8th Day of Christmas Giveaway with Rachel Olsen

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Welcome to the 8th Day of Christmas Giveaway!!

Each day, December 1-12th, I am featuring a fellow Proverbs 31 sister and an aspect of Christmas. You’ll get to know her and she, in turn, will offer a fabulous giveaway! Simply leave a comment on her post to be entered in the drawing.

And, one soon-to-be-very-giddy gal who comments on all 12 posts will win the GRAND PRIZEYou may comment on all posts until Monday, December 13th at 5:00 pm EST when the winners will be announced. (to see the grand prize and get caught up on the posts click here)

Now, for our next guest, the creative Rachel Olsen!!!

Rachel Olsen leads woman to seek and savor Christ. She is on the writing team and the speaker team at Proverbs 31 Ministries.  She serves as Chief Editor for the online devotions Encouragement for Today, which reach about 375,000 women daily.

Rachel lives in a coastal town with her husband and two children, where she loves to browse bookstores, sip lattes at Starbucks, and walk the beach season round.  To learn more about Rachel, stop by her blog at www.RachelOlsen.com.

Little known fact about Rachel: “When I was in graduate school, I played drums for a while at my church.  We needed a drummer for the Sunday night service so I bought an electronic set I could practice on in my apartment with head-phones, and I learned to play.  I’m not great at it but I can do it, and it’s really fun!”

Favorite Christmas Carol

“Pa rum pa pum pum” goes the line 21 times in one of my favorite Christmas carols. You guessed it, The Little Drummer Boy. This song has a powerful way of humbling me and focusing my heart on what’s truly important.

The lyrics tell the story of a young boy who has come to see the baby Jesus. As he stands staring into the meager manger he tells the infant, “Little Baby, I am a poor boy too. I have no gift to bring that’s fit for our King.” And then he offers his services to the Lord by asking, “Shall I play for you?” Mary gives the nod and the little boy begins to play the simple drum – wanting to play his absolute best for Jesus.

I so identify with that little boy who has no fancy gifts to bring Jesus.

Like him, all I can offer is myself and what I know how to do.

For the little drummer boy, it was striking rhythmic beats on his instrument and helping people feel moved through music. For me, it’s typing on my keyboard and helping people feel moved through words.

It’s a simple thing; most everyone can write. Most everybody does.

I’m not the world’s best writer either. But words are my drum, so I play. I think we each have a “drum” to play.

As the song ends, it describes the baby Jesus smiling in pleasure at the little drummer boy. That’s my hope – that prospect sets my soul aflutter. When my breath here draws to an end and I stand before Jesus, I hope he’ll look over my life and my words, smile, and say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

Seriously, this song makes me cry every single time.

Rachel’s Giveaway

Being a word-girl fallen head over heels with the Word Made Flesh – of course I’m giving away words today! The winner will receive:

~ A $10 gift card to Barnes & Noble so you can buy the words of your choice.

~ A year’s subscription to the P31 Woman magazine.

~ And a copy of my new book It’s No Secret: Revealing Divine Truths Every Woman Should Know.

Okay girlfriends…..I’m sure you’ve already figured out the question! What is your favorite Christmas song or carol? Leave a comment telling us and you’ll be entered in Rachel’s giveaway.




  1. You might not be the “world’s best writer”, Rachel, but I vote you right up there among the best!

    I think my favorite Christmas tune changes with the year. This year it is, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” ’cause I am missing my family so!

    Thank you for sharing this! I love it!

    Merry Christmas, Rachel!!!

  2. I’ve always liked “The Little Drummer Boy” – I married a drummer! But until I read your post just now, it had never really sunk in what the song really means. It is beautiful. The next time I hear it, I will appreciate it more. Thank you for sharing.

  3. My favorite Christmas song is one by Mercy Me. It’s called Joseph’s Lullaby and if you haven’t heard it, it’s phenomenal. It tells the story of Jesus’ birth from the perspective of Joseph. The last part of the song says

    Go to sleep, my son
    Baby, close your eyes
    Soon enough you’ll save the day
    But for now, dear Child of mine
    Oh my Jesus, sleep tight.

    and that always gets me right in the heart. After all, the reason we are celebrating this season is because of that one baby born in that one manger long ago. And He did come to save the day. I could listen to that song over and over again – – and have many times!! :-)

  4. Silent Night has been my long-time favorite, but I just heard a newer song Christmas Bells and the singer describe the song that was originally a poem by Longfellow — very touching and relevant.

    Just a side note, the Christmas card I am doing this year is the Poinsettia. Inside the card is the Legend of the Poinsettia which is a very similar story to the Little Drummer Boy.

  5. Just one? I probably have three favorites – it’d be toss up between O Holy Night, Joy to the World, or Angels We Have Heard on High!

  6. Only one?!!!
    I would say Carol of the bells and Point of Grace’s christmas CD (the whole thing) – that’s one -CD!

  7. Angels We Have Heard on High is my favorite. This year I an playing an arrangement of The Little Drummer Boy on the piano. It is a really fun piece.

    Rebecca Ann

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