Lots to do on this snowy Wednesday…..

First, let me welcome those of you who’ve popped over from the fabulous Facebook group Moms Together. One of the organizers of that group is my dear friend & fellow Proverbs 31 speaker and writer Susie Eller.

If you’d like to hop over and join, just click on the link above. Today we are chatting about organization for moms and I’m offering an organizational giveaway with one of my books and lots of extra goodies. We’d love to have you stop by and join us!

Next, before we get to today’s Weight Loss Wednesday post, I wanted to post a few pictures from my world. Suffice it to say, we’ve a got a lot of snow. :-) Not as much as predicted (2o inches) but about half that.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about being snowed.

Not snowed in, just snowed.

Snowed in our efforts to make healthy changes.

Haven’t you ever heard it declared “Boy has she got him snowed!!”?

Meaning tricked.



Has the enemy got you snowed?

Think you’ll never be able to drop the weight you need to?

Fooled into believing you are a hopeless failure, doomed to be fat forever?

Deceived into thinking that you might as well give up before this thing even starts?

Oh sweet one, believe me. I have been there. And I am STILL there.

This has been a bumpy week. As soon as a decided, “ENOUGH!” and vowed to eat sensibly and exercise every day that I could, it was like I took a hungry pill.

I was so stinkin’ hungry all week!!!

So, for the first half, I failed at my healthy eating efforts. Well, I actually did great for most of the day and then slightly lost it at night.

Then, the past three days, I ignored my hunger, hit my knees instead of the pantry and made a priority to exercise.

So, my result when I hopped on the scale was a loss of .8 pounds.

Not even one full pound…..

But I’ll take it.

You see, I was certain it was going to go up so I’m thankful for any downward trend!

Now, how about you?

How was your week? (You don’t need to tell us if the scale went up or down. Unless you want to!)

And what ways has Satan gotten you snowed in this whole healthy lifestyle issue?

Praying for you all!


  1. I’m in! If I still can be.

    I didn’t see this on Wednesday, but today it serves as a good reminder. Wednesday was the last day of a long period of fasting for me. during our Church’s corporate 40 days of prayer and fasting.

    I had fasted totally for 2 days prior to doing the Daniel Fast then felt lead to finish that time with a 3-day Fast… Although the battle over food seemed to almost get tolderable, I knew that my actions THURSDAY would make all the difference in the world.
    Was I going back to eating as usual, worshiping as usual, praying as usual, or was I going to stay in the spirit using what I had learned along this journey.

    So far I have done well, but as I shared my concern with my husband he said the most wonderful thing to me: “honey, you have grown so much over the last 6 months or so. I am so proud of you.” and he had the most loving smile on his face as he said it! Well, noone will ever accuse me of being anorexic, but I could have gone back on the fast and just kept praying and growing based on that!

    But, it’s time to leave the wilderness, and head back into cicvilization knowing that just as Jesus did, I can conquer the temptations in my path battling with scripture, prayer, and the knowledge that through my Lord, I have already conquered this battle. Now I just get to walk in the victory!

    Love y’all sisters!

  2. I’m late checking in because we were snowed in like a lot of people. My husband didn’t even make it to work for two days. So for two days, we did nothing but eat – both good and bad food. I weigh on Mondays so we’ll se what damage was done.

  3. Not sure about my week yet, am weighin in at WW this morning before Bible Study. Am a lifer but have not been following plan–started new Points Plus on Monday. Am anxious to see if I have been able to undo any damage from the last couple of months in four days . . .

  4. When I first learned of the upcoming snow storm I reacted like many women do…I thought ‘what can I bake while we are snowed in?’ But my mind didn’t go to sweets, it went to my Italian heritage. I shopped and bought everything I needed to make one of our favorite meals…homemade gravy (Italian for spaghetti sauce), meatballs and lasagna. Boy did I cooked up a storm…during the storm! My daughter even made my Grandma’s Italian Lemon Cookies.

    While eating this meal with my family last night, I realized that I can sensibly enjoy these ‘comfort foods’ without sacrificing my goal of having peace with God while trying to lose weight. When I ate a few more of those cookies than I should have, I felt bad about it afterwards. But the Lord reminded me that I didn’t blow it all, and that ‘a setback is a setup for a comeback!’ That helped me get back on track…and not give up.

    I am so thankful for the Made to Crave study…and for WLW!

