Introducing Luke Cyrus

Psst…. I have a secret confession to make.

I’ve had a hidden dream to sing back up for a particular musician.

No, not Toby Mac (although I LOVE his music).

Not Sara Groves (my other favorite–and yes, I know. Those artisits are polar opposites. I enjoy a wide variety of music.)

Not even for the Eagles. (Oops! My 1970’s roots are showing.)

When I took my July sabbatical from blogging and month-long Facebook fast (which I wrote about here in “Breathe”, I was just about to post a piece on this beloved musician. His name is Luke Cyrus.

I first met Luke when we attended a home fellowship with his parents in the 90’s. Later we would attend the same church, Luke would be one of my son’s basketball coaches and the other’s camp counselor. Our daughter led worship with him at a local Bible Sports Camp.

Then, he won the Clinton County Idol contest for our local town. His original songs are fabulous! Some deep. Some clever and catchy. A little country. A little contemplative.

He is a gifted guy who loves Jesus and I would so love if you’d hop over to his Facebook page to learn more about him and take a listen to his stuff. You’ll be glad you did!

Here is Luke’s story, in his own words:

Long, long ago, in a land far away…

There lived a little whippersnapper who was three years old. For this particularly young, musical cadet, fun was had, by whacking away on his mom’s pots and pans with spoons. In fact, legend says that most of her big metal bowls still have dents in them to this day. For Luke, his love of the musical arts started in the kitchen.

The first  (non-kitchen utensil) instrument Luke started playing was the violin when he was 4 years old.

Luke resides in Bath, Michigan, which is also referred to as “Home of the International Bathtub Race” (they have bathtub races at their city festival each year).

For a day job, you will find Luke playing music at retirement, assisted living and nursing homes all across Michigan (about 70 different facilities to be exact).


Yeah…So let’s change things up a bit…ah, that’s better. I’m going to stop writing this little bio thingy in the “3rd person”.

Just because.

Anyways, where was I….Oh yeah…My bio thingy.

I love God!

I love my family.

I love people.

I write songs (and sometim­es I do this while I’m mowing the lawn).

Creation inspires me in general. Especially huge expanses of water, earth and space.

I like recording and mixing music…but before this takes place…I have to find a quiet place (quiet places include, but are not limited to: my room, mom’s office, friends cottage, my mini-van etc.) so I can concentrate (I get distracted easily), and then dream up a melody.

I play: Violin/Fiddle (Thank you Mom and Dad for putting up with all that nasty squeaking at first), Guitar, Tennis, Mandolin, Keyboard, Harmonica, Golf, Bass Guitar and the radio sometimes.

My family has a Golden Retriever named Maddie.

I was Homeschooled, and yes, I do have friends:)

I like beaches in remote, tropical areas.

OK, back to the music aspect of things.

Well, I’ll keep on making as many tunes as I can and then posting them.

So, my friends, like hawks utilizing their intuitive keenness and sharpness of eyes, pay close attention to mind future posts on this site, because if the Lord tarries, more melodies shall come.

You can connect with me through my Facebook page which will give you a little taste of my music. Once again, thank you for checking this site out. You can get to it by clicking here.

All Glory to God,


Okay friends— I am going to ask that you please head over to Luke’s site and “Like” it. While there, take a listen to some samples of his music by clicking on “info” and be sure to check out his first full-length music video entitle “Teach Me to Breathe” by clicking here. (This video could have been the theme for my “Breathe” sabbatical!)

It would be oh-so-great if you liked both his Facebook page and his video. I’ve watched this young man closely for years as he has tried to break into the recording business in a way that honors God.

He is the real deal.

Will you spread some of the love I know you for Luke’s way today? Thanks sooooo much!

I’ll be back here later this week with a muscial giveaway.

Back-up Singing Blessings,



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  4. Beautiful song sung by a beautiful spirit.

    As I was listening, I was reminded that while “breathing” is often associated with being a natural routine that we exercise unconsciously, it is also a supernatural routine that we need to exercise consciously.

    Thanks for sharing lovely.


  5. Thanks for introducing me to Luke! I pray God continues to bless him and his music reaches far and wide!

  6. What a beautiful song! Thank you for sharing your blog today with Luke. God has given him such a powerful message to share with others.

  7. Thank you for sharing this young man and his song. I liked the song and shared the link on my FB page for the song.
    I am still learning to breathe:)

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