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If you have a man in your life who is also a father, have I got someone for you to meet! He is a clinical psychologist who will help them be an awesome dad and you’ll want to get his latest book for them for Father’s Day. Who is this helpful and wise man?

No, not Dr. Phil….Dr. Todd!

Dr. Todd Cartmell & I became friends nearly two decades ago when we both began speaking at Hearts at Home conferences. His popular workshops always had excited moms streaming out, ready to apply his concepts in their parenting.

Not only is he top-notch in his profession, but he is also a great sport too. I seem to recall a main stage skit where he donned a baby-carrier and changed a diaper and powdered a baby doll’s bottom, but since I want to stay friends with him and his sweet wife Lora, I won’t post any pictures! :-)

Now, meet Dr. Todd:

Dr. Todd Cartmell is a clinical psychologist who works with children, adolescents, and families.  He is the author of several books, including Project DadRespectful Kids, and Keep the Siblings-Lose the Rivalry.  Dr. Cartmell is a popular workshop speaker and regularly speaks on parenting issues throughout the country.  Currently practicing in Wheaton, Illinois, Dr. Cartmell and his wife, Lora, have two sons.

Project Dad is a humorous, biblically based guidebook to becoming a great dad. With short, entertaining chapters that cover the five key components for “Great Dadness,” this guidebook encourages fathers to take inventory of how they look at, talk to, connect with, act toward, and lead their children.  Dr. Todd’s message to dads is simple: God made you to be a great dad and coincidentally, that’s just what your kids are looking for.

~ Todd, what prompted you to write Project Dad?

I’ve had the chance to work with hundreds of boys and girls and as a result, have had the chance to see the huge impact that dads make in the lives of their kids.  I’ve seen many dads who love their kids and do a great job in some areas, but yet struggle with other areas, such as discipline, anger, or building a strong relationship connection with their kids.

However, I’ve seen many of these dads get serious about becoming a great dad and have been amazed at the impact it has had on their kids.  Boys and girls who had been sobbing in my office because of their dad’s harsh words now were grinning from ear to ear as they told me of their new relationship with their dad.

Bottom line: Every dad can be a great dad.  That’s a big part of who God made us to be.  I wrote Project Dad to be a light-hearted and practical guidebook that will show every dad how to be the great dad his kids need.

~ What do you think is the greatest challenge facing dads today when it comes to following through on their intentions to be a good father?

The greatest challenge facing dads that I see is getting connected and staying connected with their kids.  After all, dads are busy guys, with work demands, things to fix around the house, and NASCAR races to watch.

Sometimes, we just get sidetracked and forget to do the things that keep us connected with our kids.  Other times, we do things that actually disconnect us from our kids, such as yelling, making critical comments, or forcing them to watch the Cubs.

Either way, here are five simple things dads can do to get connected and stay connected with their kids:

-Daily warm physical touch (e.g., hugs, squeezes on shoulders and arms)

-Ask them about their activities

-Point out their positive choices (even the small ones)

-Play with them

-Pray together at bedtime

~ Since most of my blog readers are women, what can wives do to help facilitate the father-child relationship?

First, they should buy their husbands (and all their friends and co-workers) a copy of Project Dad. :-)

Second, wives should be encouraging to their husbands (think puppy training) by pointing out the positive ways they already connect with their kids and times when they handle situations in a strong and caring way.

Third, when a wife does have a suggestion, she should offer it in a positive way.  For example:

-GOOD:  “I think Billy would really love to spend more time with you, what do you think?

-NOT AS GOOD:  “Why don’t you try to pry yourself away from the TV for a split second so you can remind Billy that he ACTUALLY HAS A FATHER!”

Fourth, did I mention that they should get their husbands a copy of Project Dad?

~What do you most hope men who read this book will walk away with?

Project Dad is divided into five simple parts: how you look at, talk to, connect with, act toward, and lead your kids.  Dads will leave Project Dad feeling encouraged and equipped to become the dads they have always wanted to be.

For example, dads will learn how to:

-Look for the positives

-Use their words to shape their kids from the inside out

-Be a great listener

-Build a strong relationship with their kids

-Teach lessons like a coach, not a referee

-Lead their kids through the power of their example

~ You are offering a great giveaway to one of our readers. What is it?

In keeping with my civic duty to help as many dads as possible become great dads, I am going to give away two signed copies of Project Dad, one for the winner’s husband and one for a friend. God bless America!

