Okay gals……I had SUCH a hard time only giving away 13 prizes after the hundreds of heartfelt comments that came in.

How I loved reading about the little girl hopes of Cabbage Patch or Velvet dolls (I had one of those cool hair-growing models given to me by my sweet Aunt Patty!) and Barbie Dream houses & bicycles. :-)

But alas……only one gal per day, randomly chosen, can win, along with the grand prize gal, who commented on all 12 posts.

So, if your name isn’t below…please tune back in. There is another great Christmas giveaway this Wednesday, when I’ll post pictures of our home at the holidays and snapshots from our recent open house for friends & neighbors. Then, we’ll have another one Friday when I have an Encouragement for Today devotion running on our Proverbs 31 site and over at

Oh….I love giving gifts!!!

Now, without further chit-chat. Here are the winners. (If your name is below, email me at [email protected] ASAP with which giveaway you won and your home address so the P31 gals can ship your winnings out pronto!)

The winners are……..

Day 1- Renee Swope’s giveaway:  Dawn Orman

Day 2- Lisa Whittle’s giveaway: Katie Brown

Day 3- LeAnn Rice’s giveaway: Lakemom

Day 4: Ali Smith’s giveaway: Cindy in PA

Day 5: Melissa Taylor’s giveaway: Wendy Holte

Day 6: Amy Carroll’s giveaway: Monica Hawkins

Day 7: Shannon Primecerio’s giveaway: lisasmith

Day 8: Rachel Olsen’s giveaway: Paola

Day 9: Tracie Miles giveaway: Beth Sennett

Day 10: Nicki Koziarz’s giveaway: Mari

Day 11: Lynn Cowell’s giveaway: Katie Seest

Day 12: Wendy Pope’s giveaway: Lindsay Thomas

Grand Prize giveaway from me: Kara

Congrats ladies! Get me your address along with what day you won right away!

See everyone else back here Wednesday & Friday for more Christmas giveaways!

Giveaway Blessings,


  1. Yay for the winners! I’ve really enjoyed these 12 days of interviews…your 12 Days of Christmas posts were actually the reason I first came to your site 2 Christmases ago (wow, can’t believe it’s been that long!) Thanks for the fun – even if I didn’t win, I for sure have some new books on my ‘to be read’ list :) Merry Christmas to you all!!

  2. Yippeeee!

    Thank you Karen for the amazing 12 Days of Christmas giveaways. I’ve sent off my mailing address to you and am sooooo excited to be able to give my daughter Ali Smith’s book.

    Blessings to you and your family this Christmas!

  3. Hi Karen, it’s Mari winner of Day 10: Nicki Koziarz’s giveaway. I can’t find a way to email you my info, so here is my email address mommiemonk (@) bellsouth (.) net Thanks, I’ve enjoyed every day.

  4. Thanks Karen for the 12 days of Christmas! I thoroughly enjoyed each day and getting to know you ladies better. I will keep checking in! God Bless!

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