What to Order & Winner Announced :-)

Okay ladies– I had a total BLAST reading your comments over the weekend with what your “Panera Name” would be. I told you the winner would be chosen randomly, and she was. However, one of your comments was so clever I just had to call Marybeth & beg for a second book.

So, the winner of the entire prize package along with the book, chosen randomly, is: Laura Ann Adams who, if you bump into her at Panera would go by the name “Willow”

And,  the second gal, who wins just a signed copy of the book for her creativity is: Anne S. who wants to be known as “Ima Winner” :-)

Laura & Ann, send me your mailing address at [email protected] please. :-)

And hey, if you all want another stab at winning Marybeth’s great new book, She Makes it Look Easy, head over to my friend LeAnn at She Cooks. She is offering a fun “She Makes it Look Cheesy” giveaway centered on—yep, CHEESE! Click here to see it.

Now, speaking of both Panera and cheese, let’s talk eating out. Let’s brainstorm some healthy eat-out option at popular food chains that won’t clog your arteries or tip the scale. Here are my top five:

  1. Black bean soup with a whole grain baguette for the side at Panera Bread
  2. A oven roasted chicken breast 6 inch sub at Subway on 9 grain wheat with lots of veggies, mustard, vinegar & salt & pepper
  3. In a pinch, two hard shell tacos at Taco Bell ordered “fresco” style
  4. A Wendy’s small chili & a side salad with light Italian dressing
  5. A Burger King side salad ordered with a grilled chicken breast only for the side. They will usually cut it up for you to put on the salad & it ends up being way cheaper that the grilled salads on the menu & almost as filling.

Now, how about the rest of you. What do you order when you must eat out?

And how was your week with eating & exercise.

Mine stunk! But I’m waiting right now for my weight loss buddy Tammy to arrive soon so we can head out to a Weight Watcher meeting. Time to hit the restart button. Anyone else?


  1. I like the new salad at wendys, berry almond chicken. It is awesome and less than 400 calories. The dressing is Marzetti’s Raspberry Vinegarette. Awesome!

  2. When we go out for Mexican I get either a taco salad or grilled fish and vegetables. Both are mouth watering!

  3. I’ve had to hit the restart button again, too. Thank God for His strength, grace, and mercy. I started this Monday the Couch to 5k and push ups. But i realized i may have to walk a few weeks first.
    Today, I took my daughter swimming for an hour, but I swam and moved for 30 minutes!

    Chick fil A’s side salad, fruit salad, and carrot raisin salad.

  4. Olive Garden. We don’t live near one so to go is a real treat. My favorite lunch is a bowl of Zuppa Tuscani soup and all the salad. The bread sticks don’t do anything for me but I love the salad and soup.

  5. I just have to ask what is “fresco” style at Taco Bell? I love their hard shell tacos, have never heard of that before.

    1. “Fresco style” means without sour cream and cheese. They have a really good chicken burrito that is very filling ordered this way.

  6. If I have to eat out at lunchtime, I like to get a grilled chicken breast for Chick Fil A with a cup of fruit and a LARGE ice water. I have been doing great at bringing my lunch though and HATE when I end up having to be on the road during meal time. :)

  7. I love the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday’s……it is huge and full of so many good choices. I load up on the different lettuces and lots of spinach and the put just a little of all the toppings I like and then light, light, light on the dressing. I wish they has a good raspberry vinegrette…….I may have to buy some packets for my purse. I like Wendy’s apple pecan salad, too……..again light on the dressing. Always unsweetened tea unless I have my stevia with me. Now I just need to ramp up the exercise and convince my hubby that ice cream is not a necessity….LOL

  8. I like Wendy’s apple pecan grilled chicken salad – the 1/2 size. And at McDonalds their Southwest chicken salad (grilled) is good and reasonable in calories. I always get unsweet iced tea, too, Amy…but that’s because I’m a tea-a-holic and saving calories is an added bonus. It might be the only thing I like that isn’t calorie challenged!

  9. My favorite thing to get is the chili and a side salad at Wendy’s. Grilled Chicken salad with no cheese and lite dressing at Chik-fil-A is another favorite. It’s a huge salad! Also, I always get fresh brewed, unsweet, iced tea with lemon or bottled water instead of a soda. Helps cut WAY back on extra calories. :) I’ve been logging my food and exercise in my iPhone Weight WAtchers app. It’s a really great tool!

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