Weekend Giveaway: Darkness & Light

Do you know who you are?

More importantly, do you know whose you are?

I must admit, even though I first met Jesus in a very real way back in late high school, I haven’t always lived as though all that took place with that life-changing encounter were true.

What I mean is this: sometimes, there is a disconnect between my mind and my actions; between my brain and my body (or most often between my soul and my mouth!)

The good I know I should do….

I don’t always do.

The love I know I should display…

I don’t always display.

The kindness I’m convinced I should show….

Well…it stays hidden.

This disconnect both frustrates and aggravates me.

Until I remember that I am not alone.

Read preacher Paul’s words from Romans 7:18-20 in the Amplified Version of the Bible:

18For I know that nothing good dwells within me, that is, in my flesh. I can will what is right, but I cannot perform it. [I have the intention and urge to do what is right, but no power to carry it out.]

19For I fail to practice the good deeds I desire to do, but the evil deeds that I do not desire to do are what I am [ever] doing.

20Now if I do what I do not desire to do, it is no longer I doing it [it is not myself that acts], but the sin [principle] which dwells within me [fixed and operating in my soul].

Sister….can you relate????

Now I know Christians aren’t perfect. We are just forgiven.

And I know I cannot always make the right choice…. in my own strength.

But for me I know where part of the problem lies.

I forget I am no longer in the dark, but in the light.

“….for at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light 9(for the fruit of light is found in all that is good and right and true)” Ephesians 5:8-9

Walk as children of the light.

Walking is an action. It takes effort on my part.

Good. I need to focus on what is good.

Right. I need to chose to perform that which is right.

True. I need to focus my brain on the things that are true.

For me…that last one is a doosey. You see, I let the enemy whisper all sorts of things to my soul that simply are not true.

You’ll never lose weight.

You are incapable of being a good wife.

Rotten mom. You sure blew it today with your kid.

Christian? Yeah, right. Some Christian you are having those thoughts you did just now.

Just give it up….ya failure!

At those times I have a crucial choice to make. Am I gonna give in to the dark or run to the light?

Am I going to listen to the lies or align my mind with the word of God?

Darkness or light? Its our choice.

Do you ever battle the same thing? (Oh please tell me that you do?!?)

Lets purpose to pray for each other during the heat of the battle for our minds. And, just cause I love you all, here is a little light & dark giveaway to go along with our little chat. It includes:

~ A cozy brown plush throw–for you to snuggle up in as you read the Bible, filling your mind with God’s truth about you.

~ Some dark chocolate Hershey’s kisses.

~ A tube of Dark Kiss Bath & Bodyworks lotion.

~ Three packets of Land O’ Lakes white hot cocoa.

~ Two white votive candles from Bath & Bodyworks–one vanilla coconut & one creamy nutmeg.

~ A candle snuffer from At Home America.

One person who comments this weekend will be chosen at random to win the above package. So please, tell me your thoughts on this topic. (Or if time is tight, just say “I’m in!”)

I’ll be praying for you this weekend. Will you do the same for me?

Into-the-light Blessings,


  1. I really enjoyed liestening to you on Melissa Taylor’s confrence call. Thank you for your time and sharing your heart with us. I really like the give away. What a neat idea to give someone. So many times I am curled up in my chair reading my bible wishing I had a blancket. The candles, the cocoa and the chocolate are an amazing treat to include because some of those days we do need to treat our selves to something special. I know as a single mom I need to find those times, sometimes I wonder where the day has gone. Thanks again for all your words of encouragement. Have a blessed day.

  2. Dear Karen,

    Today I was at my mom’s condo, and she had a new plaque on the wall that said “if I am a Christian”, and it had a whole bunch of things that I don’t live up to. I always find myself comparing myself to perfection, and I never measure up.
    I need to learn to believe the Truth of who Jesus is and how he sees me and be content in that. That is the measure that we need to see ourselves is how He sees us.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. Love & Light is what has kept me going thru alot of life’s trials. I am getting there. Daily trying to keep the darkness away, by keeping the faith and trusting God’s plan. Feeling stronger every day.

