Fall Decorating Giveaway


But before we tackle Christmas, let me ask you. What does fall look like around your house?

Our table, complete with the pumpkin made from nylons that Mitch crafted in his first grade homeschool academy.

Have you visited a pumpkin patch? Brought in some fall leaves? Scattered gourds in a basket or mini-pumpkins in a bowl?

Found the Happy Harvest sign on clearance at TJ Maxx. (I love that place!) and the basket of Indian corn and gourds is from our local farmer’s market.

Farmer’s markets are also great places to pick up fall mums that will stay looking colorful even during fall frosts. Here are some I grabbed the other day at a local one for only $8!

Tell us today what fall decorating you do around your house. You could win the following:

~ Three decorative signs to spruce up your home. They say Faith, Hope & Love.

~Some Godiva chocolate truffles in ice cream shoppe flavors.

~A signed copy of my book A Life That Says Welcome: Simple Ways to Open Your Heart & Home to Others. It has tons of tips for decorating on a shoe-string budget and using items in fall to make your home cozy.

So tell us….what is fall like at your place?

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  1. I love decorating with the ‘colors’ of fall. Burnt oranges, burgandy, mustard yellow, plum, etc… My favorite time of the year!

  2. I always get mums and out them in pots on my front porch and on the back patio also. I have a Fall door wreath I put up and a Fall Flag with Labradors on it. In the house I have Artificial Fall leaves and a few scarecrows that are cute for the kids. I always like to decorate for the seasons and holidays.

  3. I have a leaf garland around my front door. Ceramic pumpkins on my mantle, a dish of leaves, pinecones & acorns, candles, and some wheat tied with bows. I wish Fall lasted longer than 3 months!

  4. I’m off to the nursery today to buy mums for the porch! I have a glass hurricane that I fill with small gourds and mini-pumpkins. Next week we’ll head to the pumpkin patch. Scented candles, of course!

  5. I LOVE the fall season! We don’t do as much decorating for fall as we do for Christmas, but we put tissue paper leaves on the front door and windows in fall colors (I got the idea from here: http://www.frugalfamilyfunblog.com/2011/09/autumn-window-collage.html) We love the way the light shines in on the colors, and my toddler can practice learning his colors!

    We love pumpkins (unadorned) and mums on the porch, too. And violas in containers on the steps.

    Thanks for this kind opportunity!

  6. Hi Karen,
    I love the country look so outside I have two mums and two pumpkins on either side of my front porch pillars. I have a large flag to the side of my butterfly bush which says “Harvest Blessings.” The American flag is always hanging on one of my front porch pillars as long as it is not raining. By the side door a small garden flag with a scarecrow picture. By the front door a 3ft scarecrow welcoming guests and on the other sire a 2ft wooden gate with welcome on it and fall/country decorations. My porch table has a wrought iron pumpkin with an orange and yellow berries ring in it.
    Inside there are various faux pumpkins, baskets, butterscotch candle, scarecrows, etc. etc.

  7. A beautiful arrangement of mini-mums, small gourds and some fall decorated bird houses on my table. We have so much to be thankful for………including the beautiful sunset tonight and big harvest moon! I love that God decorates for us!

  8. Fall at our place is wonderful! We have a small acreage (just moved out here last fall!) and LOVE all the colors and crispness. I love to bake, so the house is usually filled with the wonderful, warm smell of something in the oven :-) We also have a fireplace, so we have the warmth and smell of a fire, which we are enjoying immensely! I don’t have all the “non-essentials” unpacked yet, so not much for decorations up yet, but we’ll get there :-) Happy fall, everyone!

  9. We decorate with pumpkins and candles inside and pumpkins and mums outside. My husband ‘surprises’ me every year with the mums. I even had mums in my wedding bouquet. I really like them and I love this time of year.

  10. We are pretty simple –I have pumpkins up, a few scarecrows and a ceramic jack-o-lantern that doesn’t match anything, but is special b/c my gramma made it so it goes up each year.

    I don’t have a lot of surfaces to decorate–the house layout isn’t conducive for that–I used that as an opportunity to get rid of a lot of decorations and need to go through my 2 fall boxes again and get ride of decorations I have not used.

  11. I use a lot of “kid made” decorations. I have three little ones, but even so, we usually only do one “fall art project” near Thanksgiving. This year, they are taking an art class, so we may have more to hang soon! Other than that, not much really…we are “on a shoestring,” and I don’t know much about decorating on one, so I definitely need some inspiration in that area! I do have a flower arrangement with fall colors as my centerpiece…that is the only thing I pull out each year when the calendar says, “First Day of Fall.” :) My sister-in-law made the centerpiece for me!

  12. Visited Pumpkinland with grandkids~what fun they had picking out a pumpkin. Then a centerpiece of mums on table. Love the time of year, just don’t do much decorating until Christmas.

