Let Dad Be Dad Interview with Tara McClenahan

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I wanted to let you know that my friend Mary Steinke and I will be a guest on Mommy Missions radio this Thursday with Tara McClenahan. Tara is a delightful new cyber friend & fellow mom on a mission!

Tara is a writer and Christian Mommy Mentor associated with iBloom which is an organization dedicated to inspire Christian women to allow God to have an impact in and through their lives. Her focus is helping Christian moms influence their children’s spiritual development by being a Godly example and nurturing them as God gives us guidance in His Word.

Be sure to check out the radio interview, which is on the topic of Let Dad be Dad, here. Mary and I will be sharing our trials and triumphs when it comes to being a parenting partner with our husbands and not a “mommy maniac” control freak. (And believe me, we have TONS of material on that topic, the good, bad and downright ugly!!!)

I hope you’ll check out Tara here. Poke around her site. She even has a free book on download called Moms on a Mission, which I would totally download if any of my teens were up to show me how!!

Hope you’ll listen in Thursday at 2 pm EST!!!

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