Getting Kids Talking Giveaway with Mary DeMuth

In my post earlier this week, we chatted a bit about raising kids who are passionate, not perfect.

Another goal I’ve had as a mom is to raise kids who will confide in us. Communication is key to any healthy relationship but sometimes getting kids to open up isn’t the easiest task to accomplish.

Enter my friend Mary DeMuth.

Mary is a writer, speaker, wife, mother, writing mentor and worshipper. A prolific southern fiction writer, she also has two fabulous books for helping parents raise kids who are confident, courageous Christ-followers. I’m including a copy of each in today’s giveaway. It includes:

~ A copy of 150 Quick Questions to Get Your Kids Talking

~ A copy of You Can Raise Courageous & Confident Kids; Preparing Your Children for the World They Live In

~ Some Orville Redenbacher’s movie theatre butter popcorn to munch on while you talk with your kids

Hear Mary’s heart on a few elements brought forth in her books:

Mary, what prompted you to write 150 Quick Questions?

I wrote the questions because I grew tired of just doing “What was your high & low point of today?” around the dinner table. I wanted to delve more deeply into my kids’ hearts.

So I wrote up 150 questions, printed them, cut them into strips and put them in a basket in the middle of our kitchen table. The kids took turns taking them out. So we tested all of these before they ever became a book. In fact, it was a few years before Harvest House published them.


Why do you feel engaging kids in conversations is more valuable than issuing ultimatums?

Engaging kids in chatter is a great way to our kids’ hearts. They’re more likely to entrust us with their secrets, fears, and wishes if they feel we’re listening. They will naturally confide if they feel safe. It’s always better to go for relationship, because good behavior flows out of good relationship.

What is the best piece of parenting advice you’ve ever been given?

Best piece of advice: Look into your kids’ eyes. Stop and pay special attention to them when you’re talking to them. Make them feel like they’re the most important person in the room.

Okay friends, if you would like a chance to receive this helpful book bundle, leave us a comment telling us either the best piece of parenting advice you’ve been given or your favorite way to connect with your kids—a game, tradition or simple activity. Winner announced Friday.


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  1. best advice… I heard on the radio one day that you should keep a notebook and write things to your child/teenager and then they write back. It really helped communication, it seemed easier to write things out instead of ending up yelling at each other…

  2. One of my favorite things is when the power goes out and we all gather around the table with candles and play board games. And camping because there arent all the distractions.

  3. I have six children ages 25, 23, 19, 16, 10 and 7 as well as two grandsons ages 2 and 4. I try very hard and consciencly not to ever compare one to another. It is much more fulfilling to embrace the differences and celebrate their uniqueness.

  4. I would love to receive the Giveaway pkg!!! As a Grandma of 4 it’s very important to me to see my Grandkids grow and mature in Christ!! My 12, 8 & 8 yr olds profess Christ and the 6 yr old has not as of yet. I love to talk to them about the daily things in front of them that remind us of God’s goodness!!

  5. Our kids treasure our time…..we should never be too busy for them. Include them in what we’re doing and be interested in what they are doing. Today is a gift from God…..and so are our children!

  6. I have a teenager now and its getting harder to talk to him. He doesnt want to hang out at home anymore, he wants to be with friends. Im not sure how to open up the lines of communication. I also have twin 10 year olds and they still want to be around mom and home. When they are talking to me I try to get at eye level and really pay attention to what they are saying to me. We have good conversations quite often. Hugs and I love yous are very abundant in our house.

  7. Just love them and keep them before God was the best advice I’ve gotten. My daughter also likes girl time with just her and me to just talk or do an activity of some sort.

  8. Family dinners at the table. Conversation and prayer. It’s harder than it sounds in todays environment especially as the children get older.

  9. Some of the best advice I can give – Don’t yell at your children. If your kids are afraid that you will only get mad at them and yell, they won’t want to talk to you. It’s hard sometimes. You get frustrated with them. It’s important though that we respond to every situation in love. This teaches them to respond to others in love. This is how God responds to us. Teach by example and leave the relationship open to communication.

  10. Family time around the dinner table. Conversation and prayer. It’s tougher than it sounds in todays environment especially as the children get older.

  11. Belly laughs!!! Last night is was peekabo with the older kids and our baby, other times it is tickling or pillow fights, games of chase or tag. We all end up in a heap laughing at the end, and those connections seem to build a bridge to further communication. The books look fantastic! Thanks to you both!

  12. My favorite way (time) to connect with my daughter is during the car rides to and from school. I love it when she shares her day with me.

  13. My favorite time connecting with my kids is at bedtime. I love talking with my daughter and asking her about her favorite thing that day. Reading together and praying together. It’s just “mom and me” time and I hope to continue to do this! (Although the books may change a bit as we grow ;-)

  14. The best advice about parenting I’ve ever gotten was from my dad. He said, “You are always teaching them something. Figure out what you want to teach them in every circumstance.” Thanks Dad!

  15. The most recent best advice I have experienced is :
    Remember to listen well and pause intentionally.
    Give love without expectations. Loving my family in each moment for who they are not what they do. Just as our Heavenly Father loves us.
    More is Caught by our children (of any age) than taught
    And most importantly…..
    Pausing to practice patience and waiting for His answers.

  16. The best way I have found to communicate with my kids is just setting time aside for just them and having fun. Making time to just enjoy them and letting them know I love them and that they are very important to me in every way opens the door of communication up for us to have great conversations!

  17. The best advice I’ve received is kind of like what Mary said. Always talk to to your kids down at their level so you’re not towering over them.

  18. Bedtime! I love to sit on my sons bed, looking him right in the eye and ask him how his day was and anything on his heart. I find this is the time where he opens up most.
    And thanks for the chance to win this book. Sure sounds like a good one.
    Colleen G.

  19. Parenting Advice: every season is temporary–give thanks for the smooth, give thanks that the rocky season is temporary and always give yourself and your kids room to recover from failure (grace ‘m)

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