Move It and Lose It

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Do you hate exercise?

Me too.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to shake images from my past: being the last around the track in gym class; not being able to do the minimum numbers of chin ups for the President’s fitness test thingy every year; stinking at the ‘dashes’ in track–50 yard, 100 yard. Yep, I was more dwaddle and waddle than dash.

It still affects me today. Even though the gym I go to is full of mostly normal (and several elderly) people—it is a gym/hospital rehab combo, not a trendy gym– I still hate that I can’t crank up the treadmill to the speed of the gal next to me.

But I haven’t hated ALL exercise.

I used to love to play softball. And swim. And I was a cheerleader for years and captain of my college’s dance squad. (no snide remarks, please!)

I liked these activities because I thought they were fun and I was actually sort of good at them.

So, while I am in a bit of a movement slump recently, I’ve decided to quit focusing so much on the movements I loathe and try to go back to some I love.

Yep, just bought me a hip-hop dance exercise dvd . And I will have no audience, thank you very much! I’m hoping it will make the movement more enjoyable.

And I’m also planning on combining walking (which I don’t mind too much) with chatting with friends ( which I love). My Made to Crave Bible study is finished but some of us want to get together to pray and walk.

I think I’ll call it Made to Move.

We’ll just have to be careful we don’t walk to a coffee shop, grab an iced latte and drink back all the calories we just burned!

Now, tell us– what exercise do you enjoy?

There may or may not be a Starbucks gift card for one of you, chosen randomly, who comments! (You’ll just have to promise me you won’t use it for one of those screamin’ goodies in the glass bakery box!!!)

P.S. Thanks for the reminder in the comments from Gabriela. Have any of you memorized any scripture like we talked about back in March on this post? Let us know!!

Moving Blessings,


  1. Zumba!!! Love it – but it is definitely a good workout!! Also, I love going to the library when I get in a rut and getting 5 new workout dvds – I always like at least 1 or 2 of them and even if I can’t stand the other 3, I got 5 workouts in just trying them out!! And its a free way to try new workouts before you buy!!

  2. I don’t enjoy exercise… until i’m actually doing it – and then it’s not all that bad. I like Zumba, walking, and rowing… and I’m hoping to start running with my daughter.

  3. I like walking, but now with a 2 and 3 year old if we walk they want to bike, and not so much exercise happens. But I so need to lose the baby weight! So my hubby and I shopped and shopped and got a good deal on an elliptical. That way if I only have 10 minutes, I can make it count! Not my absolute favorite, but it works.

  4. I adore going on walks with my son. He’s 2 (soon to be 3) and he loves it too; he’ll walk the whole 3 miles (1.5 to and 1.5 from with a break at the playground) to the front of our neighborhood and back! I’m a CNA and a nursing student, so I’m constantly walking, lifting, pushing, pulling at work and clinicals, but I don’t really exercise. The walks I take with my son are a nice break for both of us!

  5. I so need to get up and move, but I hate doing it. Being a diabetic, I really need to move more which will continue to help me to loose weight and hopefully someday loose the medicine that I have to take daily. Reading what you wrote has encouraged me today to get up and move. Thank you!!

  6. I can’t think of a single exercise that I enjoy but I am going to read through all these comments and see if I can change that. If i had the time and money I think might enjoy yoga or pilates classes but may be not.

  7. Great idea – I love the name. I am currently doing the 21 days of made to crave so I think I’ll be moving next! :)

  8. I don’t enjoy exercise much, but do enjoy walking around the lake nearby with a friend. I should be doing it more often and since it is spring, the weather is much nicer here for it! I don’t have any excuses I guess : )

  9. I can’t afford a gym. I walk 4-5 times a week and try to do an aerobic video at home. I do one of Gillad’s Body’s in Motion. I kind of enjoy aerobics, however, my one year old grandson who now lives with me thinks I’m dancing and he wants me to hold him and dance with him, so I’ve cut back on that because it’s too difficult. I’ve tried to challenge myself to do some weight lifting but don’t enjoy it as much and tend to procrastinate it. I walk with my boyfriend so we get some great quality time as well as exercise and I look forward to that.

  10. Sorry, I’m not good at exercising! I start a program, then other things seem to take priority. I’m also at that age where I have to work 10 times harder just to lose a pound! No fun!! Would love to be entered in the contest tho!!!

  11. I have yet to find my preferred way of exercising. I have a membership to a women’s gym, but am having trouble finding the motivation to get up and go. I’m starting to pray for the desire to take care of the temple He’s entrusted to my care.

  12. I was in a exercise slump myself a few weeks ago. I decided to change what I was doing, which was walking on the treadmill, and I bought a kickboxing DVD…I LOVE IT! It has me moving in ways that just plain walking didn’t. I am so glad that I tried something new!

  13. I guess I forgot to say what exercise I do like when I find time. I like a variety of things from running,walking and swimming to dancing!! I find mixing it up keeps me from getting board.

  14. As a busy Mom it is so hard to make time to exercise but I know if I dont I will not be effective in other areas of my life. I love when I do go workout but find it hard to pencil it in my day. I like others would like to try the Body Gospel DVD. I also am reading Lysas book. I know with God all things are possible and I look to him for direction. I have a feeling he is going to nudge me and say I need to get up earlier to make time for my workout. I am remebering that my body belongs to Christ and if I am giving him all the Glory he deserves then I need to eat healthy and exercise. Blessings and Happy Mothers Day to All!!!

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