Write it Down Weekend Giveaway

Have you ever had so much to do that you put off even making a to do list? In fact, you were afraid that if you actually wrote down all that you had to do, you’d be too scared to look at it!

Be brave, sisters. I have been there. (In fact, I’m there as we speak!)

I find that the days I spin my wheels are the days that I don’t have a written plan of attack.

Or at least a short list.

Okay….or even a single sticky note!

I am headed off to make my list; my plan off attack for the weekend and its many projects. Some are physical (painting a dresser). Some are mental (writing—lots and lots of writing).

Before I go, here is a giveaway designed to help you ‘write it down’.

It includes:
~ A whimsical kitchen menu planner
~ A week-at-a-glance pad for your desk
~ Some cute blue sticky notes with a little bird on them
~ A pack of my favorite pencils–Ticonderoga # 2’s
~ A package of cinnamon hot cocoa
~ A signed copy of my book The Complete Guide to Getting & Staying Organized

To be entered, leave a comment telling us this: what are you doing this weekend?

Oh yeah, and if it involves a task, better write it down!!! ;-)



  1. Tomorrow I will be headed to work to finish a few tasks. A teacher never stops thinking, so… I have lists for my lists and I’ve been convicted that I need to honor the commandment of Keep the Sabbath day Holy. Therefore, I am jam packing my Sat, so that my Sun will be given to God and spend time resting.

  2. On Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be working at Walmart. At least I can get to Sunday school first. I also am trying once again to get my house organized. I started today which was my day off and took a carload of clothes to Good Will. Tomarrow, my husband and son will clean out our carport and take stuff to the dump. I hope they also get shelves up in my son’s room. I can get a great honeydo list together. Does that count?

  3. I am looking for a vehicle with the hubby, doing a retreat with friends, chuch, grocery shopping, menu, schedules for the following week, cleaning, laundry, and visiting with my parents.

  4. I’ll be enjoying the nice fall weather on Saturday. On Sunday after church, I’ll be heading into my classroom to start getting stuff ready for next week and the new teacher we are getting. A teacher’s to-do list is never complete, haha! :)

  5. We have my sons soccer game tomorrow. Then baking a gluten, dairy, egg free cake for my daughter and getting ready for her party Sunday. Lots to do wish I had an organizer to write it on :)

  6. My family will be going to my son’s football game on Saturday and to my grandpa’s 87th birthday on Sunday. Unfortunately, he lives by Duluth, so we’ll be gone the whole day and will miss church. But, we haven’t seen him in 4 1/2 years, so it is really time to go up again!

  7. I’ll be holding and adoring one of God’s most precious gifts this weekend…my 1st grandchild, Lillian Frances….She is a beautiful example of God’s perfect work!

  8. I’m a Tastefully Simple Team Leader, farmer & mother of two. There is always more to do than there are hours in a day. But..because family is our most important we are going to visit grandpa this weekend.

  9. Saturday –continue painting (hopefully finish so the house can have some order again)and make apple crisp for the church picnic which is Sun. and if there is time make a batch of cookies for my husband.
    Sunday — worship, Bible class, late afternoon enjoy the church picnic.

  10. My weekend plans include putting out my fall decorations and cooking for a friend who just had surgery. Sunday will include church, lunch, attending a bridal shower, then relaxing with family.
    Happy weekend!

  11. Setting up a cub scout popcorn booth, watching my boy play soccer, going on a date with my husband, attending my 15 year class reunion, (working on a couple court reports -ugh), worship service on Sunday morning, laundry, and hopefully relaxing with a good book!

  12. Tonight we had football practice and gymnastics for my son and soccer practice and acrobatics for my daughter. Tomorrow morning we have a soccer and a football game then we are off to the library to get some books for school reading logs…after that kids get some free time and mom needs to work on a report for work. Sunday, it is church in the morning, more work on the report, then Children’s choir that night. Have to work in some laundry and housekeeping a long the way!

  13. This weekend I have dedicated to spending time alone with my 10 year old daughter (the middle child). I am taking her to Lansing, MI for the Saturday evening Secret Keeper Girl event (for moms and tween daughters). I told her that the whole weekend is for her and we’re going to do all her favorite things, so we’re leaving in the morning for Lansing and going to the Impression 5 science museum, then will have an early dinner at her restaurant of choice (probably somewhere that serves spaghetti), and then the evening event. We are staying in a hotel with a pool and not checking out on Sunday till the last minute. Finally, before heading home we are going to go horseback riding together. Finances for our family have been very tight, but the Lord has blessed me with extra work lately, and laid it on my heart to spend some special one-on-one time with this particular child. My oldest and youngest have had plenty of time with me alone, but this one has had to share on every side. She is an easy going child – so much so that she will suffer before she will inconvenience anyone. She never asks for anything – even for birthday or Christmas. If you ask her what she wants, she will always say that she has everything she needs. I have never known anyone as content as she is. She is loving and affectionate, and a friend to all. She would give someone in need the shirt off her back. It has been said many times to me that people feel better just to have her around and that she is like a ray of sunshine in their lives. Time is going so fast, and I really felt the need to do this special weekend with her. She will be 11 in a few weeks, so maybe it can be an early birthday gift. :)

  14. Hi Karen!
    I am helping to take care of my parent’s veggie plants, other outdoor plants and indoor plants as well, so I will drive over there andbe doing that this weekend; working on a Christmas crocheted scarf (hopefully finishing it and starting another); cleaning the bathroom sink; hopefully doing some to get ready for an apartment inspection I have early next week; washing the scarves I’ve already made; write a letter to someone who’s incarcerated, talk to my friend in CA on the phone; talk to my friend in MN on the phone and chat w/my friend in England via IM and I’m sure there is more but i can’t think of more right now. I think I need a list!. LOL
    Have a great weekend!
    ~Mippy :)

  15. This weekend I am doing some deep cleaning, laundry, etc while most of my family is away for a day and a half. I will also be going with my oldest son to shop for a new vehicle on Saturday and just enjoying a day out with him. On Sunday I will be at church and spending the day with my family. : )

  16. I am making a homemade pinata, 48 cupcakes, cleaning for my daughter’s Birthday party, organizing the childcare notebooks and registration forms for our MOMS group, blanching and freezing beans, making pickles, and doing lesson plans our next week of home school. HOLY COW! Now that I have written all that down, I better go get started!!!

  17. Need to finish the garage cleanout that was started last week. Saturday morning coffee with my husband then to the farmers market to pick up stuff to can salsa as our garden isn’t doing as well this year. Then to the high school to work concessions for the first soccer game then watch the second one as our son is playing. Hopefully can the salsa in the evening. Sunday church – first nursery duty – then Sunday school. Finish Salsa and go to community group in the evening. Hopefully time to rest and enjoy my family between activities.

  18. I have my daughter’s marching band competition this weekend. I need to get caught up on lots of housework that I have put off this week. And I need to go visit 2 new babies that have joined our family.

  19. Saturday morning I’m having some blood-work done and then I’m getting my hair trimmed. In the afternoon we have to go to the funeral home (please pray for my cousin, Linda – one of her children has passed away). After church on Sunday, my husband and I will go out for brunch. In “free” minutes I’m trying to start putting away summer clothes and get out some warmer ones.

  20. My weekend will start with grocery shopping. Tomorrow will be playing with my two year old boy and baking items for my husbands barbeque to raise money for his mission trip to Haiti. Sunday will be church and then off to help with the barbeque.

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