  13. I actually don’t usually decorate that much for fall. Not because I don’t want to, but because I am not really sure what to do. Thanks for the ideas, the giveaway, and this post! :)

  14. I posted on facebook the other day about decorating! Here it is, cut and pasted (Megan is six and Katie Rae is ten): Overheard yesterday: Megan: “When are we going to decorate for Halloween?” Katie Rae: “What’s the point? Nobody sees our house anyway?” Megan: “Well, I like to see it.” Katie Rae: “I do, too!” Megan: “So when do you think we’ll decorate?” Katie Rae: “Here’s how it works….Mom will tell Dad it’s time for US to decorate, b/c she doesn’t want to do it all herself. Dad will say, ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ll get around to it.’ Then he will get the box out of the garage the day before Halloween. Mom will say, ‘There’s no reason to do this now.’ Then Dad will say, ‘Of course there is.’ He’ll put up the decorations, and then Mom will want them taken down the day after Halloween. Dad will say he just put them up. He’ll finally take them down when the Christmas stuff comes out.” (My ten year old hit the nail on the head – she is a great observer of human interaction!)

  15. I love this season of the year. This year our decorations came out from the attic and my sweet six year old insisted and placing them about the house. We have several small clay pumpkins etc. and he placed them in some interesting locations :) I left them where he put them as he was so proud of what he did to help decorate. I also enjoy burning fall scented candles. Blessings to you in each day and every season!

  16. Normally by now it would be decorative pumpkins and fall-themed table linens, a fall wreath on the front door, and pumpkin candles throughout. The decorations are buried in the attic due to some redecorating projects. Really need to enlist the help of my terrific hubby to get things out of the attic and placed around the house this weekend. Otherwise, it’ll be time to put the Christmas stuff out!

  17. I love to put up my fall Dickens Village houses…complete with pumpkin wagon, fruit stand, and fall trees. The kids and I love to wake up in the morning and have only the little house lights on while we begin our day. So peaceful. All of the houes go on top of our piano in the living room and we enjoy it until after Thanksgiving…when the fall houses/people/trees are replaced with my winter houses/people/trees. It’s also a great time of year to start using the fall scented candles.

  18. I have a few decorations around. Some cute pumpkins around the house and other fall miscelleany (sp?). I haven’t made it to get some mums for my front porch. Need to make that a priority this weekend!

  19. I love fall! Over the years, I’ve collected enough to fill two totes to overflowing. My favorite decorations are also useful. I have several leaf-shaped plates and bowls that will be pretty and functional rught up through Thanksgiving.

  20. I usually put out pumpkins,gourds,a hay bale with beautiful mums around. My daughter got married in the fall & we still use all the decorations that we bought for her reception around the house. I ALWAYS keep a pumpkin,cinnamon or apple candle burning to help the home with the smell of fall!! Fall is my favorite time of year, i guess that is one of the many reasons why Thanksgiving means so much to me also! Thank you for the chance! :)

  21. Loving fall decorations. Still want to get the fall mesh and a Cinderella pumpkin to go on my front porch and steps with the pumpkins already there. Have one of the fall plants with the variegated leaves that I placed below and in front of the fern but on a smaller stand. At the entrance of the stirs up to the porch landing added yellow mums on either side mixed in with what is already there. Keep your mums deadheaded so they will continue to bloom and at the end of season plant them and they will come back. I didn’t get mine done last year and they came back in their pot in the spring. On my mantel have the fall garland and bought a couple of fall looking vases (2 dif. Sizes) at a discount store and added some sticks with small pumpkins attached that I got marked down at Kroger’s. They are in water. Ran off on the computer pictures of my grandchildren in a pumpkin patch and framed. Candy corn on the entry way table in an outdoor bird feeder statuary, that of course came from a discount place many moons ago! Never used outside. The candy product or deco in it changes with the season. Empty now with the corn stowed away so I won’t eat it!! Nuff said!! On my piano in the living room a white ceremic pumpkin made and given to me by a lady in my church in 1983. She has been gone a long time but it is the gift that keeps on giving year after year. On the mantle in my den is also two cream colored battery operated candles, because I am afraid I will not remember to blow real ones out. Also gotten at a discount store. Have containers with small pumpkins gotten through the years. Also in the LR just laid a magazine with pumpkins in it angled on the couch. My Nortike China (Oaklane-has a leaf that is turning!) that I got when I married over 48 years ago is in my china cabinet. Picked up acorns in my back yard with my 3 yr old granddaughter. Placed in a small glass container with a fall scented candle pressed into the middle also on entryway table. Don,t plan to burn it!! Place your decorations in a clear container to store from year to year and add to them at the end of the season when they go on sale.

  22. We create a “Thankful Tree” to hang on our family room wall (brown butcher paper, draw a tree, trace and cut out our handprints for the leaves. Each one in our family writes something or someone they are thankful for on the hands.) I also use wreaths, pumpkins and garlands of leaves that I’ve picked up at after season sales to create the wonderful feel of Fall inside our home.

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