Family Giveaway (and grand prize details)

Oh, this is so much fun!

As I said last time, there are a total of four giveaways this week and you can leave a comment on any of the posts until next Monday, the 18th, when all the winners will be announced.

Now, today I’m announcing the second giveaway on Family. But before I do, let me also tell you about the “Grand Prize” of the week.

I will randomly pick one winner from all the comments left this week to win this fun fall giveaway. It includes:

~A spiced pumpkin scented soy jar candle

~Some sweet cinnamon pumpkin body wash from Bath & Body Works

~Matching sweet cinnamon pumpkin body lotion

~ And (not pictured) a $5 Starbucks gift card so you can purchase a pumpkin spice latte! (or drink of your choice)

Remember, the more times you comment on the posts this week, the more times your name will be entered in the giveaway!

To continue the ‘blogwarming’ celebration, today we feature a giveaway based on the second priority: Family.

One lucky commenter will win the following:

~This whimsical metal frame that says “family” to place a snapshot of your loved ones in and keep on your desk, mantle or shelf.

~A $15 Subway gift card for your family to enjoy. Three $5 foot-long subs can stretch a long way!

~A copy of my book Homespun Memories for the Heart, personalized to your family.

To be entered in the family giveaway, simply leave a comment answering this: If you could spend a weekend with your immediate family members, and only spend $100, what would you do? Where would you go? (Of course as in all giveaways, if time is tight, just say “I’m in!”)

Okay…..give us your best family weekend idea!



  1. Oh such a fabulous give-a-way and a great question too. This time of year is our favorite. I’d love to spend the day with my hubby and 2 little ones going on a hay ride, picking out our pumpkins, sipping cider, and then sitting down to a nice meal. We’d finish the night with baths and cozy jammies and time around the fireplace for sure. Ahhh … doesn’t that sound nice! LOL

  2. Homemade pizzas, playing at the park, sleeping in, pj’s for half the day, brunch, campfire with s’mores, etc. :)

  3. We would probably go camping near a beach so we can spend the day at the beach. Then we would have a nice campfire in the evening with S’mores.

  4. On a beautiful fall weekend like we’ve been having lately, I’d like for us to go on a bike ride on one of the rails to trails routes nearby. We would stay well within the $100 budget by buying gas to haul the bikes there and ingredients for a picnic lunch!

  5. Family is definitely the cornerstone of my life. My husband and I live a few hours away from the rest of our families, but we ejoy just getting together with them and spending time together. Of course, there’s always time for good food and good company! I miss my family so much right now!

  6. My husband I were just saying we needed a game time with the kids. It would involve treats at starbucks and playing Phase 10 and Monopoly (the card game) we are hooked on this one. Faster than the board game.
    We go there and leave all the distractions at home. They don’t mind us staying awhile.
    My kids are 15 and 12 and their schedules are busy. The slowing down and sitting across from each other gets them talking.

  7. Of course, we’d order pizza! The boys’ favorite. Since they’re only 1 &3, a trip to the zoo, complete with a souvenir of their choice would be in order. Anything that was left would go into the special offering at church on Sunday. Or, the money might simply need to go straight to the bank account so my hard-working hubby could take off work, and we could simply take a picnic to the park and lake.

  8. A weekend with family would be camping up in the woods. We usually always have a big family camp out on Memorial Day weekend with all the kids and their spouses, the grandkids and the dogs. We hang out, eat, play games, target practice and have a big horse shoe tournament. We even have a trophy for the team that wins, they get to take it home and display it until the next year. It is always so much fun.

  9. For a weekend, if we could do anything, we’d probably go camping. We love to do that this time of year. Our kids are still little and fascinated with everything, and it’s so fun to go hiking and cook with them over the fire. There’s a big park on a lake near here that’s fun to visit and go hiking, too, and Duke Gardens in Durham is fun to explore. That has my vote!

  10. probably just going to a park with the kids (we have two kids under age 3), having a picnic, getting ice cream, doing the paddleboats with our 2 1/2 year old, maybe taking the ferry in our area- so much fun!

  11. Right now, my immediate family is my husband and me. We love to watch tv/movies together (right now, it’s all about Alabama football!) But we also like to cook, so a cooking some gameday food together and watching games all day (without laundry, cleaning and dishes in between) would be great!

  12. The essentials of the weekend would include a trip to a park with a picnic, Starbucks for my husband and I, Dairy Queen treats for the kids and at some point…s’mores. :) We’d would, of course, have to include some hiking to burn off the extra calories!

  13. I feel so overwhelmed at the moment that I can’t even think what I would do. Camping would be affordable, but I can’t say I really enjoy the camping part all that much – just the family part! LOL OK I think I have it now. But to do it, would need to order up some sunny summer day with temps at least 80 degrees. We would rent a raft or canoes and do a river day – take a picnic lunch and eat out for dinner. When I think back on some of my favorite family times, many of them involved floating down the river. There is something very special about the quiet, being together and WORKING together (which is required in a canoe) that just bonds us as a family. I’d like to add that when my oldest daughter was 18 and straying from God, she went on a day long canoe trip with college friends, fell into a cold, swift river without a life jacket and nearly drowned. BUT by the grace of GOD (thank you Jesus!) it was this that helped to bring her soul to repentance, and she rededicated her life to Him and has been stronger spiritually ever since. She said that there was something about doing something so wonderful, that turned into something so frightening, and she clearly heard from God on that day. So YES, a trip down the river it is! WITH lifejackets. :)

  14. Watching a movie together is one our favorite family nights. I have a 20 year old who’s off to college and one that will graduate high school this year. When we are all home together we try to make sure we all sit down to dinner together and watch a movie together. For dinner we usually use the nice dishes, glassea and cloth napkins, just to make it seem more special.

  15. we have an outdoors hot tub. i would buy bubbles and scented oils everyone would like. wait til dark then take eveyone out to watch the stars. we would come back in and have hot chocolate(w/marshmallows of course), some fancy dessert(purchased)! a good time to relax and be together.

  16. Our favorite family getaway is to just get away from the phone and the chores of life. We are leaving Friday and driving a whole 10 minutes to a friend’s property. We are fishing, cooking them fresh on an open fire, roasting marshmellows and sleeping in a tent just for the night. I can’t wait to hang out with my 5 favorite guys.

  17. Shreveport, LA is an hour and a half away. We would book a room on priceline, around $50,then go spend the night. My kids LOVE a hotel. We would walk around the boardwalk, and spend some time in BassPro, eating $1 menu items all the way, lol! Then we would head home to enjoy our own beds and Church the next day… of course, if the hotel has an indoor pool.. that is even more fun:)

  18. My fav weekend activity with my family is just spending time together and going to church. Boring, maybe, but my husband is only off every other weekend so we treasure our time together!!

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