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Not too long ago, I received a request to review a manuscript for an upcoming book that was being released. The book was about saving money. I immediately said yes. (Who doesn’t want to save money these days?)

What a delight to get a sneak peek at this helpful manual. I immediately saw that financial genius Dave Ramsey had endorsed it. (The hubster & I love us some Dave Ramsey!) Here is what I wrote after devouring the manuscript:

“Is your menu plan running low on ideas while your grocery costs climb higher than your stretched-too-tight budget can handle?  Fear not! Kelly Hancock has crafted the ultimate handbook for saving money and time, both at the market and in the kitchen. Why, this book just might save your sanity as well! Sprinkled throughout with practical tools, inspiring scriptures and clever ideas, she’ll teach you it isn’t just about saving cash. Its about blessing others with the fruits of your frugality. My new favorite go-to grocery (and giving ) guide!”

Well, now you can enjoy it too. This book Saving Savvy, by Kelly Hancock is in bookstores now!  If you want creative ideas for eating well on a budget, this is it!

Kelly left a successful career in the corporate world to stay at home and raise a family. In the process of adjusting to a radical drop in household income, she discovered a treasure trove of secrets and strategies for saving money, buying smart and experiencing the joy of giving. She began a blog——that became wildly popular, receiving thousands of visitors each week. Kelly is now a frequent guest on radio and television programs. She and her husband, Bradford, have two children and live in Nashville, Tennessee.

Here is the publisher’s description of the book:

Everybody wants to save money, but sometimes it’s just too difficult and overwhelming. Kelly Hancock, popular blogger and media personality, has done the hard work for those who want to save big!

Her saving secrets will help readers cut their spending half – even before they clip the first coupon.

Kelly was a successful business professional who abruptly changed her mind to stay home after the birth of her first child. But it didn’t make financial sense on paper. So Kelly figured out a way to cut family’s overall spending substantially and their grocery budget by 80%. They not only discovered how to make ends meet, they were able to give more generously to others.

She reassures readers that God will faithfully provide for those who seek to honor.

Be sure to visit Kelly’s site or check out her book on Amazon today. You will save the price of the book on your very next shopping trip. Buy it today! (No, I am not getting a kick-back from those who buy it. I just get a kick out of saving money and helping other do so too!)

If you’d like a chance to win a copy of this money-saving guide, leave a comment here telling us in what part of the grocery store do you drop the most dimes? Meats? Frozen foods? Convenience foods? Produce? Or any money saving food tip you might want to share. Winner will be announced Friday.

Happy saving!


  1. I probably spend the most on convenience foods. Two of my daughters have moved back home and need quick items to take in their lunch or eat for breakfast. Although one really likes fresh fruit – so it is probably a toss up between produce and convenience foods.

  2. We raise our own meat so we spend the most in convenience foods for those lazy days.
    Thanks for writing Karen!

  3. I do not have any good ways to save money on food but I would certainly love to learn how they are some great ideals in the coment section. thanks for leting me knoe about the book I would love to be able to get it I will maybe in a week or two if I do not win . Thanks for the chance

  4. My youngest child just went to college this year so my grocery bill isn’t too high. But with two kids in college we are trying to say money wherever we can. Also, I have started working longer hours at my job so I am more likely to buy convenience foods than in the past. I would love to read this book!

  5. I recently became a stay at home mom, and we are still trying to get the budget worked out. Anything that will help me save at the store will be great!

    I think I spend the most in frozen foods. I had been trying to buy fresh, but frozen still is cheaper. I also have a pre-teen that will eat the house if I don’t keep a good supply of frozen snack options (Pizza rolls, pizza, burritos, etc).

  6. Meats and produce, I just joined Weight Watchers and I am trying to eat healthier also when I have fruits on hand it is better to eat them instead of snacks. I am also new to couponing and saving and want to learn all I can. Thank You for sharing with us!

  7. I look forward to this book! Thanks for sharing. I probably “drop the most dimes” in produce. Eating healthy, whole foods is so expensive these days. I look forward to learning some new money-saving strategies.

  8. Karen thank you for always sharing valuable information. You are a blessing! Iwork three evenings out of the week and no time to cook, we sometimes have to eat out and that is very expensive. when i buy groceries i spend a lot of money on produce, vegetables and meats my husband has to have meats plus he eats lunch out every single day of the week we are spending to much money eating out and i love to cook help!

  9. I’d definitely pick meat dept. too.
    It’s almost as painful as purchasing gas for my car.
    We’ve learned to slim down our menu’s. Everything has skyrocketed!

  10. The meat section!!! I am always looking for different recipes that use the less expensive cuts of meat. My crock pot is one of my best friends and I am looking for new recipces to use with it now that Fall is on its way. (I live in Texas so I am patiently waiting on the cooler weather.)

  11. Meats, mostly. And I get frustrated trying to eat healthy and avoid the unpronounceable ingredients when that makes my grocery bill go up even more.

  12. I don’t find myself spending alot of money in one specific area I try to only buy what I would eat in one week. I’m single and so I find that if I buy more than a weeks worth of groceries more goes to waste than I would eat. I also try to cook a large meal on Sunday so then I can eat leftovers all week long for lunch.

  13. It seems like everything is getting more expensive at the grocery store lately. I buy a lot of milk every week and spend a lot in frozen foods and produce.

    Rebecca Hahn

  14. I spend lots in the dairy section, milk, eggs, butter, cheeeses, sour cream, etc. AND ice cream for my husband! The book sounds awesome. Thanks for the chance to win.
    Thanks and have a great day.

  15. I spend the biggest bucks on cleaning products, and things like vitamins and OTC medicines (such as pain relievers, allergy meds). I am not good about clipping coupons, and even when I clip them, I don’t seem to remember to take them with me to the store! This book sounds like something I could use.

  16. The biggest frustration in our grocery budget for me are the breads. I bake ours sometimes, but the regular price of somewhat-healthy bread keeps jumping – and I can rarely find coupons for it.

  17. Mine would have to be meats. I’d love to spend less and cut down but my husband insists it’s not a meal unless it has meat, so that’s where we splurge.

  18. I would have to say that we spend the most on meats and fresh produce. Trying to eat healthy is costly but so good for you! I’d love some tips on how to save some money while maintaining healthy eating habits!! Thanks to both of you :-)

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