‘Workshop-to-Go’ Giveaway

Sixteen years ago this week, my belly was nearly busting with my second child who was a week overdue.

At that time, I was a young mom who was thrilled to have discovered an incredible new ministry for moms called Heart at Home. I’d mailed in my registration form for the upcoming March conference and was anticipating the gathering of nearly 2,000 women who would converge on the campus of Illinois State University.

One night my home phone rang. The woman on the other end identified herself as Jill Savage, the founder of this moms organization. She was calling because, although I’d put down that I needed childcare for a nursing infant during the conference, I’d neglected to list the child’s age.

“Well, that is because I haven’t had the baby yet.” I told Jill as we visited and connected over the phone. “Well, this baby is overdue and could come any time. The conference is in eight weeks so why don’t you put down eight weeks as the baby’s age.”

That evening  Jill and I became fast friends as we shared our collective desire to help moms both know God and know how best to carry out the important role they have in the life of their families.

About twenty minutes into our conversation, our girlfriend chit-chat was cut suddenly short because……

My water burst!

And by that I don’t mean a slow trickle.

I mean an explosion!

Seven-and-a-half hours later, our first son was born.

So next Monday when Mitch celebrates his sweet sixteen, I’ll also celebrate sixteen years of heart-to-heart friendship with my friend Jill. During the years since our first phone call, we have shared hopes and dreams and also shared the stage often at Hearts at Home’s conferences.

Today I am offering a “Workshop to Go” guest post over at Jill’s place complete with a giveaway. It is centered around my organizational workshop and includes a personalized copy of my Hearts at Home book The Complete Guide to Getting & Staying Organized and a $20 Wal-mart card.

The topic is on organizing according to your particular personality.

So today, I’m closing my comments and hoping you’ll click on over to Jill’s site.

Leave a comment to enter the giveaway.

Then, bookmark her site and return often.

Her marriage Mondays and other uplifting posts always encourage and inspire me.

I know they’ll do the same for you!

So click here to see the post, leave a comment and win!

See you back here on Friday.

Sweet Blessings,