Spring Decor Giveaway

I love when the seasons change.

Okay, with an ice storm and 30 degree weather still here in Mid-Michigan I’m not sure spring actually got the memo that this past Sunday was its official first day. However, I am gonna think positive and offer a spring decor giveaway anyway!

Here is a peek into a little of our spring decor. (If you click on any of the images, they will enlarge.)


Our fireplace mantle. Most of the decor came from last year’s clearance section of TJ Maxx. :-)

Our dining room table complete with the cross our neighbor Ryan made when he was 5. He is now a 25 year-old father & a soldier in the US army. (If you’ve heard me tell the story of the little boy and his hand-me-down Schwinn bike, that was Ryan!)

The starting of my herb garden—basil & parsley—perched on my kitchen sink, along with a 75% off scarlet mini-rose leftover from Valentines Day. It will go perfect in our fairy garden of miniature plants.

I’ll spare you the picture of the pastel plastic chicken the boys have on the basement coffee table in their man cave. When you press his head, he lays a jelly bean!!

Now, to inspire one of you to get your spring on, here is this weekend’s giveaway. It includes:

~Some Bath & Body Works thick hand cream in my signature spring scent~ Butterfly Flower. (Yes, I have a scent for each season just like I usually only burn candles that smell like the current season too! I’m weird like that.)

~Speaking of candles, it also includes two wax melting tarts from Yankee candle in the scent ‘splash of spring’.

~ A bag of Choxie dark & milk chocolate caramels

~ A $10 Target card for you to purchase a new spring decor item for your home.

~A personalized copy of my hospitality book A Life That Says Welcome: Simple Ways to Open Your Heart & Home to Others. Lot of decorating ideas in there and some spring cleaning & de-junking methods too!

One winner will be selected from those who leave a comment on this post. So, tell us–how do you like to decorate for spring? Or if time is tight, simply say, “I’m in!” Winner will be chosen randomly.

Well, I’m headed out-of-state to my son’s baseball games.

I’ll be the one on the sideline, sipping a hot latte, yelling for the team & trying not to freeze!

Sweet Blessings,


  1. I just added some spring ribbon to a wreath on my door and I have some Easter window clings but that’s about it.

  2. I start with an Easter egg wreath that I made for the porch. Then change flowers to daffodils and lilacs. I went to a quilt show and found adorable bunnies and flower pot material, so I’m excited about working on a new wallhanging for above the piano. I also have a grapevine cross that my mom decorated for me with purple tulle and white lillies. It sets the season! Thanks for the reminder that I haven’t done any of this yet and I’m running a bit behind ;)

  3. i love to decorate for spring by re arranging furniture and freshen things up with splashes of color like different pillows, vases, etc.

  4. When spring comes around I start cleaning, everything I haven’t used in a while goes to charity or in the trash. I like to keep things simple or else I defeat the perpose of cleaning out and everything looks and feels cluttered. I try to use what I already have and change them up a bit to give them a new look. I alos look at new trends and try to buy something I can tie in with what I have. So far this year I am please with what I’ve done and will soon be ready to relax and enjoy the Spring wether.

  5. I LOVE decorating for spring-or any season but it’s special to get out the colorful things for this time of year. It’s so cold in WI right now and the decorations make it seem warmer.

  6. I get out some spring handtowels and a few Easter decorations, but that is all. I could use some help in making things more inviting!!!

  7. I hang Easter signs and spring wreaths, change placemats, handtowels and kitchen towels. Of course, clean & clean. I love the sun’s return, but it really shows my lack of housecleaning certain areas over the winter! Yikes! Thanks for the chance to win some awesome gifts. Easter blessings!

  8. I love to get flowers from Trader Joe’s to help brighten up the house. They have great deals for $3.99. Who doesn’t like some pretty roses or Gerber Daisies that just ooze spring. Love to open the windows and let the spring air circulate and watch the sun fill up the rooms. Looking forward to seeing the first blooms burst forth on the trees. The Crochets are already up and the daffodils- Spring is in the air. The winter has passed, behold the spring has come. Sorry to hear that you are dealing with an ice storm- have a blessed weekend Karen.

  9. I need to do some spring cleaning. I would love to redo my bathroom this year with some paint and a new shower curtain and rugs.

  10. Our grandchildren were here last weekend so that was a good time to get out the Easter decorations and let them have at it. Small Easter tree for the breakfast table with little bunnies, eggs, etc. Dining room table has assorted bunnies collected over the years and a large basket filled with candy. Of course I use the special Easter linens too. Would love to win this giveaway.

  11. LOL regarding the Michigan weather! My Mom is visiting me from Ann Arbor and we no ALL to well about Michigan weather! Well, I live in Atlanta, GA and my new Spring tradition is getting outside and planting an herb and veggie garden. I have conducted online research and I think (pray) that I can do. My daughter (7) is excited to help with the gardening. I also air out the entire house by cleaning and opening all the windows. :-)

  12. I’m in! I don’t decorate for spring. I just let the dust bunnies multiply and open the window for some fresh spring air!!! :)

  13. I love to decorate for the changing seasons and spring is my favorite. I usually clean and I change out the season so the house feels fresh. Some things I have made (I paint ceramics and I quilt) and some things I have bought.

  14. Honestly, I don’t decorate much. My spring decor is cleaning. Sprucing things up and trying to get the stale winter air out.

  15. I change out the flowers in several vases (ie. take down poinsettias and put up tulips). I’m also going to make a few pillows with some lighter colors and fabrics for my newly redecorated living room.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. I love to change out my accent pillows to something with brighter colors, and we have a reversible comforter that has more spring colors.

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