Okay readers. If you would like to be entered in this giveaway, leave a comment on this post. Tell us a little about a dad in your life or to whom you’d give the second copy. The winner will be announced Wednesday.


  1. Thanks for another fantastic post. Where else could anyone
    get that kind off information in such a perfect means off writing?
    I have a predentation nerxt week, and I’m att thee search
    ffor suh information.

  2. My husband, Peter, is an amazing man of God and father to our two boys, almost 3 Aram and 7 month old Ethan. I would love for him to have this book, to encourage him in all he does right and all he wants to be. I would give the other copy to his best friend, Corey, as he is a great father to his daughter as well!

  3. I did not grow up with a dad in my life, nor did I have a grandfather. Therefore, the love of a father was never modeled in my life. As I started getting older, I realized the absence of my earthly father was effecting the way I viewed my Heavenly Father. I have heard it said, “the way we view our earthly father has an affect on the way we view our Heavenly Father.” This saddened me, because I wanted to experience the full embrace of my Heavenly Father. I wanted to know His love and acceptance of me.

    I began to pray that God would show me what a true Father looked like. I work in a Christian School, and soon thereafter, God began to use the father of one of my students to show me characteristics of a loving daddy. As I watched this dad embraced his daughters, listen to their hearts, smile when the approached him and physically protect them I began to see my Heavenly Father in a new light.

    While I know there are still many facets of my Heavenly Father that I’ve yet to encounter, I am thankful for this earthly dad (even though he’s not my own) that God used to open my eyes to the love of my “Abba.”

  4. I don’t have a husband but there are 2 men in my life who could certainly benefit from this book. One is struggling in a new divorce but very committed to being the best dad he can be. I have watched him go above and beyond with his 10 year old son and want to encourage him to keep up the good work. The other has been out of his children’s lives for the past 2 years due to divorce, illness and injuries but now is working hard at building a new relationship with his children who he obviously loves very deeply. Both men could greatly benefit from this book.

  5. This book sounds like a great resource for my husband. It would make a wonderful Father’s Day gift! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Thanks Karen for this opportunity! I would give a copy to my husband and share a copy with whomever God puts on my heart. Have a great day :)

  7. My husband is a good father but he still needs some direction. His father didn’t set a very good example for him.

  8. I have a husband who is a great father and could benefit from a closer relationship with his children.

  9. Oh, how great! Actually my husband was an awesome dad; so I’d love the two books for our sons who are now fathers of their own families.

  10. I would love to give these books to my son-in-laws especially the one who grew up without his father around as a role model. It would be a good way to reaffirm the things they are doing and give them encouragement and ideas that weren’t just from the in-laws.

  11. I would absolutely love to give a copy to my son and one to my son-in-law so they too could learn from someone like Dr. Todd. I want my grandchildren to grow up with all the positvie material that is available and with God’s guidance they will.

  12. I would love a copy of this book for my husband and one of our friends husbands. I have been trying to talk to my husband about how he talks/treats the kids. Don’t get me wrong he is a great dad but he yells more than I would like. I recently came across the following verse and it just spoke to me so much. “Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.” Ephesians 6:4 This so sums up how I think the kids feel sometimes, exasperated. He knows he needs to change, but it is a process. I think this book would be great for him. Blessings chris

  13. I would love these books…just in time for Father’s Day! I would give one to my fantastic hubby (who would probably pass it on when he was done with it!!) and the other one to one of my many brothers or brothers-in-law…I’d probably have to draw straws!! Thanks for including this post on dads and how to support them. Love it!

  14. I would love to give my husband a copy. He is a terrific dad and I’d love to read it over his shoulder. We’re due to become grandparents in November. Maybe this book would help both of us in this new journey. The second book would be given to our daughter’s boyfriend who has been very supportive and good to her and I’m sure wants to be the best father he can be too.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  15. Good morning and Thank you, God Bless I would love to have Dr. Todd books I have a son and a son-in-law that I would like for them to get closer to there kids, now when the kids are young and need the most from there Dad not just work work work and no play God has blessed both of them with great kids and I do not want them to realize one of this days that they did not spend enough time with there kids and feel that they missed out. I want them to Thank the Lord for there wonderful kids and enjoy them now. Thank You so very much for helping me out on my 2 and on all the other Daddies out there God Bless and continuo the good work.

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