Last Wednesday, we talked here about faux foods; those fake, false, imitation items— full of chemicals and other words I can’t pronounce— that pose as the real thing, but rarely satisfy.

Consuming faux foods, or consuming too many sugary and unhealthy foods, often leaves our taste buds jaded.

Jaded: worn out; weary; dissipated; dulled from over-indulgence.

Have you experienced this?

When I am eating in a way that is far from healthy, there are times even the sweetest, most fattening dessert……well, it really doesn’t even taste very good.

Nor does the saltiest snack I can find. Even if it is piled high on a plate and smothered in sharp cheddar cheese –as in Doritoes in the microwave for exactly 23 seconds–not that I’ve timed out the best duration for the perfect plate of melted munching magnificence.


At those times simple foods, eaten the way God made them, don’t really appeal to me.

Who wants an apple or banana or some stir-fried veggies when your taste buds are so jaded you barely get a thrill out of a hot fudge sundae?

However, I know from experience that when we eat foods as close to the way God created them and continue to do so, we can un-jade our taste buds.

Soon a crisp green apple with a little natural peanut butter (or better yet—-almond butter) is a delight.

Or we crave those tender, stir-fried veggies cooked in a splash of olive oil and sprinkled with a dash of sea salt.

And that banana?

Tastes like it was rolled in sugar.

How about you? Ever find your taste buds jaded?

And we want to know too—-how was your week when it came to food & exercise?

Let’s just say that mine ended with a sore toe from kicking the scale and then asking my husband to kindly stash it somewhere I won’t find it for a week or two.

But that’s another story for another day.

Now, let’s hear your thoughts on jaded taste buds.

Naturally Sweet Blessings,


  1. Karen – “met” you on the Made to Crave webcast – I can identify with your story. #1 – I lost 100 pounds in 1996, by 2010 gained 90 back; #2 – I am a Michigander and my career has been impacted by the economy; #3 – my weight has taken its toll on my health – knees, feet, every joint has arthritis, and GERD. (Thursday doctor determined I need tests to rule out uterine cancer – doing a bit of research ‘more likely reasons….obesity”)

    God has pursued me this year to eat healthy and move more. Since we began this journey, I have lost 23+ pounds and only whined a couple of times!

    Thank you for the reminder that we do not earn or gain God’s love based on our weight, appearance, financial status, etc. – we want to be healthy because He loves us so much.

  2. From time-to-time, I would have to say that my taste buds are jaded. It is all due to my love of chips :)

    I am trying to discipline my family and I to eat more raw and healthy foods. It is so easy to get accustomed to eating canned foods and such. I mean… Most people think… Who wants to take the time to clean veggies, or prepare dinners when you can buy already made dinners ready to be put in the oven in the frozen section of the grocery store? But those foods lack the vitamins and nutrients essential to living a healthy life. It is all about training you mind to be health conscious!

    My motto is: If I invest in my health now–by making wise food choices–I most likely will not have to pay for it later.


  3. I am just a couple weeks in on my Made to Crave and healthy eating journey. I have definitely noticed a change in my taste buds. Since I’m not eating sugary stuff, I’m finding fruit like a banana or a good orange to be so sweet. And since I’ve cut out the sugary stuff and increased my protein my body isn’t craving the sweets like it was before. Thanks for the encouragement today.

  4. Since I started Weight Watcher in fall, my taste buds have MOSTLY lost that desire for ultra sweet and salty stuff. When I do indulge that way, the sweet/salty is too much. Starting to enjoy real food the way God made it! No one is more surprised than me.
    I’ve had to give myself permission to buy veggies that cost $3-5 a pound!!!!!!!!!! But I stay full longer and am more satisfied.
    Exercize——-not so much. :(

  5. My taste buds have become jaded. I am using the Weight Watchers Points Plus program, and have lost weight with it, but have found myself using my points for unhealthy, faux foods and not for healthy, real food. I have been looking to fill my hunger with the processed foods, thus coming up empty in actually enjoying what I am eating. As far as exercising goes, I have put it off because I have been too busy…not a good excuse. Thanks for this post!