  5. I am right there with you Karen. I’ve been reading Made to Crave and it seems like satan is just not liking that very much. My heart and soul are being opened up to how I should approach this stumbling block in my life. I feel it is such a struggle right now and I know it is the enemy throwing “flaming arrows” at me. I too had the hungries this week – and two snow days at home aren’t helping! Spent some quiet time with God this morning and trying to focus my mind and rely on God’s strength – not mine. And also realizing this is a journey and I am not going to conquer this issue alone or overnight.

  6. I too have been snowed!! Gave in to all the goodies at our church dinner and again on a night out for pizza with grandkids! On the good side I have been faithful with my walking and even added some exercises in my schedule. With this set back I did not see a change on the scales(just so thankful it didn’t go up!). Now I’m ready for a comeback.
    Have a great week everyone.

  7. Karen –

    Your blog is absolutely perfect for me today – I only wish I would have read it yesterday. Snowed. Yep! That was me yesterday. But how your words encourage me. All I can say is “thank you.” My heart leaps with joy because of a loving God who knows exactly what I need and gives so generously. He really is right here beside me.

  8. I’m really struggling this week too, and am reminded of that verse about how so many others have suffered as we are suffering, from reading earlier comments.
    I found out earlier this week that my estrogen levels are over 2000, nearly 3x higher than they are supposed to be and one of the side effects is weight gain. (This explains why I have been gaining weight instead of loosing over the last year, when I had been going so well with loosing.) Anyhow, in the back of my mind is the enemy saying ‘if weight gain is going to happen then maybe you should just give up and EAT!’ Unfortunately I have been listening too… :-( But I can feel that God is patiently waiting for me. Thanks God. And ‘there is now no condemnation for him who is in Christ’!

  9. I rejoined Curves 2 weeks ago – the first week I planned on exercising, we got snow & ice so I made it 1 day. This week I was committed to 3 work outs, and then my husband and I both got sick so I made it 1 day. Satan won’t win, I’m committed!!

  10. I have been struggling with an “eating day” today. I just don’t seem to feel satisfied. I really was disappointed that I couldn’t view the rebroadcast of the Made to Crave webcast yesterday. I haven’t had my spiritual food yet (reading my Chronological Bible with Wendy Pope), so now I’m making myself accountable everyone here that the next food I consume will be from the Word of God.

  11. Thanks for sharing about your bad week, mine had a few bad days but I keep thinking of Melissa Taylor, I believe this time will be different so I got back on my horse and rode. No loss but no gain after some bad eating. I feel empowered to make it through this whole week and looking forward to a loss next week.

  12. I’ve been stuck at the same weight for weeks. I guess I should be happy with that because I’m not making great food choices. I was exercising really well walking 3-5 miles 4 days a week, lifting weights and doing aerobics 1-2 times a week. Then had a return of the plantar facaitis that I’ve been fighting for 3 years. This making walking for exercise extremely painful so I’ve had to stop. I’m trying to ride the airdine bike at work but I REALLY HATE the bike so have had a hard time being motivated. Funny enough, it does not hurt to do aerobics, so I’ve tried doing that more often. Have been on a sugar binge since before Christmas and can’t seem to give it up. Plus my 22 year old son has moved back home and I cook more and worse things for him. So, I’m trying to be thankful for the fact that I’ve maintained without gaining. Thank you Lord. Good luck ladies. Thinking of you all. God bless.

  13. I am snowed in today and a little under the weather. I had an okay week. I lost a 1/2 a pound and I will take it. I let Satan snow me all of the time. I need to start listening to God’s word and less to the lies I hear in my head.

  14. I am having a so-so week. I’ve actually been pretty good at making healthy choices. I’ve been eating a lot more fruits and vegetables than I have in a very long time and I almost find myself excited about that! I am in the process of giving up soda (Sunkist to be specific) and I am on day 5 without it. Yesterday was tough, but I made it through. Today is tough again, but I’m keeping myself away and praying for strength constantly. :-) My weight was down a little bit today so that was encouraging. But yes, this is a tough journey. The enemy tells me I’m a loser all the time. He tells me I will never “get it”, I’m not strong enough. Thankfully the truth of God says differently, if I can just remember to run to Him and His truth about me. And I am soooooo thankful for a wonderful husband that tells me I’m beautiful all the time, and who also tells me “you are stronger than that” (sunkist). Now, I just somehow need to find time to exercise. It’s so much easier in the summer. How to rearrange my schedule to fit it in now…?????????

