A Confident Heart Giveaway with Renee Swope

Have you ever felt any of the following?

~ I’m not good enough.

~ I have nothing special to offer.

~ I’d love to voice my opinion, but I’m afraid I’ll sound stupid.

~ Why does God seem to give everyone else the brains, skills and qualities? I am just a nobody.

~ If I am a Christian and serve the God who made heaven and earth, why do I lack confidence in myself?

Can you relate? If so, you will LOVE my friend Renee Swope’s very first book, A Confident Heart. Take 3 minutes to watch the book trailer here:

Renee Swope – A Confident Heart Book Trailer from SoundPost Productions on Vimeo.


I read Renee’s book just after her manuscript was completed and before it was published. As a woman who vacillates between sorely lacking self-confidence in certain areas to fearing I’ll cross the line into self-pride in others, A Confident Heart brought me balance.

Renee has drawn deep from the well of her life experiences, both pleasurable and painful, to craft a life-manual that is solidly biblical and perfectly practical.

This book will enable women to discover God’s original plan for them–that they would operate in the power of His word and as a result, unearth a holy confidence. Let this volume be your godly girlfriends GPS guiding you to a self-assured life lived for Christ!

~If you’d like a little taste of A Confident Heart, you can download chapter one here.

~ If you’d like to order the book, click here.

~ And, if you want to be entered in a drawing to win one of three copies Renee is giving away here on my blog, leave us a comment with the area in which you most struggle with doubt and a lack of self-confidence. (or God-confidence as Renee calls it!)

Winners announced Monday!


  1. I am 36, have 5 kids, married to a great man and I don’t know what I’m doing half the time. I don’t see one thing that I excel at or am really great at doing. I don’t really believe people when they offer praise or compliments and it really stinks. I don’t want to be this way but I don’t know how to be any different.

  2. I often struggle with my role as both “Mom” and “teacher”- as we homeschool our three boys! I often wonder if I am “good enough” and what if I really mess ’em up?! It is only with God’s peace and promises that I persevere and continue, every day, with His help!

  3. I struggle with self-doubt that seems to seep it’s way into many areas of my life. The most that bothers me is when I hear God’s still, small voice and I don’t feel I am capable or adequate to accomplish what he has given me to do, no matter how small the task. I struggle with self-worth I am a stay-at-home mom with 3 children (2 school-age) and am too much of perfectionist. If I don’t think I can excel at a task, I have found myself not even trying…but I am a work in progress and God hasn’t given up on me yet!

  4. I struggle with not believing that I am amazing and capable because God created me. I doubt my ability to homeschool our kids, to be the wife my husband needs, to be the best me that I can be.

  5. I have been a chronic approval addict for as long as I can remember. I am weary of it and long to live a secure life. I am tired of feeling as if I do not measure up. I know that this book is a key to FREEDOM!!!!!! Thank you for your generosity and HOPE!!!!!

  6. My biggest confidence struggle comes with my being overweight. I feel like that’s all people see and know about me.

  7. I often have thoughts about being good enough. Am I a good enough mom? I’m I a good enough employee? Wife? And the list goes on and on. I think I need this book to help me through some of my issues with insecurity and self esteem. Sometimes others don’t think this is a struggle for me but on the inside I wrestle continually.

  8. Struggle with doubts about being a good Pastor’s wife, a good enough Mom, & a good enough wife! (The list goes on). Thanks for entering me!!!

  9. I struggle with self value and stepping out on faith, when I know God is leading me to do something. I think the reason is the negative environment I was raised in. I am stepping out on faith and moving to another state in January. In the natural it does not make sense. But I hear God saying “Go and I will meet you there!!!”

  10. I struggle w/self doubt a lot. I was painfully shy as a child and I think I’ve always just been way too self-conscious. I’ve read the first chapter of this book and would love to read the rest!

  11. I struggle most with the fear of failure or not being good enough. So many times I have held back from opportunities in my life because is was easier to stand still and do nothing than it was to take the leap and risk making a mistake.