  4. What a great post!! Many days for me are a struggle with the internal dialogue that goes on inside. I would love this little delight to snuggle in while I along with many others…try to take time daily to have time for devotion and a positive spin on life!!

  5. Karen,
    You got my attention right off the bat with – “even though I first met Jesus in a very real way back in late high school, I haven’t always lived as though all that took place with that life-changing encounter were true. What I mean is this: sometimes, there is a disconnect between my mind and my actions; between my brain and my body (or most often between my soul and my mouth!)”

    That is exactly what I feel sometimes. Thanks for the post. I am In!!!

  6. Great reminder. Thanks…striving to walk in the light, not always succeeding. Will remember this post..think it will help me to remember.

    Mary Lou

  7. Thank you Karen. It’s good to know that I am not alone in this area. So thankful for God’s grace!!! Thanking God for you. You have blessed me today. Praying a quick prayer for you. Blessings <3

  8. Saying that “you hit the nail right on the head” is a huge understatement when I consider how relevant today’s devotional is in my life. Thank you so much for reminding me that I’m not the only one who suffers from the “Do The Thing You Don’t Want To Do/Fail To Do What You Want To Do” Syndrome. Reading your devotional made me see things so much clearer and understand it all on a much deeper level. So glad that you’ll be praying for me this weekend, and I’ll do the same for you. Thanks again for your “very real and helpful devotional,and please keep ’em coming. I look forward to visiting your site regularly.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing…I just beat myself up constantly for my failures….I’ve got to put the devil behind me and just know that God loves me!

  10. I’m in. Thanks for this post. This is a tough tough weekend for my daughter and her 2 little guys. Daddy no longer wants to be a family and has left. Desperatly praying to keep the light turned on for them & myself. We are also shut in with snow & ice, no school all week. Praise God we still have electricity (heat) and water – that’s a very bright light. Thanks Karen for your post and your prayers.

  11. I understand. I am struggling with a minor decision that a dear one just made and am hearing multiple justifications and just feeling hurt with the end result. I am determined not to let this take me to the dark side. I want a better relationship with this person, so I extend grace again and ask the Lord to help me let this one go. Thank you for your prayers. Mine are with you, Karen.

  12. Thank you Karen for your post today. Until I read this, I didn’t realize this is exactly what I am battling with. I knew I was battling something just couldn’t decide exactly what is was. This is it. I think many of us have more or less to add the list but it is a hard battle either way. Thank you for your post. I look forward to reading many more from you. Have a great weekend!

  13. OH YES!!!!! I have to continuously talk to God in order to drown out Satan’s whispers. Satan knows our every weakness and he thrives on those. It is so easy to let the darkness over take us and it is work to keep looking up and into the light. I am so glad to know that I am not alone in this struggle. I will pray for all who struggle with this same battle and I welcome all prayers on my behalf as well. :)

  14. My fight with the enemy is at an all time high right now. It’s a mental battle that I take on each and every day. Satan knows when we are vulnerable and he is then geared up to attack. I appreciate the words that you write. I press on……. and align my thoughts with the word of God.

  15. Thanks for sharing this. Soooo true. Making the choice has been a continuing theme God has been sending my way. What you are saying goes right along with what Lysa Terkeurst(sp?) was saying in her book that I am currently studying “Made to Crave”

  16. Oh how something can just pop right out of my mouth. The good I know I should do…God is so convicting me of my words. But, I am thankful because I am reminded of what I am learning in my studying and that is God does not want me to stay stuck where I am. He wants me to grow. A scripture that I have had to bear in mind the last two weeks with some christian sisters is Psalm 141:3, “Set a guard over my mouth O Lord; Keep watch over the door of my lips.” Our words can tear down or lift up. And, they can be misinterpreted so easily.

    I’m all excited thinking about your giveaway as I look out my window in Dallas with 7″ of snow–yes, in Dallas. Superbowl weekend. Folks aren’t too thrilled when they thought they would come hear and see sunshine. Well, we are trying to keep warm too. I am going to put on a DVD and move around to keep warm. Helps me stay on track with my exercise plan when I can’t get out to walk.

    Sweet Blessings.

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