Encouragment Cafe Giveaway

Have you heard of Encouragement Cafe’— a fabulous group of gals who love Jesus and love connecting women’s hearts with His?

With a coffee club, daily devotions, radio programs and Extreme Events, well you have much to choose from that will help you grow your relationship with Christ.

Meet this fab ministry now!

My sweet friend, prayer warrior and fellow Proverbs 31 speaking sister Luann Prater is a bundle of Jesus, she is!

I love to glean wisdom from her and more than anything, I love to hear Luann pray. Her deep connection to our Lord just spills over in every aspect of her life.

Here her heart on Encouragement Cafe’.

Luann, tell us,in a nutshell, how Encouragement Cafe was birthed.

Doing an interview one Saturday at a local Christian radio station for Proverbs 31.

The station manager and producer asked me to prayerfully consider doing a talk show for women because every time I was on, they had a surge in call-ins and comments.

I said I would pray about it.  I went home and asked my husband.

He said, “You didn’t open this door, God did. You need to walk through it.”

I asked my pastor the next day to pray with me about it.  He said, “You said YES didn’t you Prater? You didn’t open this door, God did.  You need to walk through it!”

Monday I called Lysa TerKeurst.  I said, “I want to make sure I’m in step with whatever the ministry is doing.”

She said, “Oh my sweet Luann, this is an answer to prayer! We have been asking God to open new doors for our speakers and writers that only He could open.  Walk through it my friend.”

So on Tuesday I called the station and said yes, without really knowing what I was signing up for yet understanding that God had a plan.

You gals sure seem like you have a blast serving Jesus. Tell me one thing you love about each of the women you lead with at EC.

Only one?? I love that I serve with women who understand the power of prayer in our every day lives.  We begin each day with prayer individually and corporately.

What opportunities and resources do you provide for women who connect with the cafe’?
Oh man, that is growing everyday too!  We offer Daily Specials that are short menu items that can nourish their walk.
We offer opportunities for the EXTREME event to come to their area, where we bring the cafe experience to their city.
We offer downloadable podcasts of past shows, a daily Cafe Minute video where they can learn to study their Bible in bite-sized pieces, a club they can join for discounts and fun, a She Reads book of the month interview with an author in the Cozy Corner (featuring Jim Rubart with Book of Days in March), shopping fun, links to P31 and others, and a sister to walk you through the plan of salvation.

What is your greatest desire for the women you meet through this ministry?

To know they can sit around the table with us any time and find a listening ear, loving arms and praying hearts who not only share life, but direct them to the giver of life, Jesus Christ.

You are offering a giveaway to one of our readers today, what is it?

Our new At His Feet Journal! This great tool is packed with 225 non-repeating devotions with room to write on each page. It will help you grow your relationship with Jesus!

You can pour yourself a cup of cafe’ and have a little piece of Encouragement Cafe’ right in your own home!
Okay girlfriends, if you’d like to be entered in the random drawing to receive this inspiring devotional leave us a comment with your favorite place to read the Bible.
Or, if time is tight….or you really should go read your Bible now instead of leaving a lengthy comment, simply say “I’m in!”.
Happy Weekend!
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  1. As I get the coffee pot ready the night before, I feel myself getting excited and longing for morning to come. I sit in my comfy chair with by Bible, pen, notebook/journal and sit in the quiet of the morning before my husband gets up and my busy day at work begins. Even on the weekends, I get up early so I can have that quiet time; just me and God.

  2. I love to read my bible alone early in the morning before everyone else gets up. I snuggle up on the couch and must have a window to look out as I contemplate things, and I always have my journal by my side. Blessings to you!

  3. Regardless of where I read my bible, it prefer it to be a place of uninterrupted time alone with God. Usually, my bedroom or little computer room are my top locations of choice. During these quiet times with my Savior, I keep a pen & paper nearby because He uses these special moments to encourage faith inspired writing.

  4. I enjoy reading my Bible in bed at night before I go to sleep. That is my quiet time with the Lord. I would love to win this devotional, because I just finished the devotional I was reading daily & was going to go through an old one again, but a new one to go through is even better! Thanks & God bless your ministry!

  5. In my bedroom in a sweet little arm chair that I have just for sitting in to do/enjoy my mornings’ Bible readings and prayer.

  6. I love to sit in my recliner with my warm throw and read all of my devotionals and Bible:)
    Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway!
    Many Blessings and Smiles to you:)

  7. I love to study the Word on my sofa with a fuzzy blanket next to the fire burning in the woodstove. My favorite place to go after that is on my knees in front of the fire to hear from Him!

  8. My favorite place to read my Bible is sitting in a big chair in my family room —– but the place I most often read my Bible is at the kitchen table!

  9. Would love to win the devotional. I have been blessed by the ministry of women who love the Lord. It makes me aspire to higher ground. God Bless.

  10. I love reading and doing my Bible studies in bed at night before I sleep. Great way to end the day and a comfortable quiet place. Plus no distractions!

  11. My favourite place – AND TIME – is Sunday morning, in bed, with a cup of coffee which my husband lovingly brings me. :-)

  12. I Love to sit in a big old chair that once belonged to my grandma. As I sit and read my Bible on it I have to wonder how many times she did the same exact thing.

  13. I love to read stretched out on the bed under a cozy blanket (if it’s chilly) or with the sun shining through the windows with open windows (if it’s warmer). Also, love reading with my family at dinner!

    Thanks so much for this opportunity!

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