  15. Snowed in here, too. Not as many inches as predicted, but enough that everything is shut down. I’m happy to not have appointments or lessons to drive to today. As for the weight issues – I am currently in a mode of not weighing myself. However, I’m trying to just avoid desserts at this point. Three times this week I went to reach for a brownie (my kids’ treats) and three times as my hand neared one, I remembered to call on God for help and I was able to run from the kitchen. I am taking more time to plan healthier meals – and it truly is time consuming. Time is a commodity that I do not have nearly enough of! I was doing well with exercise, but this has gotten worse lately. I’m temporarily working overtime for the winter and do not get a day off ever – so I am exercising only 2 to 3 times a week and am happy to fit in 20 minutes. I would like to go 4 to 5 times for 30 to 45 – but I guess I’m doing the best I can under the circumstances. I’m also struggling with my health and am in “wait mode” to see a specialist. Not sure what part my unknown diagnosis plays in all of this. Oh – and I have a pair of corduroy pants in my closet that I have not been able to fit into in two or three years and I’m debating giving them away. I think I could wear them again if I lost five pounds; and if I lose the 5 pounds, the pants I currently wear will be too big. I don’t know what to do about this. Seems like a small issue, but to me it’s a big one. :(

  16. Good Morning,

    You have hit the nail on the head. El Gogooey has me beliving that i wont be able to maintain and continue the 80+ lbs i have lost.

    Please keep in your prayers as i continue to try and lose a total of of 204 lbs. Much pray needed because i dont think i will ever make it.

  17. I started last April with a goal to lose a pound a week with jusy making more healthy choices and exercise. My goal was to be 50 lbs lighter on April 1 2011. Well that’s not going to happen. I was well on my way and had lost 32 llbs. Then in the fall the exercise fell by the way side and I did okay during Thanksgiving- bit the month of December I sort of went crazy with my eating and by January 1st I had gained 10 lbs. I have been trying to eat better for the last few weeks but have not lost any weight still holding at that 10lbs- trying to not beat myself up about the 10 lbs and the fact that I am not going to make the 50lb goal by April 1. I have been really praying about the whole weght thing this morning and am committing to start my exercise today combining with my healthy eating.Hopefully to see some positive change. Praying for everyone as we are on this journey together. The Lord is my strength and ever present help in times of trouble. I need to listen to Him-He wants to help me with this.

  18. I am way down in the south so no snow for me and I certainly will not complain how cold I think it is. I have been struggling with choices, one day make really great ones and the next day a MAJOR struggle. One thing I am finally getting my mind on who I am with God and not focusing so much on who I think I am. Thanks for the encouragement and it is wonderful to know that we are not alone in our struggles.

  19. Wow! The snow if finally not in my town…that is so weird!

    This has been a huge week of struggle with me. I have made some terrible food choices and eaten too much of certain foods. But strangely enough, I have gotten outside to exercise or been on my treadmill everyday this week. My husband comes home from a two week trip tomorrow and I am looking forward to going on some hikes with him. He is so great at helping keep me accountable. The enemy tempts me with thinking I will always be a failure at this. I find myself being terribly disappointed in the fact that I have gained these thirty pounds back. I have a love/hate relationship with my pictures from a couple years ago when I was thirty pounds lighter. So far, today is a good day. I’ve been asking the Lord to sustain me! So, I am 8 pounds away from my first ten pound goal and I’m pressing onward.

  20. I am not snowed in but it is Very COLD here in SD.
    and yes satan has been doing a snow job on me. I have been overweight my entire life…its in the genes, I can’t do this, etc…enough of excuses. I have made the choice to keep eating little snacks and the scale is showing that. 1 oz of peanuts in not very much.
    My Made to Crave bundle finally arrived on Monday, so Feb 1 is my starting date. Lord, let me call out to you when I hear satan trying to temp me….

  21. We are also snowed in here with about 10 inches. I have two small children so usually on days they can’t go out we cook! Of course I am usually good with choices but yesterday my DD decided it was a doll’s birthday. In short, we made cupcakes. Satan has been calling me towards those cupcakes and my lack of ability to bring myself to the other side of the house!Lots of prayer, lots of calling from the enemy, more prayer, temptation from the kitchen… You can see the pattern! :-)

  22. Have you ever noticed, when you are trying to be good, everyone edible you come into contact with looks/smells/tastes better than before? Hoping the rest of the week doesn’t get derailed….

  23. Wow the first comment!!! I’m in the Isle of Man so it’s 3pm in the afternoon and I’m here at the pc to be away from the kitchen!!

  24. Today is the first day of doing 30 mins exercise a day and being truly honest about what I eat – until I do that there is no point trying to do weight watchers…. for that to work I need honesty in my life. Satan has gotten me snowed in a spiral of lack of negativity – you can’t do this, it’s such a hard thing, it’s not fair… but reading Made to Crave and getting things sorted! Get weighhed on Friday so will let you know next wed!

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