10th Day of Christmas Giveaway with Nicki Koziarz

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Welcome to the 10th Day of Christmas Giveaway!!

Each day, December 1-12th, I am featuring a fellow Proverbs 31 sister and an aspect of Christmas. You’ll get to know her and she, in turn, will offer a fabulous giveaway! Simply leave a comment on her post to be entered in the drawing.

And, one soon-to-be-very-giddy gal who comments on all 12 posts will win the GRAND PRIZE! You may comment on all posts until Monday, December 13th at 5:00 pm EST when the winners will be announced. (to see the grand prize and get caught up on the posts click here)

Now, for our P31 sister of the day, the simple, yet eclectic, Nicki Kozairz!

Nicki serves P31 on the She Seeks team as a writer and devotional coordinator [www.sheseeks.org]. She is a wife of ten years and a momma to three girly girls. Taylor, Hope and Kennedy keep her on her toes all day long. But, in her down time she enjoys a cup of coffee with an authentic friend, a movie that will make her laugh and cry or an intense game of tennis with her husband. Most any day of the week Nicki has a decorating project happening at her home, this keeps her husband on HIS toes [smile].

Nicki is passionate about building up the kingdom of God and serves the Lord through speaking, writing, community building and teaching God’s word. She blogs at: www.nickikoziarz.com and would love to connect with you through the blog, facebook or twitter!

Nicki’s Decorating Know-How

Today I am really excited to share with you a little glimpse of my home at Christmas. I am [unfortunately] one those that does not have tons of extra money to spend during the holidays.

I have always wanted to buy all new decorations ,but that is just not going to happen. So this year, I came up with a theme for my house: Use what you have, have what you love.

I think a lot of people get into a rut during the Christmas season because we just can’t “do” everything we want to do. But I’ve come up with 3 simple and inexpensive ways for you to change things up a bit in your home and create a warm gathering place for all the people in your life.

1. Be creative with your placement of decorations

I think a common rut we can get into with our decorations is placing them in the same place each year, or at least I do. So this year I moved our tree to in front of the window. It’s not the most logical spot in our living room for it to go, but that’s ok –it makes me happy there. [Use what you have.]

I was soooo tired of our tree skirt that had been around since at least 1979. So I took an old tablecloth and gathered it around the tree. I’m convinced it looks like snow [wink]. My plan is after Christmas to look for a tree skirt for next year on clearance…and I will make sure it is something I L-O-V-E. [Have what you love]

Think about the places where you could hang stockings? Place the manger scene? Hang lights? Hang garland? Their are NO rules for decorating for Christmas. Have fun and think inside of your box of where you could place things differently.

2. K.I.S.S [Keep it sweet n simple]

In keeping with my theme, I took these two trees that last year I had on my fireplace and placed them on the bench in my kitchen. I took all of my girls special ornaments that they have made over the years and put them on these trees. [Use what you have] We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and I love looking at their little fingerprints on glass balls, chubby face pictures, tooth-pick ornaments and all those other yummy sweetness of the toddler days. [Have what you love]

3. Lose the tradition

I know. Christmas is filled with traditions! I love tradition but I won’t let it confine me…especially with decorating. So, I did it. I tossed the same stockings we have had for the past five years. [gasp!]

I found these really cute and fun stockings at a local craft store for $1.99 each and have plans on getting everyone’s name monogrammed on them soon. [Have what you love] Normally every year I do a big garland across the fireplace but this year, I wanted to K.I.S.S and tied some ribbon around my topiary trees and called it a day. [Use what you have]

Even decorating for Christmas can become an idol in our lives if we are not careful. By keeping things focused on using what we already have and making them things that we love, we can have more time for celebrating what this season is really about…Jesus. Have fun and don’t be stressed out about what you don’t have.

From my home to yours…Merry Christmas!

Nicki’s Giveaway:
One of you will win a year’s subscription to Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, given by Nicki,  so you can continue to be inspired to buy things you love and use things you have creatively!

Today, to be entered in Nicki’s giveaway, leave a comment telling how you’ve ever attempted to “keep it sweet & simple” when it comes to decorating, food or any other aspect of Christmas.

One thing I always do is to place out an old glass punch bowl filled with antique glass bulbs from the 1950’s (purchased from a yard sale the year I got married. No, I did not get married in the 1950’s!!!).

Now, what is your idea? Or, just say “I’m in” and you’ll be entered. :-)

Simple Christmas Blessings,


  1. I live up in the mountains so this year I decided to use what I have – alot of pine branches and pine cones, I see them in the craft store bagged up for sale and I can simply pick them up out of my back yard! So I am spraying a few with snow & glitter, painting a few branches white and adding some inexpensive candles and wala beautiful centerpieces and Christmas touches here & there! Plus the beautiful scent of pine thoughout the whole house!

  2. I used to work as a secretary for a large real estate firm. Every year, the agents would bring the secretaries gifts for Christmas. I ended up with a ton of Christmas knick knacks, that I dutifully decorated with every year, until my beautiful built-in buffet was so cluttered, you couldn’t enjoy anything. I finally went through all the knick knacks and donated everything I didn’t love. Now I can see and enjoy the things I do have, and hopefully others benefited from the things I chose to donate!

  3. I just don’t get a lot of decorations for CHRISTmas. We like to keep the focus on Christ. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking with and for my family. It’s something I do year round but more at CHRISTmas.


  4. I packed all my fancy (breakable) decorations for the next 10 years and let my little kids make the decorations and bought some plastic balls that they couldn’t break (easily). I don’t have to worry about them “messing” up my tree, they can play Christmas, and it’s not a big deal.

  5. This year all I did was put out a small cremate Tree, Coke-Coke figurines, angel(Mom,s) a small train and a small merry-go-round…these are glass. Also a talking door- greeter snowman.
    We just moved and my husband is real ill so we can not do much.

  6. My mother gave me her collection of Christmas ornaments last year, and since then I have wanted to have three Christmas trees: living room, den, and dining room. Each would have a theme… it would be so charming and beautiful… BUT, we can’t afford to replace the one artificial tree we’ve used for 12 or so years, much less buy 2 more trees; and I can’t get my husband on board with the idea! :( Your blog helped me realize that it’s not a “must have”, it’s a “want to”, and I can be happy with my 1 very used tree that really does still look good when I work realy hard at it (use what you have) :) Have a very blessed Christmas!

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