  6. I love the idea of our taste buds being “jaded”. I have come to really crave fruit. It is so much sweeter than eating handfuls of cookies trying to satisfy my sweet tooth. Cutting, peeling, slicing, ect. all take time and when it’s ready to eat, my emotions are usually not soaring and I feel more in control. I am done .4 this week and am looking forward to warmer weather so I can move my walking outside.

  7. Karen, thank you for your honesty. I’ve been “hanging in there” for the past few days. I’ll start off healthy & then end up eating unhealthy by the end of the day. Today is a new day, w/Gods help all things are possible! Seeking God to give me the desire to “want to” eat healthy. I can say my body is talking to me today but w/Gods help I will overcome where I can start craving the healthy snacks again! Satan knows just 1 bite, 1 temptation he can get me. A set back is a set up for a come back! Here I come! :-)

  8. I’ve ventured in to the world of “Clean Eating” too and love it. It takes discipline and planning ahead, but it is worth it! Thank you for your encouraging words and awesome blog that is sincere and full of love. I love coming here and reading (including the comments).

  9. I loved this post and the definition of jaded. The “dull from overindulgence” really stuck out for me. I know exactly what that feels like when it comes to taste buds. I used to just roam the store or my house looking for foods that would fill the craving I thought I had…most of the time it didn’t taste quite right and I’d look for something else. I was totally a slave to those taste buds.

    I absolutely LOVE how it feels to crave brown rice, ripe strawberries, spicy hummus with raw veggies, raw nuts/berries and greek yogurt. I happen to be in a really, really good place right now where I actually do crave those items. Last September I got real about my weight and my food choices. I joined Weight Watchers (for the 5th time). As of this morning I have lost 30 pounds. I still indulge in a few treats now and then. My birthday was a few days ago and I had a very yummy cupcake from one of those gourmet places. I loved every bite and truly savored that buttercream icing. :) But my taste buds weren’t dead and I knew I didn’t want more than that one cupcake. What a difference from the past 40 birthdays I’ve celebrated. Thanks for reminding me how far I have come. I have about 25 more pounds to lose but I’m feeling very capable of living this as a lifestyle. It feels good and I don’t feel deprived. I even signed up for my first 10K!

  10. I get up in the morning, step on the scale and then recommit myself to a healthy diet every morning. Less than an hour later, on the drive to work, I find myself in the McDonald’s drive thru line. The only consolation is that now I buy the oatmeal rather than the sausage mcgriddle. And actually, I am down to only one or two days a week versus the 5 it used to be…

    Baby steps, it all starts with baby steps. And my church is starting a “Made to Crave” group Monday evening after we return from our Women’s Retreat this weekend. I can’t think of a better way to keep the momentum going after the rejuvenating and recharging weekend we’re going to have…

  11. I try my best to eat healthy. Last week I fasted for five days. During my fast I had liquids and fruits some days and the other days just liquids. My liquids was a combination of veggie and fruits blended with lime juice. I have not been having sugar since January. Sunday I treated myself to ice cream. I will myself to eat healthy because I put on weight easily, also there is family traits of hypertension, diabetes. Sisters, I understand your struggles. I have been there. Remember a setback is a setup for a comeback. Just keep trying, you will succeed one day.

  12. Yes! I have felt that way after a while of eating unhealthy, greasy, chocolat-ey foods. They don’t taste good anymore; I feel nauseous as I eat them; I feel achy and weak all over my body.

    The interesting thing is that either I never had these symptoms before or I was never aware of them?! Either way God is bringing them to my attention now and it definitely does not feel good!

    I do love a good, healthy, organic salad. Maybe there is hope for my jaded tastebuds?

    Thank you for allowing God to use you as a vessel of encouragement in this area.

