Guest Giveaway with WCIC’s Jill Tracey


That was my word count yesterday for my new book manuscript.

Due to its due date of just about three weeks, I am about out of words. (the hubster will NEVER believe it!)

So, I’m getting by with a little help from my friends. Today’s friend to the rescue? Jill Tracey of WCIC radio.

I met Jill over five years ago when her husband was the host for a weekly radio spot I had on WCIC. Now we are friends, doing life together over the Internet and sometimes we even get to hang out at events in person.

She’s got a great post for you today. Here’s Jill!

Jill and her hubby Jeremy, my second favorite bald guy :-)

Jill Tracey is a Jesus follower, Jeremy lover, Alyssa nurturer, radio talker, and blog…uh…blogger!

She’s been doing the radio thing for more than 16 years and loves living her life on the air.

When she’s not on the radio, Jill likes to read, watch movies while her husband falls asleep on the couch, and dabble in the sport of running.

She also can’t live long without snuggles, hugs, and kisses from her 5 ¾ year old!

Jill’s post:

“Mommy, sit by me!”

Two Decembers ago on a cold, dark, central Illinois evening our little family was headed home after a long day. At the last minute my daughter, Alyssa, begged for a companion in the back seat. How could a Mama refuse?

To her little girl delight I said, “Sure” and slid in behind my hubby as he started the car. Just as Daddy was pulling away, Sweet Pea decided she wasn’t going to waste one second of this special time with Mommy and shouted, “Let’s PLAY!”

We acted out the Christmas story and took turns playing the different characters, throwing in a couple of our own here and there. Finally, it was my turn to be the Angel.

In my best booming voice I said, “Mary, you are highly favored by God and you have a special job to do!”

Hands and feet shaking with excitement, Alyssa squealed out a giddy, “Oh!”, like only a three-year-old can.

I continued, “You’re going to have a baby. He will be My Son. His name will be Jesus and He will save the entire WORLD!”

I was completely unprepared for what came next…

Giggling and then sitting up a little straighter in her car seat, my little “Mary” said, “Sorry, Angel, I don’t have time. I’m running late!”

WHOA! Did my preschooler really just tell a messenger of God she didn’t have TIME to become the mother of the Messiah?

After a fit of laughter my husband and I exchanged a knowing glance in the rear view mirror. It wasn’t hard to determine where our little thespian had heard those words before. Maybe it was time for Mommy and Daddy to make sure they weren’t heard so often in the Tracey house.

Have you been there?

I don’t know about you but I’m overly tired of Christmastime being about the hustle, the bustle, the hurry, and the scurry. It seems like year after year we’ve tried to just “make it through”. Well, no more.

This year, I refuse!!

I refuse to over commit my way through the Holidays.

I refuse to overeat and overspend the Season away as well.

If you agree, check out Every Wednesday between now and December 25 is a “We Refuse!” Wednesday.

We’re sharing ideas on celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas with our families in a healthy, peaceful way, and in a way that doesn’t produce piles of bills in January. This time of year is about so much more than treats, trinkets, and stress. I hope you’ll join me as we get intentional in making this year different.

When you visit the Doing Life with the Traceys blog be sure to leave a comment on today’s “We Refuse!” Wednesday post: Making Memories without Losing my Mind.

Everyone who comments by this Friday will be automatically registered to win a special Holiday prize that might help you cross a gift or two off your to-do list:

Jill's great giveaway! Leave a comment to win.

A shopping bag, 2 CDs – the latest from Chris August, Not Far Away and the Motion Picture Soundtrack from the new movie, Courageous (from the makers of Facing the Giants & Fireproof), and 4 books – Daily Inspiration for the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, The Case for the Real Jesus by Lee Strobel, and two from a common friend Karen and I share, Jill Savage, founder and CEO of Hearts at HomeLiving with Less so your Family has More & Real Moms…Real Jesus.

Thanks so much to Karen for sharing her page with me today. And, if you have a chance, you can catch Doing Life with the Traceys on the air weekday afternoons from 3-7pm (CST) on 91.5 WCIC or at! It’s all about real life, real marriage, & more and we’d love to hear from you!

~ Jill Tracey, co-Host of Doing Life with the Traceys on 91.5 WCIC in Peoria, IL

Okay friends, head over here to leave your comment. (I’m closing my comments today)  Winner announced Friday.