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Recently, my friend Lysa wrote about her favorite paper planner in this post here. I am also a gal who cannot get into the swing of an electronic calendar and, since it was time for me to get a new planner in September, I ordered one of the planners from the dear folks at Much Ado About You.

My calendar (and my kiddos pick on my desk)


Month-at-a-glance, week-at-a-glance, a pocket in the back and tons of space for notes & numbers. It is an invaluable tool for any gal!

Here is a little bit about Emmy, the creator of this business:

Hi! I’m Emmy from Much Ado About You.

I am a Paper Freak. Really. I love all things paper, and I get giddy excited when the paper companies come out with their new lines each season.

I am married to my high school sweetheart, and we have an 8 year old son and a 7 month old daughter.

I love Jesus, and like to tell people about the amazing things God has done in my life to reveal Himself to me.

I run my business out of my home office and garage work space, and have 5 employees {including my baby’s nanny}, without whom I could not function.

We make products to help plan and organize life, including our popular Personalized Day Planner that has been sold in all 50 states and 7 countries. Life is crazy, my house is usually a disaster, my printer makes me bananas… but I love it all!

Well, the creative and generous Emmy who owns this swell business has offered to give away a medium sized planner to one commenter today. Just tell us what kind of planner or calendar system you currently use.

And Emmy also will provide 10% off of any calendars ordered through Friday, November 25th. Use the coupon code karen10 at checkout. Note that orders must be placed by December 1 to be ready for Christmas delivery.

And don’t worry. If you order one and then are the winner, your money will be refunded. :-)  Winner announced Wednesday.

Seriously—-ask for this for Christmas. And then, go on her cool site, pick your cover, choose your size and you can even upgrade and get all your special days put in the calendar.


I have all my family’s birthdays, anniversaries, upcoming weddings, etc…. already printed in my calendar.

Oh, I am in planner heaven!!

And soon you will be too!

*By the way…the winner of the Beating Busyness package from the weekend is Andrea Stanley. Please send your home address to [email protected] to claim your prize.

Also, since so many of you have been asking for a family update on my sister-in-law, please see the post below. I appreciate your prayers.


  1. I used to use a Mary Engelbreit planner every year, and I loved that, but this year I don’t have a planner. I really like one that is big enough to just leave open on my desk so I can refer to it through the day. So I hope I win!!

  2. I am using a spiral notebook which is not really efficient.
    I would LOVE to have a real planner and the Much Ados are so cute!

  3. I LOVE a paper planner—I’m old-school like that. I like to be able to cross things off my list – it’s super rewarding! Right now I’m using a calendar that coincides with the school year (although, I’m not in school, nor do I have children). It was a cute polkadot planner and had the writing space that would work for me. I love the Much Ado planners—so cute and personalized for each individual need—BRILLIANT! (wish I’d thought of it first :)

  4. I currently use a More Time Moms calendar (lots of big spaces for writing) and we color coordinate our activities. However, having a planner that can travel with me wherever I go would be a huge boon! And these planners are adorable! ;)

  5. I looked at those planners after Lysa’s post and thought they were fabulous, however, I had just gotten a clearance one so didn’t get it. I love plnners and writting down stuff but it’s not all in one place. I need something that I can take with me all the time and have everything together. This would be amazing!

    Rebecca Ann

  6. I am a paper gal too–only using a monthly calendar!! I recently converted to your planning system, Karen, with a 3-ring binder. It works great and is helping me keep track of everyone’s loose ends. I do miss being able to bring it with me, so this would be a perfect compliment.

  7. This is great! I am a paper freak too! I use a pocket calendar for everything and those little squares just do not hold enough-LOL.. Thank you for this giveaway! Happy Thanksgiving :)

  8. I am currently using a planner that has month view and week view. I absolutely love it! There are inspiring quotes and verses inside. It’s printed on beautiful paper and created by a friend. I am sad because she is not making them this year. I’ve been worried about finding one that could possibly be as good or better…and what is your post about today but an awesome planner!! I hope I win! But if I don’t, I’ll probably buy one. yay!! :)

  9. I love these!! I’m nearly out of pages in my current planner…good timing. I use a notebook style planner (Mead) that has a monthly calendar and then day-to-day pages. I have to be able to see the whole month at one time.

  10. I use a monthly desk calendar with weeks included. I have tried many different types of desk calendar and have never found one I love. This could be it!!! Would love to try it.

  11. Hi there! Allow me to start this message by saying I have been praying prayers to Our Great Physician for healing and comfort for your sweet sister in law. He is the Great Almighty and I know that He will work to do for those who love Him.

    As far as planning goes…I use a calendar that hangs in my kitchen on the refrigerator…There are 6 of us in my family and it often doesn’t have enough room for all the schedules…then there is the hubby with his electronic version and thereby not putting it on my paper verision…we get double booked or something is forgotten. I would really like to have a planner all my own that I can put “my important” things in such as school holidays, birthdays, etc.

    Thank you for always being a blessing and bringing a smile to my face! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Smiles and Blessings,
    Robin :)

  12. My problems seem so small when I hear about your sister-in-law. Her body is fading away, but her eyes tell the story of her love and dependence on God. What a testimony! I use a tiny day calendar, and then double book myself when I check our kitchen family calendar. Oh to have ONE planner!

  13. I currently use a calendar I received in the mail and sticky notes everywhere! These planners are so beautiful and unique and a great idea!

  14. I love my paper calendar! I also have a 3-ring binder with a section for each family member. That being said, I still struggle with piles of paper. I’m famous for put it down and find a place for it later. And then ther’s the what do I do with appointment cards etc. that will go on next year’s calendar. Tried using the calendar in my phone, but I hated it. Help!

  15. I use a dollar tree planner. Praying for your family Karen. Your sister has so much faith and love for God. She is very dedicated to him. That is geat

  16. I use a Barnes and Noble re-fillable “Silver Lining” planner.

    I am looking for something different. I love these. I just cannot afford them right now! :(

    Love these so much!!!

  17. I prefer a paper planner. I like to write my info down & be able to jot notes as needed. I just can’t seem to get into the electronic calendars.

  18. I pray for your sweet sis-in-law, my heart breaks for all of you. May God give you strength, peace and comfort. I just use a plain notebook and a purse size calendar.

  19. I love paper calendars. I have one on the wall, on my desk and in my purse. When ever we get calendars in the mail at work, the receptionist ask me if I want it.

  20. Haha! Planner? Ummm…I need one but don’t have one currently. I use scraps of paper to make notes and lists and a tiny calendar book I put in my purse that a friend gave me last year for Christmas..
    Thank you for the chance! :)
    ~Mippy :)

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