  13. When you stay within the healthy guidelines for eating and also stay within the guidelines of eating only when you are hungry and stopping when full; then you find your taste-buds coming alive again. They are not dull. Food is enjoyed. It just tastes good!

    Chrystal, I’ve laid the sugar down. So no more. It just is a food that ends up “contaminates my body and eventually my spirit.” Why can’t we share some yummy fruit with our kiddos instead of a cookie? Why not raise the bar for our kiddos? Do you know what I mean?

  14. I gained three pounds – which I am attributing to the fact that my family and I were on the road for 12 days, covering 2,400 miles and had a combo of not always having the access to better food and a lot of “butt time” in the car. Now that we are home, I have re-committed to eating healthy, which I did for two days, and THEN an event went awry, I got upset, and what did I do?? I reached for the bag of Lay’s chips. Granted, I did portion out a small bowl full and did not much straight out of the bag, but this morning when I woke up – realizing what I had done – I was really mad at myself. There was a time once when I stopped eating sweets for a few months and my taste buds did change. But then I fell back into the junk food – at first it didn’t even taste that good to me. But yet I continued. I need to get back to that time probably. But I would rather find a way to eat all things in moderation. I really don’t want to be the mom who can’t share a cookie with the kids. Do you know what I mean?

  15. What a great thought today Karen. Something that I have been focusing on too. I have been praying that I would develop a hunger for foods that are healthy and good for building my body up with strength and energy – not the kind that give a temporary high and end up tearing my body down. I’m following a healthy eating program called DIET FREE created by a registered dietician. The T stands for Tame the sweet tooth – She talks about dialing down our sweet tooth – and that it is possible over time to lessen your sweet cravings. I think it also works for salt. I’ve been making a conscious effort to cut back in these areas. Some days are better than others. It’s been a good week for me in overall eating and exercising – down about 3 pounds. Celebrating the small steps to victory in this area of my life – and giving it to Jesus along the way!

  16. Love this! I thought I was the only one who melted cheese on Doritos! They are yummy! Anyhow, I have not been eating well lately (don’t tell Melissa Taylor or my fellow Made to Crave girls!). But you are right – last night I was eating a honey bun (again – don’t tell!) and I thought to myself, “I’m not even enjoying this!”. I need to get back on track and I will! It’s such a blessing to know that I am not alone in this struggle :)

  17. I’m reminded of Luke 6:45 – “…for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” Well, it’s pretty much the same with the tummy. What we put in is what we end up wanting and it shows. Once we take that first bite of junk food, we start craving it. Instead of wanting an apple, we think of a cookie or candy bar. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle.
    One of the best ways to break the habit is to get rid of all the junk in the cupboards. If necessary, fast and pray for a couple days, asking God to re-set your taste buds. Stock the cupboards and fridge with the best, healthiest foods you can afford. If those are your options, and you eat the good stuff, you will start craving the good stuff.
    It’s the same with how we talk, what we wear, what we watch on TV and read in magazines, and who we hang out with. Garbage in – garbage out. We need to be converted from our head to our toes, from our brains to our bellies.
    And just in case you wonder, at present I’m losing this struggle, but I will try again the next time I eat. I’m a miracle in the making….not an instant one.

  18. I would say that right now my taste buds are jaded. My life is complete chaos. Leaving me with migraines and exhaustion. I’m not exercising regularly and if it’s not good for me then I’ve eaten it in abundance. I can’t even seem to care all that much. Well, enough to feel really bad about myself and beat myself up, but not enough to actually try to DO anything about it. I’ve mentioned here before that my 2 adult children and 1 year old grandson have moved back into my home. It’s not a huge house and none of us are clean freaks but the mess and constant activity is almost more than I can handle. But, I get up every day and give it one more shot. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful man who helps me stay grounded. I can’t even seem to find enough energy and focus to spend my daily time with God. When I do I’m distracted and don’t get anything from it. I need a vacation! lol So, I’ve gained a couple of pounds and am thankful it’s not more. One step at a time, sweet Jesus by my side.

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