Weekend Giveaway & a Little Teaser

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I’m updating this from the lovely home of my friend Jonni McCoy.

From where I sit I can see breath-taking mountains.

And stunning blue skies.

And all kinds of wildlife.

And, best of all, her hubby Beau out in the kitchen making me morning coffee.

The McCoy’s are the picture of hospitality and offer to let me crash at their place each time I come to Colorado Springs. Since I’m gone for a few days with mind mind on other things (like appearing here and speaking there.) I am going to offer a weekend giveaway based on hospitality.

So leave a comment to enter. Then, come back Monday to see if you won. AND to see a fun announcement that my friend LeAnn Rice of She Cooks.org and I have.

Oh…I can hardly wait!

In the mean time— I am giving away three signed copies of my book A Life That Says Welcome: Simple Ways to Open Your Heart and Home to Others. each with a $10 Target gift card. Then, you can purchase something fall-ish & fun for your home—a new table runner, apple pie scented candle, or cute pumpkin-themed knick-knack. Here is the description of the book:

When it comes to hospitality it doesn’t matter what size your house is, how it’s decorated, whether or not it’s spotless, or what you cook or don’t cook. The secret to making guests feel comfortable is more about the condition of your heart than the condition of your home.

A Life That Says Welcome helps you make others feel refreshed, rather than impressed, in your presence. It’s packed with inspiring tips on how to:

  • decorate well on a budget
  • make the most of your space (no matter how small)
  • be prepared for unexpected company
  • create delicious, simple dishes your guests will enjoy

You’ll be encouraged to not only open your home but to open your life as an avenue for God’s love everywhere you go.

Okay. Here is the dealio: leave a comment on this post telling me either your favorite aspect of fall OR giving a guess as to what LeAnn and my big announcement is about. (If you are a friend who already knows and you spill the beans you are in BIG trouble sister! I just might un-friend you on Facebook!)

Happy weekend!


  1. Fall is bittersweet for me. I never want to say goodbye to summer. But I can look forward to the start of NFL football. I also enjoy the “new starts” of the school year and church ministries that kick off in fall.

  2. I love fall for so many different reasons! I love seeing the bright colors of the trees, fresh honeycrisp apples, pumpkins, fall-scented candles, pumpkin spiced coffee, bundling up in sweaters and boots, and the list could go on and on. I also feel like fall is sort of like a new beginning–getting organized, starting a new Bible study, freshening up my fall wardrobe, deep cleaning my house.

  3. Living in Mi, my favorite aspect of fall is the wonder of the colors. I’m able to take a route to work that drives along the edge of a county park. Watching the daily changes in color reminds me that God is still on His throne, and while it may not appear so, all is right with the world because He’s got our backs at all times.

  4. I love this book. It has changed my life. It is really practical and anyone can apply this. I think you are great Karen!

  5. I’m from Florida, and fall is my favorite season. I love fall. I like the weather getting cooler. It’s a break from the heat and humidity of the summer. I get to put my summer clothes away and wear sweaters. It’s the season of harvest, and a time to look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. God always has something beautiful in store for us– in his creation, and in our own lives.

  6. I love the Fall because I can get back to cooking comfort foods and baking. This is when I do not mind putting on my oven!!

  7. Hospitality–oh do I love to host but my house is in such disarray that I cannot do it without a two week notice!! :( I am trying to get a handle on it though. It didn’t get this way overnight and it won’t look better overnight either but I will keep plugging away!!!!

  8. We live in Arizona, so my favorite thing about fall is cooler, more reasonable temperatures. It’s a return to the outdoors for us after being locked inside all summer.

  9. Fall it that time of year when out come the comfy clothes and blankets for snuggling. It is time for the smells of fall leaves, apple pie, apple cider and pumpkin baked anything!!! But it is also a time when things get back to a routine and there seems that there is more organized chaos. It is a time to think of the harvest (from garden or field) to freeze, can, dry those items for winter and to be thankful fo rthe many things that God has provided. It is a time to be able to see his spelndor in the work of our planting a simple seed. And to top it all off God paints a beautiful picture in the colors of the leaves. Would love to receive your book!

  10. my fave aspect of fall is the beautiful weather & long walks :) also, chili weather!
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  11. I love the colors of the leaves and the coolness of fall. I also love the spices and smells of fall cooking.

  12. I love the walking through the leaves in the crisp air. When I am walking I talk to God and the fall seems to be his gift to me. It is my favorite season. I used to live in Northern MI and I now live in AK. I so miss the long falls that last through November and the bright red colors.

  13. We had a wonderful Fall day today, filled with things I love…looking at the beautiful fall colors, watching my kids have fun playing football and soccer, just being home with my family. It was warm and sunny today in Michigan which was nice, but I do love when the weather is chilly and the sweatshirts can come out.

  14. PUMPKINS! That is my favorite thing about fall. I also love pumpkin muffins. Pop tart also has a pumpkin pie flavor that is super yummy after being heated in the toaster oven. I paired it with some hot chocolate then I settled down in my swing to enjoy my quiet time with God. Awesome! Happy fall y’all!

  15. I love the colors of the leaves. Especialy the bright red/orange ones. I also love that it’s soup season again. I enjoy making and eating soup when the weather gets cooler.

    Rebecca Ann

  16. This must be the weekend to enjoy the mountains! I’m sitting on the porch of a friends home looking at the north Georgia mountains. And yes, I know they’re not as ‘”big” as the Rockies, but we love them here in GA!

    What I love most about fall is the cooler temperature after sweltering in 90+ degrees for weeks and the beautiful colors of the leaves. I believe that God’s highest creativity is displayed in the fall!

  17. A better question would be: What don’t I love about fall? The cooler temperatures, beautiful fall colors (I live in the upper midwest and the sugar maples are beautiful this year!), raking crunchy, colorful leaves, hiking under azure skies. Fall is a beautiful time to be outside in God’s natural world enjoying all the beauty it offers.

  18. I love the changing colors of the leaves and grasses – to go for a walk and listen to the crunch of leaves. One of my favorite memories is watching my children rake up leaves then jump in them. The smell of baking with cinnamon or pumpkin.

  19. Well, I am a coffee drinker. I drink coffee throughout the year, but my favorite time to drink coffee is in the fall and winter. I just enjoy when it starts to get cooler outside, the leaves are changing color, and I can pour a cup of coffee and warm up. And after I pour that cup, I usually go grap a snuggly blanket and read my bible and devotional. I just thoroughly enjoy doing that!

  20. I love Fall!! I love that God gave us the colors of Fall with oranges, reds, and yellows all around us. I love to bake pumpkin chocolate chip bread for my family and friends, and have apples and caramel dip on hand, In October, we attend our local Apple Festival with family and friends where we fellowship, the kids ride amusment rides, we shop for arts and crafts, and eat an apple dumplin’ :) I love so much about Fall!!

  21. There are two things I especially love about fall: the way the sun dapples through the trees (it’s different than during summer, I guess because the sun is lower in the sky); and the way when the wind shifts to the north, I can smell coffee from a nearby coffee manufacturer-yummy! Even though it’s still 90 degrees here, and will be for a while, those two things make me feel cozy!

  22. What’s not to love about Fall? Everything,,,the colors, the smells, the textures, the temps, the food, the warm clothes and blankets. I wish it would last for 6 months. I’m guessing you and LeAnn are putting together a cookbook!

  23. My favorite aspect of fall? Many things, but the most is the crisp(& cooler) breeze and the beautiful colors on God’s canvas!

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