no one would have to spend a lot of time preparing for.It’s all about the fellowship and slowing down and enjoying God’s greatest blessings(my family).

  17. I would invite my family to my house, buy lots of food and have an all night game night! We do these less and less and it’s quality-quantity time that makes the my heart happy! :) Man… now I want to plan something like that. It’s been too long! Thanks!!!

  18. Food, fun and conversation. We’re lucky if we are all together even once a year. So we stay home, eat, play and talk. Not necessarily in that order!

  19. Since this is my favorite time of year, I would love to go to the North Georgia mountains or maybe even North Carolina and spend a weekend at a beautiful cabin. I would love to take hikes with my family, visit a fall festival, sit by the fire place at night roast marshmallows and sipping some hot apple cider. I just want to soak up God’s goodness and blessings!

  20. Favorite family weekends are usually spent at home with games and movies – and plenty of snacks, of course! Favorite things to do at home include: Big Game Hunter for the Wii and Sing It, karoake for the Wii. We have a blast beating daddy at karoake:)

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