What Food is Not

I’ve been contemplating lately what food is not.

Food is not my friend.

It may promise a feeling of familiarity, but in the end it betrays me.

Food is not my distraction.

It may divert my attention for a brief moment, but when the salty, greasy crumbs are wiped off on the front of my jeans, the issue I was avoiding still remains.

Food is not my tranquilizer.

Yes, it may numb me from the pain of my problems temporarily, but in the end, it actually compounds them.

And food is not my God, even though at times I may treat it as such.

“For I have told you often before, and I say it again with tears in my eyes, that there are many whose conduct shows they are really enemies of the cross of Christ.  They are headed for destruction. Their god is their appetite, they brag about shameful things, and they think only about this life here on earth.” Philippians 3:18-19

What other things can you think of that food is not?


  1. Food will not change a bad day into a good one. ahmmmm. (I’m speaking from the last 2 hours of trying to use food to make my day better) SURPRISE!! It didn’t work.

  2. Food is not my helper…………….food helps me procrastinate………….there are things I can’t do if I’m stuffing my face. At the end of the day, my tasks are not complete, I feel awful that I’ve strayed from my intention to eat well and I know that my body, God’s temple, will suffer.

  3. Food DOES NOT determine who I am nor who I can become; I can do all things through Christ Jesus who gives me strenght!

  4. Food is NOT my solution! It cannot solve my frustrations with my kids or the popcorn kernels that dumped all over the floor. It can’t fix the mismarked jeans that I have to return to Kohl’s. It won’t do my homework for me. In fact, it can create even bigger problems, pun intended, if I let it “solve” my problems!

  5. Food is not my peace maker. It will not bring peace where there is strife and discord.
    The Lord is the Lord of peace. I am capable of being at peace because the Spirit resides within me.

    Food is not my stress reliever.
    Instead I will build myself up in my hold faith. I will grab a hold of the One who can make the waves be still.

  6. Food is not my Comfort.
    The Spirit is my comforter.
    Whom do I have? I have the Lord, the maker and creator of the earth.

  7. Food does not complete me. My relationship with God completes me and in turn makes my relationship with others fabulous!

  8. Karen,

    Indeed food is an issue to Satan has delighted in placing confusion around! I have experienced times of grief and confusion on the matter as well. It’s even an issue for those of us ( like myself) that know how to eat healthy foods! The real issue is not having GOD clearly in focus, even though we think we have). We have all traveled long distances and God brings each of us from one point of glory to another. I am praying that all of us will finally put GOD in HIS First Place, find lasting peace ( that surpasses understanding) and then allow HIM to order our hearts and minds as it pertains food and all other issues of life!

  9. Thanks Karen! I was just thinking about renewing my mind and then I read this post. It
    helped me a lot! I paused and reflected at everything you ladies mentioned and I agree with you.
    Food is not my comforter
    Food is not my tranquilizer
    Food is not my entertainment
    Food is not my focus.
    Turning my eyes on Jesus.

  10. Food is not my clock–and neither is my stomach.

    I should govern the times I eat and the times I don’t. Not the food that’s so tempting, not when my stomach rumbles due to “hunger” that may not be hunger at all.

  11. Food is not my comforter.
    Food is not my strength.
    Food is not my peace.
    Food is not my identity.

    Amazing how the alternative for each of those (and the many others similar to them) have the same alternative: “but the Lord is!”

  12. Food shouldn’t control me. Nor should my guilt when I eat what I shouldn’t have. GOD is in control.

  13. Food is not my comfort. AND food is not the reason or center of a celebration, even though it may be the vehicle for celebrating.

  14. Food is not my reward! Why would we ever believe that “we have been doing so good this week, and we deserve a reward” and that reward undoes all of our progress? That’s the lie of the enemy! A reward is a walk in the woods, or a half hour under a shade tree with the Shepherd and His Word, or a movie with my kids, not food! Thank you God for TRUTH that can sink in and renew our minds to recognize ploys of the devil.

    Food is for the stomach, and the stomach is for food, but God will put an end to both of them 1 Cor 6:13a

  15. Food is not my entertainment; it is not meant for me to contemplate about all day long and obsess about instead of reading His word. It’s so easy to get caught up in the food blogging world instead of reading devotions or encouraging blogs on His word.

  16. Food is NOT giving me the “nutrients” that GOD can only GIVE! Food is only fuel that makes our bodies “work”. WE ALL HAVE CHOICES to make, I try to make the healthy foods enter God’s temple; He deserves the best!

  17. Food is not my companion. The results of it, I carry around with me called overweight! Christ is my companion, he doesn’t hurt me like food does!

  18. Food is not evil. Food is not my enemy.

    Food is simply fuel for living. Anything else is what I make of it – the authority, the priority, the power I give it.

    1. So true, Jaymie! I know I often want to villify food, but it is just food. Thanks for the reminder!

  19. Food is not a substitute for filling the places in our heart that only God can fill with His perfect love and peace. How often do I fill my empty places with food, only to be left hungry for what only my Heavenly Father can provide.

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