  12. WOW! I have struggled with self-confidence and self-esteem FOREVER! My husband is a Youth Pastor, a godly man who KNOWS God’s word…and I feel so small and itimidated by even going to small group on Thursday mornings and “what if I say something stupid” “what if I miss interpreted what God was saying” so, I tend to stay quiet, and not voice my thoughts (too often) I would love to read this book and hopefully see it along with God to change my life, and how I view me

  13. I struggle with being confident that I’m worth being heard. When I walk into a crowded room, I assume I won’t be paid attention to and quietly just “listen in” on conversations. And I’m not confident that people will actually even notice me. I’m gob-smacked every time an acquaintance remembers my name – I always feel like I’m a pretty unremarkable person.

    Congrats to Renee! It’s obvious from the comments here that her book touches on a hot topic for us women.

  14. I doubt that I am doing a good job as a step-mother and I struggle with the confidence that other women like me enough to include me in get togethers. The book sounds great!

  15. Area i struggle with is within motherhood… i struggle with the self-worth and sometimes doubt the kinda mother i have been.

  16. Truly, for me, it would be easier to answer what I do not struggle with in the confidence/doubt area. I can believe all of God’s promises and truths for others, but struggle to do so with myself. My life has certainly not gone as planned, and I often feel like “God’s stepchild” and other christian women’s “step sister.” You know, the one not in the “in crowd.” The one bearing the mark of divorce, broken family, and yes – wayward children. As a homeschooling mom, in a life far far away, I unfortunately taught my children that God is a bunch of rules to keep, not Grace for the broken, medicene for the soul. That was all I was taught, and it was not enough to sustain me in times of trouble. But God has always been faithful to me, never letting me go, never leaving me even when others did. And still, somewhere inside of me – God beckons me to the “more life.” I just often don’t give myself permission to do so, as I seem to want to punish myself – as if that will make things better. So there it is – the ugly of my life. But I haven’t given up hope – I just need the proper tools to do the work He has for me with a heart that rests safely in Him. Keep putting the truth out there – many of us are starving for it!!!

  17. Karen
    I listened to your video and thought of my daughter. Such a smart capable woman, yet she walked away from so many opportunities because she felt she wasn’t good enough. She let hurts and disappointments from her past color so many of her decisions. Her fear of failure has crippled her success much too often. She expects to be disappointed by others. Your story is something she needs to hear. Thanks for writing it.

  18. I have struggled all my life with no confidence in myself. I always have compared myself to others feeling I wasn’t good enough. I always tell myself ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” That helps but I still doubt myself.

  19. I lack confidence in knowing I have the mind of Christ. and that He is always with me and will speak through me. I hold back a lot afraid of saying the wrong thing.

  20. I struggle with rejection, trust and value in myself….stemming from suicide loss of a spouse and other assorted imperfect human being things that turned into regret. Sounds like this book was written for me AND so many others.

  21. Growing up abused by a violent & angry stepfather instilled in me a nice strong cord wrapped around my heart that says “keep away – damaged goods”, which has allowed the enemy to torment me daily for the past 50 years with shouts of “ha ha ha you’re NOT good enough, NO ONE really cares about you, you’re ugly, & even God laughs at you”…… Fast forward to this moment in time & I have surrendered (sometimes i have to do that again and again) that stronghold to the Lord & now lead a women’s fellowship where I am quickly learning that this battle against perpetual unworthiness is a constant denominator in most of our lives & a tool the enemy uses to distract & deter us from learning & under-standing God’s immense, intense, incredible love for His children. I pray God uses this book to undo the bindings in our hearts and give us freedom to embrace Him fully.

  22. The thing I struggle the most with is second guessing myself. I know that is a form of self-doubt and I think there is a direct correlation with being in The Word of God. The more I am in His Word, the less room there is for self, and the more my confidence in Him grows. I need to constantly be filling and refilling myself with the Bread of Life and Living Water.

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